TPCP – 184

The sound of his big, thick palms and flesh hitting her resonated in her ears. She had endured all sorts of shameful things in her past life, but this kind of insult was the first of its kind. And the one who did this… … was her husband.

“What is this… … . What are you doing?”

While waiting for him, Elisha had imagined all sorts of scenarios. But she never imagined she would end up like this. Her voice trembled, and her ears turned red.

“What are you doing?”


Her ass stung again. If Lucerne hit her properly with that big hand, Elisha would have passed out by now. She knew he was controlling his strength. So the reason her ass was burning now was because of shame.

For the first time, Elisha learned that sometimes shame was harder than being hit painfully.

“I’ll tell you, so let me go,”

Elisha gasped.


Lucerne gnashed his teeth as if he was holding back something. He let her go. Elisha pulled herself up together, still on the sofa, and glared at him as she straightened herself out.

“What is this… … .”

“It made you want to talk,”

Lucerne whispered.

“Why are you running away and closing up? I told you not to do that.”

Elisha, who was adjusting her hair and clothes, stopped moving. Her eyes shook.

“You wondered what I was going to do? Why. Do you think I’ll give you a free divorce if you’re a bigamist?”

“… … It’s not like that.”

“Ah, yes, it must be because you’re so shrewd. You wondered how rough I’d go on you? Does knowing the worst in advance make you feel at ease?”

Those words were correct.

“How many times do I have to tell you to understand? You can’t imagine the worst. You’ll think that Jacob, who even gave you a salary while doing the laundry, was generous.”

Elisha couldn’t even shake off his hand. She was also afraid that he would hit her ass again if she rejected him.

“Don’t do that,”

said Elisha. Lucerne’s hand dropped slowly.

“… … I’ll tell you everything you’re curious about. That’s it.”

Elisha wondered if he knew she had something to hide from him. After all, she had never received that kind of consideration from him.

“Good, a little more and I would have stripped you naked and interrogated you. You don’t want to be treated like a real prisoner, do you?”

“… … Lucerne!”

“Why? I think you will enjoy it too.”

Elisha’s ears turned red as if they were about to explode.


Lucerne’s expression changed.

“Tell me the name of the guy who wrote the marriage contract with you.”

“… … What are you going to do?”

“Tear him into pieces and murder him. That way you will become a widow.”

She detected his terrible possessiveness behind those words.

“I don’t give mine to anyone. It was the same in the past and it is the same now.”

Elisha tried to stay calm. Lucerne was dangerous. In a moment, he shook her.

“The inside story… … . Aren’t you curious?”

“Inside story?”

He leaned over her. Elisha shrank back.

“It is fortunate that our marriage is still under contract,”

Lucerne said affectionately.

“Haven’t you made the offer you made to me with another man? I’m not the first. If I think about it, my blood boils and eyes feel like they’ll roll back in fury.”

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