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It was the first time in years that everyone saw Gaju smiling as if he were truly happy.                                                                                     

“Did you say it’s Elisha?” 

“Yes, Lord.” 

“Come without even business. I want to talk to you often.” 

“My husband works in the military, so I’ll do it without causing any unnecessary misunderstanding.” 

The Head approved of Elisha even more as he witnessed her cautious attitude. Gaju even told Elisha and Lucerne to go back to their rooms for the first night.

“In fact, we’re leaving like this. Now that I have a wife, I have to introduce her to the house she’ll live in. We have no more time to delay. I’d like to finish packing and get out of here.” 

Lucerne spoke casually. The Lord usually liked to hold the back of Lucerne’s neck due to his arrogant attitude, but instead, he was pleased to give permission. 

“Butler. Give Elisha a present.” 

He even generously gave away gifts.  

The faces of the two daughters-in-law who heard the words became ashen for different reasons.  

When Arien and Marco first got married, Gaju did not remember Arien’s name until the second meeting. On the other hand, Carola simply couldn’t stand Elisha receiving a gift. 

“Thank you.” 

Elisha spoke politely. Elisha’s attitude was proud but kept her manners making the Head more satisfied. 

When she saw Elisha and Lucerne go out to pack, Carola glared at Jacob. 

Carola’s anger flared up because she received no gift from the Lord ever since she entered this house. 


“Dear, Carola is so upset. Elisha—have you seen that girl? Carola spied on the butler this morning. When they opened the treasury full of precious ancient gold coins, Carola expected it to be awarded to her. She’s so sad. The property of this house will eventually be all of Carola’s, but she’s intercepted by a bitchy thief!”

Carola grabbed Jacob and whined. 

“How dare she insult Carola like this. Elisha, that bitch ignores us without comprehending our kindness!” 

“I can see and hear –that damn bitch! I can’t let it go.”

“Poor you, poor Carola……. If you’re too nice, the lower ones will climb on top of you.” 

Jacob soothed Carola with a pat. Simultaneously, Jacob grated his teeth together.

Jacob was seven years older than Lucerne. 

As soon as young Lucerne entered the mansion, the child became a thorn in everyone’s eye. A beautiful child, like an angel who inherited the family’s coveted characteristics. 

However, his personality was foul, and his talent is better than anyone else. The deficit did not compare to him. 

Jacob would pick on Lucerne several times a day, beating him, tricking him, smacking him, or ordering the servants to starve him.

At first, Lucerne, who had been silently beaten, turned seven years old. He lured Jacob into a forest, right into a trap that hung him in the air from a branch and nearly beat him to death. 

Jacob’s arm broke and begged Lucerne, who was much younger, to stop. When Lucerne tried to shoot his head with a stone, he even cried and prayed. 

What was particularly traumatizing is that the Lord punished Lucerne lightly. 

Then Gaju said,

‘Lucerne is a little boy. Jacob, reflect on yourself. I can’t believe a kid much younger than you put you in this state. Weakness is a sin.’ 

After that, Jacob blindingly hated Lucerne, but he couldn’t compare to him. So Jacob turned his arrow to the easy prey, Elisha.                      

“Is a prostitute trying to seduce a man? Carola, I’ll never forgive her while I’m alive. She’s a contract bride anyway! I’m sure it won’t last long. As soon as she gets out of Lucerne’s protection, I’ll catch her and make her a slave.” 

“We only trust you. You know you’re the only one who can repay the insult Carola received today, right? 

Jacob felt at ease when Carola gently coaxed him. Then there was the sound of a carriage. 

“Those two must be leaving the mansion right away.” 


Lucerne’s black wagon stood in front of the temple. Jacob ran out without even looking. 

“I have a bone to pick!” 

“Oh, Jacob—Calm down! Jacob?”

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  1. I think that Lucerne needs to tie him and beat him silly again.
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