TPCP – 22.2

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The price of holding Lucerne at bay was huge. During the two-hour carriage ride, Lucerne never let Elisha’s body go.

He caressed her whole body with his large palm, kneaded her nipples, stroked her labia, and teased only her clitoris for more than ten minutes. 

‘How many times did I cum?’

He didn’t even put it in, but she spewed out water-like fluid, and her thighs trembled. Her whole body seemed to float, her head turned white.…. And yet……. 

‘I think I’m becoming strange.’

Her body is still oddly sweetly troubled. She felt like she became a sensual flesh-crazed animal. Did she want to put a man’s penis in a place she had never touched before? Her body was craving something inside as if something was missing. Elisha was afraid of her uncontrollable sex drive. All the more so for Lucerne, who was simply curious and lustful. 

Lucerne dropped her off long after crossing the long garden. She was forced to walk, holding Lucerne’s arm. 

The garden of the hotel was incredibly striking, but Elisha didn’t even have time to notice. Soon a man who appeared to be the manager came out in a hurry. 

“I’ve emptied the guesthouse. It’s an honor for the high general to visit. If you have time, maybe later in the evening at our hotel salon…….” 

“It’s the first night. If you disturb me, I’ll cut off your neck.” 

When Lucerne spoke in a tone dripping with ice, the manager groveled and repeatedly said, “It’s an honor.” 


The manager rushed to the small house behind the hotel. It was a small building that was too luxurious to be called a house.  

The manager opened the door with a key, and Elisha went inside. The maids from the hotel were there.

Elisha was guided into the bathroom by them. 

“We will leave in an hour and won’t be visiting until tomorrow morning. I’m going to help you change and get ready,” 

one of the maids informed her politely. Roses were floating onthe bathwater. Since when did he prepare this? 

‘But he wants to have the first night with all the procedures. ‘

Elisha thought it was an unexpected luxury. 

“I’ll do it myself, so you can go out.” 


“I know how to remove my makeup myself, and I know how to wear pajamas. Just help me take off my dress.” 

The maids looked around and agreed. 

In her previous life, Elisha often served Carola. So she knew how to handle expensive dresses and how to remove and put on simple makeup. Elisha asked just when the maids were going to leave. 

“What’s the date today?” 

“Oh, it’s September 23rd. It’s 8 p.m.” 

Elisha nodded her head. 

She felt like she could finally live when she used the finest rose oil to remove the heavy makeup and soak her body. Elisha went into the bathtub. She tapped the bathtub and calculated the date.

‘It’s about to be…. Maybe today.’ 

While she was at it, she began to think about what would happen in the future. Fortunately, she had a good memory and often read newspapers. 

Things that were the past and will be the future. The events of Elisha’s past life were partly fuzzy and partly clear. Fortunately, she remembered all the important information. Her thoughts stopped because of the throbbing pain between her thighs. 

‘What a beast he is.’

Dizzy at the sight of her body reflected in the water, she couldn’t recognize the original color of her skin because he had bitted the inside of her thigh in the carriage. There was still a tingling sensation left. Elisha thought as she poured water on it,

‘Really…… he is going to do it.’ (PR: sleep with her)

Elisha felt her head go blank in the hot water. 

‘Carola was crazy because she wanted to sleep with Lucerne. Lucerne….has an appearance that causes women to lose their reason.’ 

Carola dreamed of sleeping with her husband’s arch enemy Lucerne once. It was a crazy idea, but it was possible for Carola. 

Carola and Jacob were of the same kind. Carola was a little more careful than Jacob, but Carola sometimes cheated on him, too. 

Carola had all the qualities that men would like. Skillful charmness, blond hair, big chest, soft skin. Cute face with a small build……. 

‘He was a man who never knocked her down.’ 

Well, she wasn’t the only one who coveted Lucerne. 

‘Later, the greatest beauty of the time, even the royal family, came at Lucerne.’

Whether it was a woman or man, if a perfect person lacked about 5%, you’d want to fill it up. The great nobles had status, and Lucerne had everything but his identity as an illegitimate child. 

Therefore, there were many women who loved him with a desire to fulfill his lack of identity and commit to him.

‘Why did I offer to assuage his sexual desires?’

There was really nothing else she could think of at the time. She thought any route would be better than going back to Jacob……. 

‘Maybe because I’m the only woman who knows he’s a pervert?’


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