TPCP – 21.1

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Lucerne briefly explained their schedule. 

“Tonight, we’ll stay at a hotel, leave at dawn tomorrow and arrive at my mansion in the capital.” 


Elisha nodded. That’s all there was to say between the two. 

Perhaps it would be nice to stop there. 

Elisha couldn’t stop her pounding heart as the carriage began to move. It was the first time someone had beaten Jacob in front of her. 

Lucerne’s hand clasped Elisha’s hand. Lucerne’s hands were really big. His thick thumb touched her chin. They were big but proportional, pretty hands.

Then Elisha opened her mouthimpulsively. 

“High General.” 


“Do you think being weak is a sin?”

Elisha had said it to curry favor with the Head. Weakness is a sin. Elisha, who demons had trampled upon, mimicked the devil better than anyone else. 

‘I’m sure he’s the same—he’s a Cartier.’

But on an impulsive whim, Elisha asked. 

Lucerne studied Elisha’s face, staring. Sunlight came in between the half-open curtains, but Lucerne’s face was covered in shadows.


Lucerne answered shortly. 

Elisha felt as if she swallowed an arsenic. 

‘Yes, of course.’

How foolish, she wanted to believe he beated Jacob for her. 

What’s the difference? What did she expect? 

‘So, the fact that I died like that in my previous life, according to this family’s logic, is because I committed the sin of being weak.’ 

Lucerne continued, looking forward indifferently, 

“Did you expect me to say no?”


“Did you mean what you said to the Head?”


Elisha said briefly.

“I just said what would please him.”

“Yes, I’m glad you’re honest,” 

Lucerne nodded. 

At the bottom of the wagon was a stationary water bottle. Lucerne poured a bit of the water from the bottle over his fingertips and wiped his hands with a handkerchief. 

“Why hands…….” 

Then suddenly, her view shook.

The next moment Elisha’s body was pushed against the carriage wall. 


Lucerne whispered fiercely.

“Don’t look at me. I want to swallow you every time you do that.”

Lucerne twirled his fingers, pressing on the back of Elisha’s neck.

“In fact, I wanted to engrave a marking from me somewhere other than here.” 


Elisha gulped. Lucerne pulled the back of her neck and made eye contact. 

“How can I loath weakness when I have an erection for such a weak and helpless person like you?”

Elisha blinked rapidly.

“Is this the answer my wife expected?” 

Lucerne bit her ear. At the same time, his fingers stroked her knees and then went up her skirt.


She didn’t know what answer to believe. Elisha’s chest felt stuffy…. not because she was frustrated. But because she was truly baffled.

“What are you thinking….” 

“What’s the use of thinking? I want to play with my wife.”


Lucerne’s hand came into Elisha’s girdle. He leaned down and went into the skirt. 

Up and down. Up and down. 

Elisha’s ass in the carriage seat began to shake. There was no reason to stop him this time. They had already signed their marriage registration……. The wedding is already over. Elisha closed her eyes tightly.

“Raise your ass,”

Lucerne instructed. 

The next moment, her skirt came up to her chest. Elisha clasped her dress and lifted her hips slightly. 

The girdles decorated with layers of lace fell down. For the first time in front of Lucerne, Elisha was embarrassed and wasat a loss at what to do. 

Lucerne stared at her for a few seconds. Elisha was born with less body hair than other people. [t1v: can’t relate]

 (Jas: same here)

“You’re white here, too.” 

Lucerne threw it(girdle) off.

“And you look pretty here, too. How can it be such a pretty line? It’s not even crooked.”

“Don’t say that…….”

Lucerne applied very little force with his finger on her pink labia lips, clit, and secret entrance thatwere revealed. 

“No, our first night’s place……. I don’t like it here.….” 

“I know,” 

Lucerne said.

“I don’t know who you had your first time with, but I’ll make you feel better than with other men,”

Lucerne whispered. 


Lucerne’s fingers swept through her intimate area. 

“At least it’s been a long time since Jacob’s caught you, and you haven’t been able to date a lover.”

“Aung, unn…………” 

“It would hurt if you did it after a long time.”

As if Lucerne was concerned he would not fit into Elisha’s body, he touched her rose-layered vaginal wall, pushed his finger up, and pressed down on her clitoris. 

“I’m going suck and wash you up—a lot. It’ll be twice as soft once it’s time for our night.”


Lucerne fondled Elisha lightly inside her thigh.

“So it won’t hurt when I thrust into you, and you squeeze me. That’s right.” 

Elisha tautly grabbed her seat. Lucerne’s head was stuck between her legs. A hot, long tongue tickled Elisha’s clitoris. It wasn’t long before he started to suck on it. 


Liquid splashed all over the place. Elisha’s ass and hips trembled as her thigh muscles flexed. Lucerne’s head was between her thighs. 

“I see; I’ll suck it sufficiently, so don’t tighten up too much.”

Lucerne whispered, stroking Elisha’s thigh with his palm.  


His tongue, which had been massaging Elisha’s clitoris for a long time, penetrated into Elisha’s body. She closed her eyes tightly. 

“If you let go of your skirt, I’ll punish you,”

Lucerne whispered. 

“Haaa…..Uhhhh, Oh oh…….”

The vehicle rattled, moving roughly. Elisha tightened her grip on the hem of her skirt.


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