TPCP – 23.2

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“What have you done to me? Or have you ever met…?” 

Lucerne mumbled, touching Elisha’s lower lip. Elisha’s hair stood up. 

“What ……….” 

“Your eyes are filled with guilt. What’s tormenting you? Hmm, our dear little ghost.” 

Elisha avoided his gaze.

“I never did. Rather…….”

She clasped Lucerne’s hard arm as she speculated,

‘Only after the first night…… will I be his wife.’ 

Her face was calm as she faced Lucerne. Of course, being Lucerne’s wife was Elisha’s only way to live. 

The first night to aristocrats was a process of verifying the functionality of each other’s bodies. If Elisha failed to consummate their marriage, Lucerne could file an annulment.

“Be patient,”

Lucerne said. 

“Is it because you were so aroused in the carriage?” 


Lucerne laughed. Then there was a loud rumbling sound that reverberated in Elisha’s stomach. Elisha’s eyes widened. 

‘Oh, come on.’

This was ridiculous and not funny. Elisha bit her lip. Lucerne chuckled deeply with a low base note.


After washing up, Elisha attempted to put on new underwear. 

“You don’t have to wear it.” 

Ultimately, Elisha wore a single thick robe over her naked body. Elisha while wearing the robe felt embarrassed please read this on When she came out, there was a steaming feast on the table. She was terribly hungry.

While preparing for the wedding she had nothing but apple juice. It was difficult to eat once she put on the dress.

“Eat, so you can stay up all night.”

Elisha’s cheeks turned red. She didn’t know what to eat, feeling overwhelmed when she held the spoon.

“Do I have to feed you?” 

Lucerne asked dumbfounded. Elisha shook her head and scooped up the soft potato cream soup in front of her. Food seeped into her stomach. After eating a small loaf of bread and bowl of soup, Elisha put down her spoon.

“Eat more.” 

Lucerne scrutinized every piece of meat that entered Elisha’s mouth. Elisha had to eat even a tender steak. 

Lucerne made sure Elisha finished eating as he ate slowly. He even examined Elisha’s mouth, rinsing himself. 

“Put it in your mouth and spit it out.” 

With powdered toothpaste, edible rose juice, and salted water, Elisha rinsed her mouth and spat out the water into a brass bowl as he instructed. The thought of being treated as a child made Elisha feel strange. 

As she looked at Lucerne, he repeated the same behavior. 


“Umm, oh…….”

The hotel suite was enormous. Including the living room where Elisha and Lucerne ate, there was another room with a huge bed. It was a luxurious place.

As Lucerne pulled her robe’s sash, Elisha effortlessly became nude. He also took off his garment. Lucerne put her on his lap and leaned his back on the bed. 

Their lips overlapped, and quickly animal-like breaths were exhaled, and they swapped saliva. His large firmness and Elisha’s smooth naked body entangled as if they were one. 

Lucerne’s hands squeezed Elisha’s butt and fondled her.


Elisha looked at his body with curiosity. Even under the dim candlelight, she could tell he had no ordinary body. Was this why women swooned upon just hearing Lucerne’s name? 

‘I think I understand.’

Lucerne felt Elisha’s gaze on him and smiled softly.

“Do you want me to lick you?”

Elisha shook her head a little. 

“I’m sore. No more of that…….” 

It hurts even if with a slight touch with how much he sucked and licked her down there in the carriage. 

He didn’t touch the inside of her vagina, so she was probably fine, but Elisha was worried if his genitals would fit in her entrance. 

Elisha closed her eyes tightly. She leaned towards Lucerne’s penis.

“I can do it.”

Lucerne said with a smile. Elisha bit her lips. 

“You can do it.” 

As she allowed Lucerne, he caressed Elisha’s head and ears with his big hands. The heat coming off of him circulated in her head. Elisha closed her eyes tightly.


Lucerne pulled her head, and his large penis suddenly came into her mouth at once. He groaned.

“Suck it a little. How can I get all the way into this little mouth?” 

He spoke with a grin in his voice and brushed his fingers around Elisha’s mouth. 

“It’s a big deal to get in this mouth.” 


Elisha licked the tip of his glans like candy. Her mouth hurt already. 

‘Am I…..doing this……, right?’ 

When she worked under the promiscuous Jacob she got a glimpse of a lot of lewd things. So she knew at least how men and women enjoyed their relationship. It was knowledge she had seen and heard of but her technique was clumsy. 

Slurp, slurp….. 

Despite Elisha’s clumsy mouth, Lucerne’s organ grew bigger and bigger. 

‘How big is this thing?’

Elisha shuddered with fear. She couldn’t believe something like this really went into a human body…….

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