TPCP – 187

“All right.”

Lucerne nodded in agreement.

“I won’t forgive Carola. She used a traumatic nightmare to attack me this time.”

Elisha hated Carola in that respect.

Back then, Zain had not suddenly fallen in love with Elisha at first sight. Although Zain was a distant relative of Carola’s, he was only from a lower-status collateral family of her excellently titled house.

Thus he harbored a kind of obsession and jealousy toward noblewomen. So, he coveted the commonly blonde prestigious aristocratic lady oft-found in the Kingdom’s Union as a wife, like Elisha. After years of playing around and roughing her up like his property, she intended to divorce her.

It was very likely that Elisha would have been beaten to death during their marriage.

‘Zain is Carola’s distant relative, and her childhood sweetheart. So Carola was envious of me.’

When Zain showed his avarice for her, and even Carola’s trusted seer gave her a fortune that Elisha was ‘a woman who would steal her man’, she found ample reason and the foundation to loathe her.

And Jacob? Jacob even forgot his desire to ravish her.

Their interest in Elisha was violence and harassment, excused as sexual desire. But Carola was the kind of person who was jealous of even that. It was utterly incomprehensible to Elisha.

“I see,”

Lucerne noted.

“Carola can no longer be overlooked. I’ll handle it.”

Elisha licked her lips. If Carola were to be destroyed, it would not be resolved with a simple death. She had to solve all the complicated problems together.


Elisha summoned up her courage and beckoned him.

“Do you want our marriage contract to go on?”

Lucerne held her gaze calmly. “Yes,” he replied briefly and solidly. It was a tone that strangely made her imagination grow bloated with many things.

“Then help avenge me. You know, if I divorce you, I can fall into the hands of the Jacobs at any time.”

“… … .”

“Can you… … . Will you believe in the heart of a weak person who has nowhere else to turn but you? Even if I show my sincerity to you, it’s the words of a cornered woman who has nowhere to run.”

“… … .”

“Does the sincerity and earnestness of such a person mean anything to you?”

No one wanted a humble heart. It was the law. Instead, the heart of a powerful person with many options was seen as noble and desirous.

“Do you want me to value and consider your heart?”

Elisha nodded.

“Everyone enjoys a profitable deal.”

She touched Lucerne’s collar. He didn’t trust her. But he was discovering her uses and his appetite for her. He wanted her and their marriage to last.

At least, her small existence… … . He had an attachment to.

That’s what she gathered from this situation, so Elisha decided to use herself. From the night she walked to Lucerne’s room in her ripped nightgown, her way of survival had already been determined from before.

“I will concede that I am yours.”

She moved closer to Lucerne. To the point where she could steal his lips whenever she wanted. Very close.

She couldn’t hope for equality in their relationship right now. Even if she refused him, if he wanted to, he could easily overpower her and take what he wanted at a moment’s notice.

“Then, I want to be the most valuable thing you have.”

“…… What do you want after that foolish quarrel and conspiracy using Mimosa?”

“I hope you will get along well with the ducal head.”

Lucerne approached. He lifted her chin with one of his fingers.


“I hope you will assist me with the plan I have in mind.”

Lucerne’s lips moved. Elisha learned to barter with his heart.

“Its strange. Most of what you’re saying sounds like an attractive proposition.”

“… … .”

“Then why am I still displeased? Just because you’ve been hiding such a thing?”

“… … .”

“Your bright and hopeful plan or whatever—I just want to go right now and cut down the bastard.”

“… … .”

“I’ve always done that. You have to pay the price for trying me.”

Elisha blue eyes watched him. She closed her eyes and kissed him.

Lucerne held her arms and laid her on the sofa.

Chu, kiss

Elisha carefully licked and sucked his hot, thick tongue and penetrated his mouth.

Her toes twitched whenever the tip of his tongue brushed against hers.

“You’re doing great,”

He whispered.

“Then I’ll suck on your lower lips now.”


Elisha’s skirt flew up. Abruptly it concurred to her that it was before she even had dinner. Before she even took a bath. She thought she was done for the day. Elisha spread her legs obediently, praying that tomorrow morning she would have the strength to do what she needed to do.

“Oh, yes… … .”

Elisha’s hot moan rose. And as Lucerne ordered, no one approached the floor they were on.


“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Ha… … .”

Elisha felt her whole body was heavy and limp like a wet cloth.

‘In the drawing room… … . We have already done it twice. So why… … .’

She paid for her deception on the sofa in the drawing room. Then he nailed her to the wall while making her look at him. Whenever she averted her eyes, he would harass and tease her so much that she was utterly exhausted and struggling.

After the second time, Lucerne picked her up and carried her into the bedroom. It’s finally over. She thought.

But that was just a wistful illusion.

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  1. Man I’m getting tired with these two dancing around each other with their feelings, at this point I rather want Lucerne dead and her just wallow in guilt even more idek

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