TPCP – 193

“Arien’s memorial service?”

Carola frowned at Mimosa’s report.

“What’s the memorial service?”

“I had wondered about it too and looked into it. I’m guessing the family sits in the temple all night praying. Is it an event borrowed from a ceremony acquiring the power of the ancient goddess of death?”

“There is only so much brazenness in pretending to be nice that I can take. Hateful, really!”

Carola tossed the cushion she was holding in her hand. She was having a tantrum like a child. Mimosa’s expression became strange. She looked around and made sure Pansy was missing.

“But aren’t things going the way Carola wants?”

“Hmm… … . That’s true. I have to conclude this undertaking sooner or later. Lucerne is too distrustful when it comes to the ducal family that he won’t leave Elisha’s side for a minute… … .”

“Yes, there will be gaps. That is the perfect time to do things.”

Carola nodded her head in satisfaction.

“Bring that.”

Mimosa understood her words immediately. She brought the paper from the drawer. It was the marriage contract between Jain and Elisha.

‘This isn’t enough. I can fault her, but I can’t break her.’

The marriage was annulled because the first night was not actually held.

Moreover, the Duke of Cartier’s household was surprisingly easygoing concerning a woman’s extramarital affairs. Of course, if the infidelity was discovered, the women married to a Cartier would suffer far more than the Cartiers did. However, they were not immediately kicked out of the family or beaten to death.

This was because the Cartier family lineage was special.

The Ducal House of Cartier was a lineage protected by a special guardian deity. Even the non-magical offspring without abilities had a unique structure of mana flow in their bodies.

Moreover, a mark appeared on the bodies of women who conceived a Cartier child. The pattern was not normally visible but appeared and disappeared like a tattoo when a magician infused magic into her body.

So, if a daughter-in-law of the family had a child by a man of the wrong line and not from the Cartier family, she was quickly exposed. Having such a clear distinction meant the Cartiers did not strictly manage their wives’ infidelities.

‘Besides, at the time Jacob forced her to write this marriage contract… … . If we do something wrong, it will backfire and hurt Jacob.’

But if she gave up here, she wouldn’t be Carola. She smiled.

‘But what if everyone saw Zain and Elisha sleeping together?’

Then there would be solid evidence. Everyone would believe that Zain and Elisha were married.

The marriage contract was real. If the ceremony was held on the first night, would that be a marriage?

“You can just make the evidence.”

Nothing was impossible. Carola cleared her throat, feeling very smug.

“Thankfully, Elisha made a gap like this. Carola cannot miss this opportunity.”

Carola had already started working on it. Slander and gossip weren’t strong enough attacks to kill. But it was also an excellent rehearsal for the decisive moment.

If there was a rumor that Elisha was a bigamist, eventually, the hearsay would serve as evidence when the matter was settled. Being able to shake things up between Lucerne and Elisha was a bonus.

Seeing Carola like that, Mimosa’s eyes shone strangely.

“Lady Carola. By the way.”

“What? Carola is busy now with a lot of things to think about.” [t1v: in case you forgot, Carola likes to refer to herself in the third person to seem ‘cute.’ *gag*]

“There is something you must know. Look, I happened to pick it up while talking with the butler.”

Carola’s eyes widened at Mimosa’s subsequent whispers.

“Huh? What did the fortune teller Muto say to the family head?”

Mimosa whispered.

“He said that Ramun will dwell in Lucerne’s next generation—an outstanding child?”

Carola’s hands trembled. It was the first time she felt such an acute threat to her survival from the Lucerne couple. What if Elisha gave birth to a child with a guardian spirit like Lucerne?

‘That should never be allowed to happen. If there’s such a wonderful offspring it should belong to Carola!’

She bit her lip.


For the next few days, Carola couldn’t sleep at night. She looked at Jacob and thought.

‘Carola doesn’t have a son yet.’

She considered her situation. Maybe her child would gain a guardian deity. But ‘Ramun’ was on a different level. Ramun was treated on the same level as the temple’s ultimate miracle, the ‘Saint.’ 

“Lady Carola, are you worried about something?”

When Pansy asked, Carola shook her head. Mimosa smiled knowingly.

“Lady Carola, don’t worry too much. The general is also a man.”

“What do you mean?”

“If Lucerne-nim’s seed conceives a child with Ramun to a woman. Why does it matter which field he sows that seed in? Maybe 20 years from now, you might see such an excellent offspring from another woman.”

“But Carola hears from the fortuneteller Muto that it will happen soon.”

Carola froze as if struck by lightning.

‘That’s right. After all, he’s a child of the Cartier family. If we get pregnant, who will suspect the father? Even if a child who looks exactly like Lucerne is born, they will all be of the same blood.’

Carola felt her heart pounding and her eyes fluttering. But even if she was Carola, she thought it was too much. She shook her head.

“Mimosa, sometimes you’re scary. Carola can’t quite understand what you’re talking about.”

However, the demonic seed was already planted, and once the thought was conceived, it took root in her mind. Mimosa continued to encourage and incite her for the next few days.

“Mimosa, yes, even if Carola recieve’s Lucerne’s seed, indeed no one will suspect her. Regardless of whether she has Jacob’s child or Lucerne’s child, the same family mark will appear. But how can the weak Carola subdue Lucerne? It would be like trying to fight a beast with no hands.”

Finally, at her instigation, Carola confessed her concerns. Mimosa looked puzzled.

“That’s true.”

Mimosa added gingerly, looking around carefully.

“… … If you use drugs, he won’t know.”


Carola froze.

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