TPCP – 22.1

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“When you sweet talk me……. I can’t live. Haaa [Sigh]….” 

With Lapis’s cry filling the carriage, afterward there was utter silence, but after some time, words broke the fragile stillness. 

“No—he didn’t even introduce us to the lady!” 

“This is ignoring us!” 

“Did he beat me and pick me up from prison for this? If he’s going to treat me like this, I’m going back to prison!”

Corinne gritted her teeth and said. 

“I am not even tired!” 

“Let’s drink!” 

“I didn’t get a congratulatory gift……. Oh, is this a good thing?”

Lapis began to sniffle even more. 

“By the way…..Why was she under Jacob’s control….?” 

The Seeds of the Knights of Black Lion were all people with deep stories and complex pasts. The circumstances of those Lucerne brought from somewhere varied widely. 

Some were brought from prison, and others were attacked by the Cartier family. Lucerne saved people even if they thought they were not cut out to be knights, regardless of gender or cast— some were women, and others were lowly. So their loyalty to Lucerne was great. 

Lucerne’s sudden marriage was a shock to them, and it was also a disappointment. 


‘He’s never had a scandal with a woman!’

She was a woman tied to Jacob. This incident stabbed their pride. The most shocking part is that they weren’t invited to the wedding.

“No way. When we get to the hotel, we will go by roll call.”

“Yes, I can’t hold back anymore— I’m a wizard with feelings!” 

“Right, let’s talk.” 

Everyone exchanged opinions. After two hours, the carriage stopped in front of the hotel.

It was a luxury hotel with a lower level of accommodation for employees. 

The knights exchanged glances and got off first and lined up in front of the carriage. The general’s carriage door was still firmly shut. 



So they stood steadfast in front of the hotel. They were determined to declare, “At least you should have informed us before you got married.” 

However, even after a long time, Lucerne did not get off the wagon. The subordinates glanced at each other. 


After a while, the carriage door opened. Lucerne got off the wagon. However, no one followed out after him. 

“Can you walk?”

Lucerne looked in the carriage and asked. It was an unexpectedly sweet voice. The bystanders’ eyes grew round with awe.

“Come out. I’ll hold your hand.” 

It was not long before a white hand was seen emerging out of the carriage. Lucerne pulled the hand. 


Lucerne lifted the woman who got off the wagon. The knights surrounding the carriage held their breath. The woman’s hair was disheveled, her cheeks were red. Her eyes looked hazy. 

It was enough to discern what happened within. The words of the knights dried up. 

“Why are you standing there, gawking?”

Lucerne said with a cold face. The knights immediately stood at attention. 

“We’ll reach the gate early tomorrow morning, so gather at dawn.” 

“Yes, sir.” 

“Do you have something to say?” 

The knights exchanged glances. Even the sniffling Lapis couldn’t say a word. 


They declared as if they were throwing up. 

Elisha, who was helplessly embraced by Lucerne, made them imagine a lot of things. The knights’ mouths didn’t open; it was as if their jaws were glued together. They didn’t know whether to be surprised or sympathetic that Lucerne was a straight man. 

Lucerne entered the hotel, holding Elisha. The knights exchanged glances in unison. 

‘We’ll talk to him later. Of course, it’s not because I’m scared.’

So, today, the Seed’s 59th attempt at defiance went up in smoke.


Elisha wanted to be a capable wife. It was natural, as her abilities in her previous life saved Elisha. “Competence” included receiving good reviews from Lucerne’s closest aides. 

Elisha had a hunch that the Seeds didn’t regard her as an equal, let alone a master.

‘I’m screwed.’

The Knights of Black Lion. The most elite, the Seeds. In a year or two later, their popularity would soar, and they would become the hope of the people of the Empire. 

‘Of course, I have to look good to them.’ 

But what they just saw……. 

‘I looked like a concubine.’

Elisha was discouraged. She pulled on Lucerne’s collar to ask him to stop.

“So now you can walk?” 

He asked sarcastically. 

“It’s okay. If you had given me some time, I would have walked myself.” 

Elisha spoke calmly. She was a little upset. 

‘Where the hell did my underwear go?’

There was an emptiness between her legs. She didn’t even know where the girdle was.


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