TPCP – 194

“Lucerne is resistant to poison. We heard that people with guardian spirits are more resistant to toxic narcotics than others?”

Mimosa seemed to be about to say something but stopped herself.

“No, nevermind my lady. I said something useless.”

“What, Mimosa?”

Carola’s eyes sharpened.

“What were you about to say?”

“Actually…. A while ago, when I was in the capital city, a knight happened to talk to me. It seemed that he was interested in me.”

“… … To you— Mimosa?”

Mimosa could not be called beautiful. Carola blinked. She looked down on her and had a dismissive air.

“He started talking about various things to win my favor. That’s why he flaunted his high-status, celebrity connections.”

“What on earth do you want to say? What celebrity? Does Carola even have to listen to this?”

“That celebrity is the general.”

“… … .”

Mimosa continued. The knight said they had served in the military with Lucerne in the provinces. He was a fairly capable knight and worked next door to the general.

“By the way, he said the general did psychedelics. It’s a hallucinogen. Do you know the Moratiana flower? A drug that can be rolled up and smoked or chewed. You know? It is not illegal to use it for medical purposes while serving in the military.”

Carola imagined a high Lucerne in a drug-fueled excitement. The mere thought sent chills down her spine.

“But what does that have to do with our current predicament?”

“You really don’t know? The fact that the general is taking drugs means that an aphrodisiac could work on the general’s body.”

“… … .”

Carola shut her mouth. It was information that could easily have been obtained through Jacob. But when she put a different point of view, it felt new.

‘If we drug Lucerne… … .’

Carola pondered.

A sweet future came to mind. If she gave birth to a child with Ramun, Carola’s position in the Cartier family would be solid. No. She would gain everything belonging to the family.

Her son would bring everything to her. The Head of the Cartier family, which had everything in the world, was a position no different from having the world. A strange smile appeared on Carola’s lips.

‘Moratiana flowers have a hallucinogenic effect, and no one can get them. But our family has been in the pharmaceutical business for generations. If it’s our family, we can get enough.’

Cartiers were not afraid to gamble. Even if they had to bet their lives on it. Even if it was a path to ruin. People in the family were easily buried in desire.

It was not only those who were born with Cartier blood. But those who came from the outside would also bloom with talent.


Elisha checked her note.

Mimosa’s secret message came through three routes, including the dressing room and cafe.

‘Stupid Carola.’

Carola’s behavior was expected. Elisha nodded in satisfaction. She crumpled the note.


Ilione came from afar, accompanied by escorts. She smiled warmly at Elisha. She got up from her seat and greeted the princess.


“Elisha. It’s so nice to meet you like this. I never thought that the summer palaces of the duchy and imperial family were so close. When does the Duke’s schedule end? How about going on vacation with my family after you finish?”

Elisha and Ilione sat face to face with a cup of tea in a hotel cafe in a small town in the Duchy of Cartier.

Ilione’s summer palace was near that resort town. The Duke’s residence and the resort town were close; a half-day drive away. So the two had arranged to meet here before leaving for the capital.

“I’d love to, but I don’t think I can. An event is being held to commemorate the Duchess.”

“Now? It’s been a long time since she passed away.”

“It somehow happened. Because the Head has a very strong love for the deceased Duchess… … .”

As Elisha spoke, she suddenly sighed.

“What’s wrong, Elisha?”

“I think I did something I shouldn’t have done.”

“What’s troubling you?”

She turned her words around.

“The princess has always been good to me. I don’t want to complain to a good friend like you.”

“What the hell are you talking about? You can tell me anything.”

Ilione’s status was so high that she didn’t have many friends who could be called her equal. Elisha was the wife of the High General and was an intelligent and charming person with no shortage of people to talk to. Recently, she was infatuated with Elisha.

Those of high status were not stingy in extending favors. When Ilione thought her friend was troubled, she was eager to help.

“It’s actually… … .”

Elisha couldn’t help but open her mouth.

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