TPCP – 188

Unfortunately, her forebodings always came to pass. Even when they went to the bedroom, they continued to be entangled.

“Huh, uhhhhh. Sto—… … .”

Without thinking, she fled to the bed.


He came in with a big push, and she gasped.


Elisha made a dribbling noise, already drooling.

‘My strength… … . is fleeing… … .’

Elisha felt her weak body being stirred and jolted. She jerked forward, and her head almost hit the headboard of her bed.

“Ha… … . ugh… … .”

Lucerne cradled her head, putting his hand between her and the wall. Elisha’s forehead rubbed against his thick palm, which served as her buffer. As Lucerne drew her forehead around gently there was no way she could escape.

“Huh, uh—”

And he stared at her smooth back as if it were an endearing sight. Lucerne licked her lips.

“It is strange. Why is it not enough even when I am devouring you?”


“No. Are you devouring me now?”

Puck!— he mused, while pounding hard and steadily.

Even though he spewed semen twice, his ejaculate and erection were still thick. The two testicles, like leather pouches, clattered between Elisha’s buttocks with a heavy clap. Elisha let out a breaking down sound as she felt it pummel against her flesh.

“Now… … . —stop. He—hnghhh… … .”

“Lift your ass.”

“It’s too hard, Lucerne. Please… … .”

“No. Not a chance. Not yet,”

Lucerne demarcated. He led Elisha’s cheek gently to lay on the bed sheets. She clutched at the cloth, barely managing to do even that. Her ass poked high in the air as if for mating in heat, and she felt vulnerable and embarrassed. Her body gradually lost sensation.

Pound. Clap. Puck—

Except for the feeling of being pricked by a gigantic penis stirring and suffocating her insides. Even the sweet taste in her mouth gradually disappeared. Elisha closed her eyes, drowsy and delirious.

The possibility that Lucerne might start questioning her made her nervous. Her loose body was now being mercilessly attacked; she didn’t have confidence in her ability to stay sane in this situation.


Lucerne’s hand hit her asscheek. Elisha’s eyes, just barely holding on before, were now wide open.

“Oh— stop…”


His big hand smacked her ass. Her immaculate cheek jiggled in the air. Soon, red handprints appeared on her white buttocks.


“When I asked you to beg earlier, you only blinked like a doll.”



“What if you beg now?”

Lucerne remarked languidly.

“Stop it, it’s weird… … . really… … .”

Elisha sobbed and begged. She was scared because she couldn’t see his face. But she felt an unfamiliar thrill of masochism. The sensations warmed her naval and coiled like a snake around her spine, producing a sharp, stinging pleasure.

She had never felt like this before. She was afraid. Like walking on a thin and precarious wooden bridge. Never knowing when you’re going to fall. It felt just like that.

Every time he baptized her with his palms, her whole body twitched. Saliva was dripping from the corner of her mouth, but she wasn’t aware of it. She wanted to cry. But Lucerne did not ease his hands.

He didn’t even stop thrusting. Elisha couldn’t come to her senses as he stroked and pounded her alternately with the hot stimulation of hitting her buttocks.

“I’m sorry,”

Elisha finally gasped and whispered with a sniff.

“Lucerne, I was wrong.”


Lucerne froze. She was numb except for the throbbing of his huge cock pressing painfully into the inside of her stomach.

“I won’t do it again. I won’t test.”

At the same time as Elisha’s answer, he moved again.

Thump, thump!

Lucerne began to arch his back and drive in without mercy. Elisha shook her ass, grabbing the sheets.

“I’m going crazy,”

Lucerne professed in a laughing voice. Her back felt a little sluggish.

“He he—hughh… … .”

Elisha’s slender backline trembled at her rough pleasure. Even her breasts, her pointy nipples pressed against the sheet, felt strange.

“Huh, ha… … .”

“Go on,”

Lucerne urged with a whisper.

“You should acknowledge what you did wrong.”

“I won’t trouble over— probe your intentions… … . I’ll do as I’m told… … .”

Elisha inhaled and pleaded with the last bit of her energy. She didn’t even know what she was begging for. When she reached the zenith of pleasure with such a feral entangling and wild embrace she utterly lost the ability to conceal herself. She had no choice but to blatantly displayed the broken side of herself like that.

“Lucerne— please… … . now … … .”

However, Lucerne moved his back sharply again. Elish cracked up, her shoulders quavering.

“And why shouldn’t you?”

“Because I am yours.”

“… … .”

“Thus… I’m sorry… … .”

Elisha squeezed out the answer she knew he wanted to hear. Lucerne behind her was silent for a moment. Soon after, he started shoveling his genitals again.

He grabbed her ass cheeks with both hands and spread them open up to the limit, revealing everything, even her small anus. Meanwhile, the hole between her immaculate thighs was sucking hard on Lucerne’s organ, making a puckering sound. A stream of sap entrapped his stiff pubic hair.

“Good girl.”

“Ughnn… … .”

“Why do you only act so alluringly adorable when you take off your clothes? By and large.”


“How kind of you to be so candidly honest.”

Elisha felt wronged. How could she be unkind to him? He won’t spare her even if she rebels in the slightest. And then… … .

You’re driving me crazy, Lucerne whispered. Strangely, at that statement, she could no longer constrain her sobs.

“Hunh, Lucerne… … .”

“… … .”

“Come on… … . I’ve—always, with you… … . been kind.”

If she didn’t, she would be immediately kicked out. He would never understand her heart.

However, Lucerne seemed to have been oddly provoked by her reply. Uhn, his exhaled breath was hot.

His breathing grew deeper. Elisha gripped his member from inside and pressed her ass all the way up his shaft to get it over quickly. As if drinking up his testicles. She shifted and brought more of her ass on him.

“It’s hard now… … . I can’t go any further.”

“… … .”

“Do it. Hurry,”

Elisha urgently whispered.


Suddenly he lifted her torso. Coiling around Elisha’s body like a rope from behind. His club-like genitals were firmly raised from below, sticking up and stuck, slamming into place. He then held her up by her knees, dangling in the air. But he pummeled her so hard she jiggled, floating in the air.

“Ah, ah, Lucerne—oh, that’s strange…Lucerne… … .”

A sense of cracking. A pleasure that could not be overlooked. A sense of depravity. Trepidation. Lust. Numerous emotions were snarled, churned and awakened together. The denser the fervency unfolded, the thicker and clearer the slicky stream gushed from between her legs. In the spot already stained with semen, Lucerne pierced her to the point that it couldn’t go any deeper.

Elisha’s entire body trembled at the last couple of thrusts impaling her from below.

“Huh, ha… … .”

Her tear-tangled eyelashes fluttered. Clear tears fell. His hard, sweaty body thoroughly interlaced Elisha’s tiny frame from behind. She felt herself relax and grow limp in his arms, her heavy eyelids drooping.

‘I’m going to die.’

Lucerne then let her go as if assuaged. Relieved, Elisha lost consciousness. Perhaps, a man like this, a normal woman could never handle. She reflected before passing out: It would be hard for any woman to live like this every day and stay sane.

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