TPCP – 180

“… … She said she wanted Corinne?”

“She said so. She says she’s admired him for a long time. Corinne should use his handsome wiles on her.”

Lucerne answered seconds later.

“Corinne, the handsome seducer–What an exciting and disgusting plan.”

Elisha’s scheme impressed even Lucerne. Of course, the rough Corinne was a rugged knight.

Elisha slightly raised her eyebrows.

“Corinne is also a popular man. Some women like a tough man who is reliable. Besides, isn’t he handsome enough?”

“You—how can you say another man is handsome—”

Lucerne glowered.

“—Can’t I? If you have a problem with it, please add a word to our contract not allowing me to compliment the appearance of other men,”

Elisha retorted nonchalantly. Now she knew that sometimes she could answer back with a cheeky remark like this.

But, as Lucerne was silent for a few seconds, she took notice and grew alert. Suddenly, he was looking at her.

“And you?”


“Is that your taste?”

She couldn’t understand what the hell he was talking about. She wondered if Lucerne was a little tired today. A person who is usually extraordinarily quick-witted had missed the point.

“The important thing about this job is not my taste, but Mimosa’s taste.”

“… … that’s enough.”

He looked down at Elisha and averted his eyes. Moreover, Lucerne went so far as to ask if he looked like Corinne.

“You don’t look like him at all.”

Frankly, Lucerne was like a rare jewel, and Corinne was the occasional bear. He was in a completely different ecosystem, Elisha flatly declared.

“Ah, yes,”

Lucerne replied said cynically. [t1v: RIP Corinne 💀]

‘What the hell is it? Are you saying you want to be the handsome seducer?’

Elisha wondered what was wrong with this man. Of course, Lucerne had the right to handle her at will. Even so, he had been way too arbitrary lately.


Lucerne called Corinne to deliver this secret task. The butler was also present. It was because the butler was always involved in the confidential business of the knights. Elisha spoke bluntly and directly to Corinne without a change in her expression:

“So I want Corinne to seduce and charm Mimosa.”

He had a hunch for a moment. If he accepted this mission, he would be ridiculed and teased about it for the rest of his life.

He was a straightforward knight who defeated monsters and slashed people on the battlefield; he was not a spy or an agent. But Elisha was calmly watching him in silence.

‘Ugh… … .’

Strangely, her words could not be ignored. This was a recent common phenomenon experienced by Seeds without any logical reasoning.

“It’s all right to refuse. There are ways to find other suitable agents and get them to approach Mimosa. You don’t have to force yourself to do something that doesn’t suit your aptitude. Everyone has a place to put their talents to good use.”

“No—no, who has one talent? I’m good at anything! I’ll do it.”

Besides, Corinne had a lot of pride. He had high self-esteem that bordered on bravado.

“Corinne, I won’t forget this favor. Thank you very much.”

Elisha spoke with a heart full of sincerity. Corinne’s cheeks flushed and his shoulders tensed.

“But why is our general glaring at me like this?”

He finally noticed and asked. The butler cleared his throat and patted Corinne on the shoulder.

‘Please watch your back for the time being, Corinne.’

He couldn’t figure out why the butler was looking at him sadly.

‘He was young man with a bright future, what did he do wrong… ….’

Before calling Corinne over, Lucerne had said this to the butler:

‘When this is over, deploy Corinne to the border.’

The butler had a tremendously difficult time trying to dissuade him. Corinne was a significant force and essential aide.

‘… … I get it. Fine, if that’s the case, instead if he shows any signs of flirting with my wife, I’ll cut him down.’

The fundamental role of the butler was to manage the recruitment of knights in the mansion. So, until Elisha arrived, his job as a butler went smoothly.

Fortunately, due to Corinne’s personality, the possibility of him having an adulterous affair with Elisha was infinitely close to zero. So the butler was relieved that he had saved his life.

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