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“Why, before, when Lucerne came to get permission from the Lord to marry… everyone heard. That the reason he’s proposing to Elisha is because…… because Elisha is in a pitiful situation.” 

“And what else did he say?” 

After hearing Elisha’s subdued voice, Carola’s lips went up like a straight shot. 

“And he said, I want to marry a woman who has a ‘no chance of her parents being upset.’ I want to marry Elisha because she’s a ‘powerless, poor and desperate aristocrat’.….” 

Carola pretended to cry as if she was affected by what Lucerne said. He said he wanted to marry a woman who becomes a ghost at any time. 

“Carola’s heartaches. There’s nothing more precious than affection between men and women. Carola would be so sad if we were in Elisha’s shoes!” 

(PR: Carola has a habit to talk in 3 pov so when she says “we were in Elisha’s shoes” she is referring to herself only)

Carola’s voice became clearer and louder. 

“Elisha has been under Jacob’s protection all this time. Actually, wouldn’t Carola, his wife, care for Elisha? Carola says this with the same heart as her mother’s sister.” 

A smile spread across Ariane’s mouth. 

“I didn’t know the inside story, but it’s heartbreaking to hear it. Elisha is a very innocent-looking person, so I hope you don’t get hurt.”

Ariane and Carola thought that Elisha’s pride would be destroyed. As if she had never been a laundry maid, Elisha’s back was upright and her eyes calm.

‘The only thing left is pride for fallen aristocrats like myself.’ 

It was the Cartier family’s daughters-in-law that could destroy a powerless fallen noblewoman in a single blow with their mouths. 

“Elisha needs to know what everyone knows, right?” 

Carola looked around with her eyes wide open and asked, Ariane retorted;

“Oh, that’s very thoughtful of you. Now that I’m looking at the situation, you should really appreciate the gesture. Why don’t you say thank you?” 

Ariane especially looked forward to seeing Elisha humiliated.

‘I wish you would cry. If you do it in front of the Lord, it will be great.’ 

But far from crying, Elisha looked very relaxed. 

“Why should I?” 


“Carola, why are you crying about what we all know? Did the High General ask you to tell me? You have a cheaper mouth than pigeons delivering a whole book.” 

Carola doubted her ears. It was even the way she spoke. She had heard this way of speaking before. Lucerne spoke this way. His words struck you like a club on the back of the head, leaving you stunned. 

‘What’s going on?’

Carola quickly changed her expression as if she were naive. 

“Carola’s good intentions…….” 

Elisha looked at Carola incredulously as if she were a strange person. 

“Good intentions? Where are your good intentions?”

Elisha retorted without giving Carola a chance to answer. There was even a cold smile around her mouth. 

“First of all, you’re insulting your husband. I know you and Jacob are a very happy couple, so did your husband get married after seeing your mother?” 


“Besides, arrogance is the virtue of the nobility. If there are a hundred couples in the world, there are a hundred different types of relationships. So what if he is attracted to my poor family background? Why is that not love? Your premise is baseless without any context.”

“Well, it’s not like that. Carola is—” 

“And besides.” 

Elisha spoke clearly and cut off Carola. 

“Why do you say that I don’t have my own family? Don’t tell me, did you all forget how Lor the Great died?” 


“How can someone who cares about me bring up my father’s story on my wedding day?”

As if she found it genuinely strange, Elisha tilted her head. She donned an expression like she really didn’t understand. It was Jacob who killed Elisha’s biological father, Lor.

“That’s in the past. How can you be so rude? Do you want to hide the past?”

Jacob raised his voice. Jacob was an ugly man with a stubby nose and rough skin. Jacob’s big face turned red and green. 

“Are you actually blaming my family? Tell me!” 

Jacob, who was drunk, slurred. It was then. 


It was that moment, Lucerne kicked Jacob’s chair leg with his long legs. Jacob fell on his back.


Jacob made a pig-like snort. He belatedly noticed what happened to him and scrambled to his feet. 


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