TPCP – 199

The duke’s family had an outbuilding where distinguished guests could stay. Although it was an annex, it was filled with the most beautiful artwork and precious furniture.

There were only three types of people who could stay there. The Great Pope or the people of the Great Pope. Or the emperor of this empire. Otherwise, foreign royalty and rulers.

Of course, it was not often used. Elisha prepared for her event this time and asked her butler to clear the annex beforehand. However, Carola tried to intervene in the middle and publically take credit for it.

Quickly, Jewel stepped in to help.

“Carola! Thank you very much. There are so many things to see in the duke’s estate. I’m coming here for the first time in my life. Thanks to you, I got a treat!”

Ilione’s eyebrows twitched. A cynical smile crossed her lips. And she looked at the Head and smiled brightly.

“Duke, it’s been a long time since I saw you. It’s good to see that you’re well. Elisha and I are best friends. She often passed on the duke’s regards.”

At that, Gaju showed interest.

“Really? Is my granddaughter-in-law like that?”

“In fact, we came here thanks to Elisha’s invitation! Isn’t that right, Royal Father?”

“Certainly. Indeed.”

The emperor nodded. Gaju looked very satisfied.

“Elisha, I see now that you have a talent for socializing. To see the people of the Imperial family here? This is a great honor for the ducal household. I’m sure you’ve come this far because you’ve always been kind to precious people.”

“You are over-praising,”

Elisha said softly.

“It’s just… … . I heard that the late Duchess and Her Majesty the Empress were distant relatives. This is the imperial family and the duke’s family. Since the relationship between the two noble families is already close, there is no credit to attribute to me.”

With Elisha getting along so well, Carola ended up trying unsuccessfully to take credit. Her cheeks turned red in an instant. Elisha didn’t even spare a look at her.

“If anyone should be praised, it’s Princess Ilione who actively prepared this meeting. I am only in a position to assist this event. I’m not the main host. I couldn’t even say that I wanted to actively invite others to attend because I was in a position where I couldn’t invite anyone. But I’m glad to have such a meaningful time with great people I respect. I’m sure … … . the late Duchess will be delighted.”

Her quiet demeanor was deeply moving. She wasn’t bragging about herself and spoke calmly. Her attitude seemed to convey a genuine care for others. Elisha knew how to appear that way to her superiors.

“Elisha, don’t be foolish in front of distinguished guests.”

“… … .”

“You are also someone with deep connections and very close to this family. You can invite anyone when you stay at the duchy,”

Gaju said to Elisha with a straight face. However, if one listened to his meaning, he took Elisha’s side. It was rare for the Lord to favor someone so openly.

“As expected, Lady Elisha is cherished. It is well deserved,”

the empress said with a smile.

“Our Illione is also getting along well with the calm Lady Elisha and has a good influence on her. I hope you will continue to learn a lot.”

“Oh oh! That’s too much. Are you saying I’m not calm?”

“Of course. Lady Elisha is a heavenly lady compared to you. You, like a farmhand, have to watch and learn!”

Her words were so, but the empress’s attitude was truly humble and just words. Her love for Ilione dripped from her eyes, making the spectators smile.

Moreover, after the empress had said this, people would usually support Illione for being an intelligent and gifted woman. Then, the empress pretended not to win and enjoyed the praise.

“Princess Ilione is outstanding in many ways. Few people have such gifts. I am learning a lot from the princess.”

This time, Elisha defended Ilione.

“Hoho, you’re humble too.”

The empress laughed with satisfaction.

Curiously, even when Illione came up, it was Elisha’s face that kept increasing in value.

The conversation continued to revolve around Elisha, and Carola was in tears. Her expression hardened and twisted until it became a mess, but no one paid attention to her.

Lucerne returned before dinner began.

He had just come from inspecting the duke’s knights because of a simple request for help from Gaju.

“It seems His Majesty the Emperor arrived. What are you doing here without notice?”

Lucerne was not in the least at all surprised to see the emperor’s family. On the contrary, he said this out of the blue and made Elisha dizzy.

“Do you need a reason to come over to an old friend’s house?”

The emperor didn’t get angry in the least bit, probably because he was used to Lucerne’s attitude. After Lucerne sat down, the dinner began.

“Is everything alright? Anything happen?”

asked Lucerne after he sat down next to Elisha. She gave him a slight nod. Lucerne avoided people’s gaze, and under the table, he stroked Elisha’s hand.

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