TPCP – 181

Ian genuinely looked after Corinne as he embarked on a type of mission he never embarked on before. So he did not spare any warm aid.

“Corinne, everything feels strange at first. Shall I teach you how to seduce a woman? No, I have to teach you how to dress up as a woman first. Today is the day you take your first steps in espionage,”

said Ian, patting Corinne on the shoulder.

“Still, you are the most handsome among the bears. Besides, you’ll be the only bear in a suit, Corinne!”

“… … .”

“You know that the success of your mission depends on your beauty, right?”

Ian was informed of this plan along with the butler and didn’t stop teasing Corinne. Because of that, Corinne eventually exploded, grabbed Ian by the neck, and shook him, causing a commotion. Other than that, things went peacefully.

In the end, Corinne headed to the woods, the ‘place of confrontation’ dressed to attend a ball, and met Mimosa, who came out secretly. Elisha, who was waiting inside the carriage, opened the window and asked:

“How did it go?”

“That woman… … .”

Corinne looked like he was bullied.

“Asked me how many children I wanted in the future… … .”


Ian couldn’t stand it and covered his mouth. Simultaneously, Elisha’s eyebrows twitched.

“Besides, her hands are… … .”

“Mimosa has big hands.”

Elisha knew that was because in her previous life she had been hit by Mimosa’s palms innumerable times.

Lucerne had a puzzled expression.

“Huh, so did you like it?”

“What? Do I have to go all the way to marriage on this mission?”

Corinne looked worn out. Elisha smiled softly, her eyes curling. Lucerne couldn’t take his eyes off her.

“So, Elisha,”

Lucerne whispered.

“Is there anything more to do?”

“Now that the deal is done, it’s time to go claim the allegiance of the new dog.”

When Lucerne asked, the smile on Elisha’s lips quickly disappeared. He felt regret burning his mouth.

“Mimosa, are you satisfied with what I can give you?”

Elisha approached her and asked quietly. They met at their secret meeting spot near a secluded cabin in the woods near the capital. However, Mimosa’s complexion was peculiar. Her face was tense and swarthy.

“Is there a problem?”

At that, Mimosa raised her head. Elisha felt something was awry.

“No, I’m a little nervous. As you know, noble women like me are not used to dealing with men.”

Elisha was disgusted by the shy Mimosa. Before she knew it, she was no longer bashful but grinning.

“From now on regularly, Miss Carola— no, I will report on Carola’s movements.”

“I do not need you to.”


Mimosa looked dumbfounded. But she genuinely didn’t need it. Elisha was already familiar with Carola’s lifestyle and habits as she was with the palms of her own hands.

“You just do what Carola tells you to do.”

“Then why on earth do you need me?”

“I will decide when I need you. Until then, don’t do anything useless. Carola is quick-witted,”

Elisha instructed peacefully. Mimosa nodded with a quivering gaze.

“But today is the first day, so I will receive information to confirm your fidelity. Carola must be grinding her teeth and digging a trap for me. What is she planning?”

Mimosa was startled. Because she was right.

“… … A marriage contract.”

Elisha paused.

“Soon there will be rumors. Rumors that you are already married to another man,”

Then, Mimosa added,

“Carola has the evidence.”

And she discreetly left the meeting spot.

Elisha’s forehead narrowed into a frown, her lips pursed.

‘I see… Carola, you’ve pulled out the card. A card called ‘Zain.”

Her face evened out to a smooth expressionless mask.

‘This is great. I never thought you’d still have proof of that.’

She bit her lip.

A chilling memory came up before her hazy gaze: A dark hut. The sound of men’s footsteps. And her neck dripping blood… … .

‘Is this a sign you’ll do that again?’

What would happen if Lucerne knew about that? That was the only thing she cared about. This was because Carola’s schemes this time were not daunting, except for when the variable was Lucerne.


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