TPCP – 23.1

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She didn’t know what he expected from her, but Elisha was certain about one thing that,

‘His expectations of me won’t last past the night, I won’t have to wait for long.’

She knew that simple biting and sucking and the foreplay they were having was different from sexual intercourse with an end. 

In her previous life, Elisha was an ugly woman with burns to her face. Men used to look at her with scorn as if they were disgusted. She would never forget those eyes. 

Working under Jacob, she saw a lot of women. Even though some women were considered ugly in appearance, they captivated men by being flirtatious and wielded great charm. So Elisha concluded that from the core, she must be an unattractive woman. 

‘I’m confident in my abilities, but…..’

A bitter smile broke out. She would not be able to sexually satisfy Lucerne tonight. So, after his brief favor and the inevitable waning of interest, she would have to prove her worth and abilities in other ways.

‘It will be enough if I can be treated like a human.’

As long as she wasn’t beaten, verbally abused or starved for making a mistake—it would be enough. For Elisha, a small room with good food and clean clothes would make her content.

‘I don’t think Lucerne will be as petty as Jacob.’ 

Anticipating the future made her body tremble with tension. Elisha tried to clear her head and control her emotions.

There was the sound of the door opening. Elisha instinctually covered herself, curling up in the bathtub. 

“What are you doing?”

Lucerne was standing in the doorway looking at her. 

“Just… just thinking…….” 

Her body was getting hot but her lips were turning blue. Lucerne stripped down and took off his clothes. His short hair, which he had combed back to match his formal suit attire, fell forward. 

There was a splash. Lucerne came straight into the bathtub. The bathtub was big enough for two people to soak in. 

Elisha’s body grew rigid. The steam from the hot water hovered over his broad shoulders. 

“Come closer.” 

Elisha hesitated before approaching Lucerne. This was inevitable anyway. If it was something she had to go through she might as well get it over with as quickly as possible. 

With her knees folded up and covering the front of her body, Elisha grabbed Lucerne’s arm and pulled herself over while floating in the water.

It was like asking for touch, Lucerne’s wet hands caressed Elisha’s body.

“You’re so small,”

He said as he rubbed her shoulders. Elisha’s body was curled up like a ball. 

Lucerne had an unknown expression on his face. Elisha rubbed her tongue against the top of her mouth until it burned.

“I’m of average build.” 

Elisha was about 160 cm [5’2”] tall and was average. Imperial women typically had slender bodies, so many women had the same build as Elisha. 


Lucerne asked. 

Elisha felt silly. Indeed, for Lucerne, a giant nearly 190cm [6’2”] tall, most women would look small to him.

“But then why are you so special?… If you said you’re normal.”

Lucerne murmured. He had a skeptical look in his eyes. He placed Elisha’s body on his lap. His erect penis poked her between her ass cheeks. Elisha flinched but didn’t avoid it.

Trying to calm down, Elisha leaned back against him. Lucerne in turn became harder.

He kissed Elisha’s ears and cheeks while fondling her buttocks in the water. Her anxious trembling slowly stopped and the quiver of pleasure started to take over her body.

“Despite what you may say, you are anxious to swallow me up.” 

As Lucerne caressed her ass, his hand slowly stroked her asshole, Elisha moaned and gasped. Her eyes looked back at him in surprise. 

“There’s an erogenous zone here too, but I won’t cram it in there. I’m not that kind of pervert.” 

Lucerne said as if thinking of such a thing was ridiculous. 

A kind of fire, even amid her self-loathing, dominated Elisha’s mind as his hard arms hugged her waist. It was sexual desire – how brazen she was to yearn for this man.

When did she feel shame? After being held hostage to Jacob’s wrath, she could no longer think of it when she was starving.

If she didn’t deserve to be treated as a human being, she shouldn’t have any desire but the body always roared if its needs were not met. 

Perhaps her mind forgot she was a person, but her body did not. 

Her body always asked for more. Food, warm bed, peace, and safety.

Elisha’s whole life was like that. Every night she fell asleep trying to imagine the love from her deceased mother that she couldn’t even recall. She wanted someone’s attention and love. 

Tears sprung up around Elisha’s eyes. She couldn’t figure out why she felt this way. Here she was, having the first night with a man that everyone wanted, and instead, she was harboring miserable thoughts.

“Why are you crying?”

“I’m not crying.” 

“Even if you have tears in your eyes, you can’t bear to lose a word.” 

Large fingers smoothed Elisha’s eyes. Her fear and trembling subsided. Elisha looked into Lucerne’s eyes and plucked up the courage to kiss him. 

Quickly Lucerne sucked on Elisha’s lips. Their lips entangled together in lewd ways. Elisha couldn’t move her tongue, so she closed her eyes tightly. Lucerne’s tongue moved impatiently as if it were trying to pull out Elisha’s tongue. 

‘I’m weird.’

She felt like an animal. As soon as she wasn’t abused, she couldn’t control herself.

“I licked your bottom like that, and I got excited when I washed my upper lip.”


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