TPCP – 189

The Head of the household was significantly responsible for the work of the Duchy of Cartier during the summer and winter. It was divided into two quarters. At the end of a quarter, he called his descendants to hear the results of the businesses and projects.

During this time, he also organized the money and treasures that entered the family treasury for a year. It rained money. Gaju generously gave money to those who did what he liked.

So Jacob and his wife, and likewise Marco and his wife Arien had always hurriedly rushed to the castle to fawned over the Head to the point where their underwear was soaked. [t1v: ugh gross] But Lucerne was an exception.

Lucerne was not an obedient grandson who would come and go when Gaju asked. He spent most of the year on the battlefield until a few years ago. Even if the Lord called him, he would only reply that he couldn’t come; he had to prepare to go to war.

But he was different this year. When the patriarch asked him to stop by the Duke’s castle, he received a polite reply from Lucerne’s wife, Elisha, who responded to the invitation. Moreover, Lucerne was involved in the temple’s businesses this year, unlike in previous years. There were plenty of things to report to the family head.

“So, you went and delivered the invitation yourself, and Lucerne said he would go, right there, on the spot?”

Gaju had already asked Gail, the Duke’s butler, twice. Gail politely nodded his head.

“Yes. The wife read the letter and said, ‘Thank you. We’ll go. Is that okay?’ she asked, looking at the general. He readily nodded.”

“Hmm. I see. Right.”

These days, the Duke lived to enjoy reading Elisha’s letters. She often sent handwritten notes to the family head, even if it was for a trivial matter or an excuse.

Plus, when she was given the flour refinery. What was Elisha’s attitude in the imperial palace? Her cautious behavior was perfect when Gail reported it. Carola couldn’t even compare to her. She was jealous of Elisha after that and went around crying for days.

“That guy Lucerne has been gnawing at me all his life, but at least he’s good at picking women. Elisha is perfect.”

Gail sealed his mouth shut. Strange rumors were circulating in the capital about her.

However, this was still a rumor confined to the social world. Of course, the Head was insensitive to such tales. Gail had no intention of speaking until the Duke asked.

He was a very quick-witted man, and he knew that Lucerne hated him and nothing good would come from it. He was extremely attached to his wife. He could tell that just by looking at the two of them.


Elisha looked over the carriage at the Duke’s scene.

‘The time when the family and stockholders settle their accounts for the season. I never thought I would be heading to the Duke’s castle at this time.’

During this time, Gaju’s grandchildren were always busy. For example, Jacob would show the head of household the books he had painstakingly prepared for his inspection. 

Elisha rested her chin nonchalantly and looked out the window.

She lived as a slave to this family all her life. But she would have never imagined she would enter there in a rare carriage that Lucerne had custom tailored for her.

“What’s wrong? Are you not feeling well?”

Lucerne asked. Elisha shook her head slightly.

“Thank you for your cooperation. Lucerne, I know you hate this mansion.”

“Do I hate it as much as you?”

He replied with unexpected words. Elisha’s eyes widened.

“So it’s bearable.”

She thought there were times when he moved her heart unpredictably.

Upon entering the mansion, Gail greeted them with a more courteous countenance than usual.

“The Duke is waiting in the Jewel Room.”

The Jewel Room was a room where only the most precious items that the owner cherished were collected. When he greeted visitors in that room, it meant that he was welcoming a distinguished guest.

Marco, less favored by Gaju, tried to get into that room at least once a year. Carola, on the other hand, was always in and out of that room.

Guided by the butler, they headed to the jewelry room.

A room decorated with treasures shining all over the room. With their backs to the dazzling jewel room, the Gaju was waiting for them.

“I greet my lord.”

Elisha and Lucerne greeted the Head. The patriarch nodded in acknowledgement and satisfaction.

“Take a seat.”

Gaju and Lucerne had tea and briefly talked about business. Lucerne employed the right people and ran the temple business very neatly. The Lord was satisfied.

“Elisha. I am very glad that you write to me often. I heard you’re working hard in your etiquette classes. Maybe that’s why, every time a letter comes, it seems that your calligraphy has become more refined and the sentences become more elegant. Only talented people develop so quickly in everything.”

“You flattered me, my Lord,”

Elisha replied evenly and humbly.

“Today I am in a very good mood, so I will give you a present. Take your pick in the jewel room. You’d better choose carefully.”

Elisha knew this was not an easy test. If you chose a gift that was too precious, you would look arrogant in the Head’s eyes. But if you choose a trivial item, he would judge you as foolish. She had to choose a good item from an appropriate level.

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