TPCP – 200

“General, as expected it’s better to see you at the duke’s house like this.”

Everyone in the imperial family liked Lucerne except for Jewel. So when he came, the atmosphere improved.

“The Great General is the pride of our empire.”

“Wasn’t there a direct descendant that became a general from a few generations ago in the duke’s family? He was not a family head, but he was a valiant general.”

The emperor and empress lavished praise on Lucerne without holding back. The Lord was inherently suspicious and did not like Lucerne’s close relationship with the imperial family.

But today was an exception. Members of the imperial family personally visited them for trivial family events, so whatever they said or did raised the honor of the head of the household.

Besides, the Head always became emotional regarding the dead Duchess. So, his emotions changed more easily than usual, and he felt better right away.

On the other hand, Jacob, who joined the dinner late with Lucerne, only drank alcohol with a rotten expression.

‘You. Hang in there. Be patient. After tonight, this humiliation will end.’

Carola squeezed Jacob’s hand with such a meaning. He ground his teeth, emptying his glass at one point while hoping for Elisha’s destruction more than anyone else.

‘Because of that bitch, Lucerne suddenly gains the trust and praise of both the imperial family and the Head. Although I was dubious about Carola’s plot. It’s right to abandon Zain. I’ll see Lucerne throw out that whore away with his own hands. I’ll take retribution and rape that bitch.’

No matter how much he thought about it, he was angry that he hadn’t been able to devour Elisha even once. Jacob’s face clearly communicated he was holding onto a grudge.

‘Ugly bastard.’

The patriarch scrutinized Jacob with disapproval. Still, he couldn’t help but feel a pity welling up inside.

Anyway, the contenders were the Jacob couple. Of course, they would have a sense of crisis that Lucerne threatened their place. He just hoped that it would raise Jacob in the future.


“Then, let’s take a rest today and tour the duke’s estate. And join us for the memorial service tomorrow.”

“Alright, we will depart after the memorial service.”

The short tea time ended quickly. The empress said with a concerned expression.

“I heard that Lady Elisha is staying up all night in the temple today?”

The Lord laughed and explained,

“I entrusted Elisha with an important affair for the duchy. I will never forget your heart and will surely repay you, your Majesty the Empress.”

“Alright, I haven’t known Lady Elisha for long, but I know she’s responsible. Well done, have a good night.”

Everyone comforted Elisha, who decided to hold a memorial service alone. She is left alone.

She was scheduled to hold a vigil until dawn and take a short break in the morning. She would be busy for the Duchess’s memorial service that would be held early in the morning.


Usually, women wore white clothes during vigil services. And to avoid eye contact with the dead, they wore a white cotton veil over their faces. Elisha also wore a plain white dress with no decorations and a cotton veil on her head.

And she returned to the temple with Lucerne, where the memorial service would occur.

‘What is this?’

Elisha was dumbfounded there and laughed.

All the instruments, flowers, and candles needed for the memorial ceremony she had prepared had been replaced.

‘It must have been Carola’s.’

While Carola was having dinner, she had her underlings prepare a new ceremony without her knowledge.

“Why, what happened?”

Lucerne was not with the imperial family. He followed Elisha to the ceremonial site. When her expression became strange, he asked.

“It looks like a sparrow got in without noticing.”

He frowned. He was quick-witted, so he noticed Elisha’s analogy.

“Seeing that it doesn’t have any sense, that sparrow must have a short lifespan.”

“That’s right.”

Elisha smiled.

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  1. I bet I know whats going to ruin Carola’s plan! I bet the princess is going to sit vigil with Elisha! And since they wear the same thing with a white veil, know one will be able to tell who is who.

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