TPCP – 191

Lucerne’s Shadow Witchbeast reacted to and responded to the higher-level monster. So it was natural to find out about the heart of the Phoenix.

‘It’s not a riddle that’s hard to solve.’

It was a matter of her past life. A few years later, Lucerne solved the mystery as if it were boring. Throwing a box into the fire was originally something he had done. He had a lot of nerve. Even if they knew, ordinary people would not have the guts to burn something so precious.

And when the contents were revealed, Gaju’s heart was moved by his longing for the dead Michelan. So he called in Elisha.

‘The head of the household is also an amazing person. The double ledger he ordered me to make in my previous life made sure Lucerne would inherit some of the family’s property.’

After being brought in by the family head is when everything started. Would it have been better if it hadn’t happened? Elisha wondered often.

But she didn’t ponder for long. It’s because, in the present, the Head beckoned her. He quickly calmed down and maintained his usual expression.

“Yes, Elisha. I’ll give you a prize for solving the puzzle. What do you want?”

“You have given me so much. So I don’t need anything.”

“Elisha, if you are a granddaughter-in-law of this family, you should enjoy wealth like a right. Go ahead and tell me.”

Gaju was serious. He was ready to give whatever Elisha asked for.

“Then I have one wish,”

Elisha said softly.

“I want the crystal coffin of the late Duchess.”

The Head’s expression stiffened in an instant and turned red.

“What? It is the coffin of your grandmother. How do you… … !”

Among the items in the duchy, the most valuable commodity was by far the coffin of the deceased Duchess. The Lord loved the dead Duchess very much. It was unusual for the Cartier family. So, when Michelan ran away with a woman, everyone said he resembled Gaju.

The Lord put more effort into his wife’s funeral than anyone else. He collected all the precious jewels in the world. And with those gems and treasures, he fashioned the crystal coffin.

A wooden coffin was placed in the Duchess’s tomb, but the coffin used at the funeral was the most cherished object by the Head. The crystal coffin was hidden in the inner chamber of the Duke’s temple. The family head often stroked the crystal coffin to honor and remember the deceased Duchess.

“Do you covet it? How cute, you don’t know your place.”

“That’s not what I mean.”

Elisha wasn’t in the least bit surprised or taken aback. The furrow between Lucerne’s eyebrows was more of a concern.

“I mean… … . I just want you to loan it out for a while. It’s the death anniversary of the late Duchess soon, so I’d like to hold a remembrance service. I wondered if you would take out the crown for the commemoration.”

“… … .”

The family’s expression changed again. His eyes twitched.

“I don’t know the late Duchess. But I heard from Lucerne that the Lord regards the deceased as very precious. Besides, when Lucerne saw the Duchess as a child. She was ill and was bedridden. Even in the midst of that, he said that she took very good care of him. But when Lucerne came to the Duke’s castle she passed away not long after.”

Elisha continued to speak softly.

“At that time, Lucerne said that he could not even attend the funeral because circumstances were not favorable. So I want to hold a memorial service and pray for her. There are so many things the Lord has done for me. So I want to do something for my family. Even if it’s the smallest thing.”

A commemoration was an event to honor someone who had passed away. It was mainly a courtesy received only by the saints of the temple. However, there were times when high-ranking aristocratic families held a quiet memorial service and privately prayed among themselves.

Gaju was speechless. The family lord had never been so deeply moved in recent years.

“I didn’t think of that. Yes, even a new child has the right to know about the grandmother… … .”

The patriarch slowly chose his words.

“Good, then, on this anniversary of my wife’s death, let’s hold a simple memorial service. Is that all?”

“Actually, the High Priest Merha, who is in prison, continues to say that he is not feeling well. Comforting Arien’s soul on the eve of the memorial service… … . How about combining a memorial service together? Maybe Arien’s hostile spirit is cursing our family. Arien’s death has always been on my mind. Her funeral was also abbreviated.”

“… … I didn’t know you would think that far.”

“It’s just that Arien’s death was an unsavory death. I’d rather have it very quietly. I grew up in a temple, so I know I’m not familiar with the ceremonies, so I’d go in alone and pray all night.”

Gaju was astonished. Elisha’s thoughtfulness was beyond what he thought.

‘I’m going crazy. How can a child like that?’

Besides, a new life might be born between that child and Lucerne. What a superior child they would be. After that day, Gaju began to think deeply about Elisha.

That day, before Lucerne and Elisha left, the Lord called Gail.

“Butler, starting today, give Elisha anything she wants in this mansion. Treat her like a proper granddaughter-in-law in our family and give her only the best with utmost respect.”

Gail said, ‘I understand,’ and bowed deeply.


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