TPCP – 182

A piece of paper was in Carola’s hand. The ancient scroll was damp and crumpled here and there. However, it was a handwritten document written on the finest paper.

[Bride: Elisha de Lor.

Groom: Zain de Carlton.

After her marriage, Elisha de Lor transfers her former property to her husband’s side.

… …

Elisha de Lor cannot demand a divorce.]

A smile came to Carola’s lips as she read the contents of the following marriage contract.

“Elisha is such a fool! If she had married quietly, she could have lived comfortably as a knight’s wife without being subjected to harsh things!”

Carola grinned.

“Bigamy! She would have never confided her past to Lucerne, hmm? Poor Lucerne, how could he get caught by such a crazy bitch. Carola is so upset.”

Mimosa watched the giggling Carola with cold regard. Then, she turned her attention to her.

“Right, Mimosa? Carola, out of good will, familiarizes Lucerne about Elisha’s past. Naturally, the more outstanding a man is, the more likely he is to be hooked by an evil wrench. Isn’t that what Carola’s mother said?”

Mimosa grinned shrewdly and affirmed her words.

“Do not worry. I secretly spread rumors to the social world through the maids I know.”

She spread it so well that the news entered Elisha’s ears first. However, she was not obliged to tell her that. Now, she wasn’t Carola’s dog.

Mimosa hoped that this rumor would spread viciously and violently. Enough to give Elisha a blow.

‘So Elisha will really appreciate the information I gave her!’

A dog that had changed owners desperately wanted to be loved by its new owner.


Hearsays began to circulate in the capital’s social circles. The gossip was so provocative that it disseminated quickly.

“Is it true that the general’s wife is already married?”

“I heard she had a very intimate relationship with a knight?”

“Really! They even wrote a marriage contract!”

“The High General married her to obtain her aristocratic status and title. So, isn’t this a fraudulent marriage?”

This tale was a good quarry for those regretting that the lawsuit did not grow into a bigger confrontation.


Summer arrived. Lucerne’s business trips to the provinces became frequent.

The day after meeting Mimosa in the forest, Lucerne immediately vacated the mansion. A week passed.

Elisha remained alone in the mansion, writing Rosaria a letter of thanks and regards.

Thank you for your help. I won’t forget this. I’ll visit you soon with my husband.

Through the open window, a warm breeze gently tickled her ears.

“Madam! I went to the dressing room today and heard a lot of nonsensical gibberish! —This is slander!”

The door burst open.

Sophie had gone to the dressing room to run errands. She was in tears.

‘Sophie has a capable network.’

Elisha was impressed with her. It occurred to her that maybe she could use her and her social circle as informants. Rumors spread within a week. The skills of Carola’s maids were nothing to scoff at either.

“Talk that I am a bigamist?”

She was taken aback by Elisha’s frankness. She covered her mouth in shock and looked around.

“So then?”

“So, I have been quarreling over such ridiculous drivels.”

Elisha smiled and then pointed to her finished letter.

“Just mail the letter.”

Then Elisha heard the sound of a carriage arriving through her wide open window.


Typically, gossip circulating among ladies in aristocratic high society did not leak easily to the menfolk. However, Lucerne constantly received reports about the tiniest things about Elisha from inside and outside the mansion. Therefore it was not difficult for the rumors about Elisha to reach his ears.

Lucerne was returning from an inspection of the local army. Throughout his return schedule, he didn’t say a word. Just hours before, Ian had briefed him that stories about Elisha were spreading throughout the capital.

After that, his demeanor turned chilly. All the subordinates took notice of him and tip-toed around him. Ian even broke out in a cold sweat.

“The rumors about the madam cannot be true. What kind of person is she? Even if it happened—”

“I never said you could talk. Ian.”

Ian quickly bit his tongue and firmly sealed his lips. Lucerne lightly cracked his neck in his carriage.


“… … .”

“The more I tell myself it’s nothing the more I’m annoyed,”

Lucerne muttered. Ian looked up.

“When we arrive, notify them not to let anyone on the floor that my wife and I use.”

“… … .”

“No matter what you hear, you don’t have to come running.”

I think we need to have a thorough talk, he thought. Perhaps it was the story that would determine her treatment in the future.

Lucerne tapped the carriage seat with his fingertips.

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