TPCP – 20.2

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Lucerne looked down at Elisha. Elisha was a little nervous for unknown reasons.

“Is that it?” 

“Yes, that’s it.” 

Lucerne nodded at her confirmation. Then finally, Lucerne’s carriage arrived. Elisha thought it was fortunate that the awkward silence ended. 

Lucerne opened the carriage door. Elisha grabbed his hand and climbed into the carriage. 

The coachman immediately urged the horses to pull the carriage as he had been instructed. Elisha inhaled deeply and stuck her head out the window.

She was now leaving this hellhole. The corners of Elisha’s mouth went up a tiny bit.


Even if Lucerne mistreated her, it would be heaven compared to her experience here.

It was then. 

“Hey, you fucking bitch!”

She heard someone shouting. Elisha was surprised. 

“Four years—I fed and clothed you—curse it! Repaying my grace with enmity?”


“Lucerne, don’t flatter yourself for stealing a woman from me. Do you think I left that bitch alone? Of course, I ate it once—I did. I’m, uh, was so excited to take a whore, not a virgin. Fucking cunts. Go to hell!” 

Elisha’s brow furrowed. Jacob was drunk.


Jacob declared he would give Lucerne a piece of his mind. However, he shrank back just by looking at Lucerne’s wagon. He tried to sneak back quickly. 

Then Jacob spotted Elisha looking out through the window. Elisha, with her bridal make-up and her hair curled up, looked strikingly stunning. 

‘I can’t believe I lost her to Lucerne. I’m sure they’ve done it. Lucerne, if he marries a bitch who was once mine, I’ll be able to talk about it for the rest of my life.’

He rationalized and tried to hold it in, but Jacob’s anger exploded when he saw a smile grace Elisha’s face sticking out of the window. The fact that none of Lucerne’s knights were around also encouraged him. 

‘How dare you smile, you lowly thing, making me sick to my stomach?’ 

So Jacob hurled insults at the carriage as it began to move. He did not forget to adjust his voice so that the Gaju could not hear him in the temple. 

He was relieved. 

Until the carriage stopped.


Elisha’s heart was pounding. The memory of violence was always crystal clear. When he was drunk, screaming and yelling like that, Jacob would always hit Elisha. She felt a weightless numb terror. 

‘What should I do if you believe him?’ 

What if Lucerne believes Jacob’s lies that he was sleeping with Elisha? 

It struck her. She was well informed of the psychology of powerful men. They were promiscuous and messy, but they couldn’t stand a woman with experience.

“Is that how they curse you?” 

Elisha nodded. Most of them were memories from her past life.


Lucerne slammed the wagon’s wall. The horseman stopped the carriage. He clasped his leather-gloved hands and got out.


It was finally a day that Lucerne had won approval from the overbearing Head. What Jacob said was a load of bullshit. It was not worth responding to but worth supporting and reading on the og translators site. Elisha tried to stop him. 

“Don’t close the door and look properly.” 

If Lucerne had not looked into Elisha’s eyes and said that, she would have told him not to get off.

Lucerne opened the carriage door and went out. The next moment Elisha doubted her eyes. 


Lucerne, who approached Jacob, punch Jacob’s cheek with his big fist. Not a single expression has changed. 


Jacob’s head was bent down very slowly before Elisha’s eyes. He beat him so hard that blood flowed from Jacob’s mouth. 

“Gee, what have you done now……. Do you think the Lord will forgive this…….” 

“Raise your head. I’m not done.” 


Jacob shouted an exclamation. 



And Lucerne’s fist stuck in his other cheek. Lucerne abandoned the sprawled-out Jacob and boarded the wagon. Jacob, who Elisha last saw, was crawling on the floor with a nosebleed. 

Lucerne took off his gloves and threw them on the floor. 

Snap, the carriage door was closed. 

Lucerne looked at Elisha with dark eyes and said,



“Congratulations on your wedding.” 

Elisha kept her mouth shut. Her heart pounded. 

Indeed, it was the most thrilling congratulations she’d ever heard in both her lives.

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  1. “It was not worth responding to but worth **supporting and reading on the og translators site.** Elisha tried to stop him.”

    Am I the only one that noticed this? 😛

    Thank you for translating! <3

  2. I’m so worried about the notebook she left! What if they find it?! Didn’t she write a lot of secrets in it???

    1. She burnt it on stove before leaving her room at night wearing pajamas to go to ML & propose that deal. She only took the map of the hidden road & burned every thing else! 🔥

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