TPCP – 20.1

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The couple gave their formal farewell to the Lord and immediately left the wedding hall.

“Let’s go,” 

Lucerne whispered. 

“A carriage will be arriving soon. We will board it and leave.”

“Right now?”

Elisha didn’t even have time to change her clothes. 

‘There’s no way I can pack my things.’ 

Elisha quickly waived her thoughts. Her luggage would be old pencils, a notebook, and some clothes that were falling apart. It was only a few coins she had saved like treasure. She couldn’t go to Jacob’s detached outbuilding for maids and gather her things.

“I’ll buy you everything you need.” 

Elisha nodded.

“You’re in a hurry.” 

“You said you didn’t want to spend the first night here.” 


“Let’s go to a better place. Before tonight ends.” 

Elisha was stunned.

‘What a great man.’ 

Jacob and Marco acted like clowns to please the Head. Lucerne’s demeanor was great, he was ready to leave right after the wedding. 

“Are we the only ones leaving? Didn’t you bring knights?”

“I’m waiting for them. My subordinates said they needed time to prepare.” 

“……how much time did you give?”

“Well, it was just before I entered the wedding hall, so it was two or three hours.”


He was no tyrant. Even excellent knights needed time to pack and ready themselves for a journey. 

Elisha glanced at Lucerne. She wondered if Lucerne was pleased with how she handled herself today. Now that she was Lucerne’s person, whether she liked it or not, there is nothing to be ashamed about seeking his approval. Lucerne brought it up first.

“Don’t you think you laid it on too thick?” 


“What do you mean I’m going to catch a bigger dragon?” 

Lucerne’s eyes twinkled, containing mirth as if he found it funny. Elisha searched her memory, wondering if he was a man with such a smile. 

“There’s ten years left until his 80th birthday. Will he remember?” 

“That old man, he has an excellent memory.” 

“You can capture it.”

Elisha stared at Lucerne with conviction and continued,

“But if you don’t think you need to, you don’t have to.” 

Lucerne chuckled. 

“Where did you learn how to flirt with a man? The monastery?” 

Elisha looked away, her cheeks turning red. 

“Don’t say that.”

Then Elisha thought,

‘Even if I flirt and say pleasing words, I will be thrown out when I’m useless.’

She knew it from the memory of her past life. When it came to women, Lucerne was an unseducable man. He was a perverted man but possessed enough control over himself. He would not favor Elisha due to sexual desire. 

‘Besides ….’ 

She recalled Carola’s words attempting to divide them.

‘I want a wife who can always be abandoned…..’

It was a matter of course, something she already knew.

But it was a bitter pill to swallow because it confirmed to her that Lucerne was also of the Cartier family and mindset. 

Elisha felt desperate, certain if she became a worthless chess piece, she would be thrown out right away.

‘I have to do well, so we can continue to use each other, like now.” 

Elisha had a mild headache. Maybe because she was in a place swarming with Cartier family members for a long time.

“What’s our little ghost thinking about with that look on her face?” 

Elisha flinched.

“You told me to act like your wife. I was wondering if I went too far.” 

“Thanks to you, I enjoyed a family gathering for the first time.” 

It seemed to mean that she had done well. Elisha nodded.

“……is that so? Then I will continue to do so in the future.”

Lucerne smiled unexpectedly; he caressed Elisha on the back of her neck. Then his hand fell, and he asked, 

“Are you upset, by any chance?” 

“There’s nothing to be angry about,”

Elisha answered quietly. 

“Well. I didn’t take your side.” 

Elisha felt as if someone was poking her heart. It’s just a matter of moving on and ignoring it. Why did he sound like someone who wanted to hurt her? He was a strange man. 

“…… It’s enough that you didn’t ignore me in public. Besides, I don’t care what Carola says.” 


Lucerne’s brow wriggled. Elisha’s confusion deepened. Did they need a clearer definition of their relationship? 

“I know my situation. Even if we’re married, it’s my job to survive. There will be no useless emotions or childishness that will hold you back. So, rest assured.”


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  1. What an eventful dinner and now we are off to the wedding night!😝 Thank you translator I check weekly for updates because I really like this novel😍

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  3. She’s bloody wise and this is the result of such painful and horrible journey. She is not the young and innocent girl of her first life anymore, so yeah, even if I am a sucker for love stories and lovey-dovey moments, I encourage her attitude for now. I am proud of her. 🥰

    I al excited to see their love burning tho, since I think Lucerne has already shown several good aspects of him.

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