TPCP – 196

It was already the summer season. Fresh summer leaves luxuriantly adorned the duke’s garden.

The old, elegant ducal castle invariably towered over its members, showing its majesty in the warm haze.

Around the duke’s castle were small outbuildings where family members lived and old temples showing off their beautiful appearance. 

In particular, the temple was located right next to the duke’s residence. It was even connected by a passage from the corridor on the first floor of the duke’s manor.


Originally, the temple was placed further away. However, after the duchess’s death, the Head decided to move the temple right next to the estate’s main house. It was due to the belief that the soul of the deceased duchess would remain there.

Elisha stayed at the duke’s house a few days before the duchess’s memorial ceremony. She was preparing for the memorial service and the commemorative event.

‘Don’t just busy yourself with the task of organizing events. Take this opportunity to learn how the duke’s household works,’

Gaju said to Elisha. It was an unexpected remark to the wife of his illegitimate descendant. In addition, he assigned the butler of the duke’s family as her assistant.

In the duke’s sacred temple, a room was used as a memorial room to console and honor the ancestors of the duchy.

The room was where memorial services and commemorative ceremonies were held. This very memorial room was renowned throughout the empire for being extremely beautiful.

The gorgeous murals and ceiling paintings painted over several months by the best painters of their time a long time ago were so splendid that they looked down on the people of the duke’s family.

When the temple was moved, it was known that contractors painstakingly worked to carefully move these beautiful statues and murals.

In the murals and ceiling paintings, numerous ancient gods laughed, cried, and shed tears like humans. Below that is the lower deity, the guardian deity of the duchy. Demon gods were painted on every wall. One of them was a very beautiful halo of light.

The figure of the demon god was painted and occupied one wall with paint mixed with real gold leaf.

“Who is this painting of?”

Gail responded politely.

“This god is called ‘Ramun’, and he is the highest ranked among the demon demi gods dwelling in the duke’s family. He is said to have powers comparable to that of a real higher god.”

“It’s excellent,”

Elisha noted quietly. Gail continued,

“A guardian deity dwells in Lucerne-nim’s body. You know The Shadow? The Shadow is the most powerful demon among the guardian deities that have dwelled in the descendants of the duchy. And the only god above The Shadow is Ramun.”

“I see.”

Elisha listened attentively to Gail’s explanation.

“There is a reason why The Shadow’s name is Shadow. It is Ramun’s ‘shadow’ and its shadow manifests as a demon. So if its shadow appears, the body will surely appear someday. Could it be that the appearance of Ramun is imminent?”

Gail wanted to build a friendly relationship with her. So, he slightly hinted at the fortune teller Muto’s prophecy. Elisha looked at his face and then calmly nodded.

“If that happened, it would certainly be something worth celebrating in the duke’s household.”

“You are right.”

At that time, several of the duke’s servants brought a large item wrapped in a large cloth on a cart. Dozens of them trembled as they carefully put the object down and rolled up the cloth.

“This is the famous Crystal Coffin*.” [T1v: I previously mistranslated it as the duchess’ Crystal Crown because crown/coffin can be the same word in Korean, and it wasn’t clear which one it is.]

Elisha approached the coffin. It was dazzling, adorned with lilies made from gold and diamonds.

“Look inside.”

The butler kindly opened the coffin. Inside, the name of the previous duchess, Elona, was written on a gold nameplate and inserted into the slot. Beneath it was another space for a nameplate.

“What is this here?”

“Ah, these nameplates are made as a pair,”

Gail whispered.

“A nameplate was also made for the Lord.”

“The Lord? Why did he do such a thing… … .”

“He was thinking of the time when he will die one day. At that time, the coffins engraved with each other’s names will be able rest side by side. He wants to lie down in that coffin.”

“Ah. It’s a romantic reason. Is that why the coffin is so big? It seems like it will be able to fit the two of them.”

“Yes, that’s right.”

As expected, Elisha thought, all the men of the Cartier family were out of their minds. No matter how much you love your dead wife, what kind of gross obsession is that?

‘Besides, the person has a stronger attachment to life than anyone else.’

Elisha wanted to laugh.

“But it seems to have an ominous implication. If the living person’s name is put inside the coffin.”

Gail was serious and waved his hand.

“Sure. Sure! Although there is a nameplate made for the family head. You should never put it in here. Because that’s a very ominous meaning. If anyone does such a thing, he will never forgive it.”

Elisha nodded.

“Of course. Besides, I have no way of knowing where the plaque is.”

“Ha ha. That’s true.”

Gail humbly nodded at Elisha’s words.

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