TPCP – 177

Ten days later, Elisha held her first tea party for the wives of military officials.

“The general’s wife has a talent for hospitality.”

“That’s right. This cake is really delicious. Moreover, isn’t it beautiful to look at? Where did you order this from?”

Elisha’s tea reception was elegant, from her table decoration and tea food to the selection of songs the invited harpist played. Not only that, she was just one step ahead of the trend. The aristocratic ladies meticulously studied what their hostess had prepared for them to follow.

“Today is the first tea party I’ve hosted. It’s a pleasure to see everyone enjoying themselves.”

Elisha then paused and frowned momentarily as if she had a headache.

“Are you alright?”

The noblewomen leaned in and fretted over her.

“Actually, I’ve had things to pay attention to for the past few days, so I’m a little tired.”

“Did you overexert yourself while preparing for the tea party?”

“Sit down on a long chair and relax.”

The ladies vied with each other to help Elisha. She smiled scarcely.

“It’s not because of the tea party. I’m helping someone these days. Since I lack knowledge about legal affairs, I lost sleep while looking into the law.”

“The law?”

Elisha elaborated calmly,

“Actually… … . Not long ago I met a young woman who is a beggar on the street. She goes by the name of ‘Lulu.’ She told me that she was assaulted in broad daylight by a lady-in-waiting of a certain noblewoman. And as a consequence, she now limps due to an injury to one of her legs.”

Elisha’s words continued peacefully. Lulu was once a child who worked in a top-notch dressing room in the capital.

“I can tell she’s been persecuted by malicious people, so I’m trying to get her a lawyer and a safe place to stay. She has to file a lawsuit and sue for damages. If anyone goes to jail… … .”

“… … .”

“I don’t think I should just leave her as is. As you know, my husband works for the country. As the wife of such a person, how can I turn a blind eye and ignore such a pitiful person?”

A wave of deja vu overcame the women as they heard the story.

‘A first-class dressing room employee, assaulted by a noble lady’s maid… … ?’

One of the youngest of the ladies gasped and covered her mouth. She looked at Elisha’s outfit. She wore a delicate gold dress with a black shawl draped over her arm.

‘The auction case!’

There was an anecdote that Carola had beaten an employee of a first-class dressing room during the auction episode. It was because she had leaked her ensemble.

Just then, a maid came to call Elisha. The hostess left for a while, and the ladies started whispering and clamoring frantically.

“That’s right, the first granddaughter-in-law of the Cartier family… .”

“Yes, I remember the name. It was a girl named Lulu.”

Then Elisha returned, and the noblewomen’s mouths were sealed shut as if they hadn’t been chattering away just moments before.

“Since you all have come to visit today, I’d like to give each of you a present.”

The eyes of the ladies grew wide when they saw what the maid brought. Sophie carried a large silver platter with kingfisher feathers beautifully crafted around a silver rim.

“Kingfisher feathers are said to have profound good luck. This is even more precious because it is the feather of the beast, Thunder Kingfisher. Take one each.”

The woman took a feather each and scrambled to make accessories and jewelry out of it and wore it everywhere.

Naturally, when someone praised the precious item, they boasted and bragged about Elisha’s tea party.

“By the way, I heard an interesting story at the tea party. There will be a lawsuit soon… … .”

As a result, rumors spread widely, and everyone wanted to go to Elisha’s tea parties.

And people openly anticipated another fight would break out between the granddaughters-in-law of the ducal Cartier household.


“Madam, no matter how much I think about it—it’s such a waste. You gave away these precious feathers!”

Sophie was on the verge of tears, filled with regret. Elisha paid her no mind and was aloof.

“What’s a waste? It’s better to do this kind of party properly once in a while. That’s how you can make a name for yourself in the social world and increase one’s reputation. It’s a waste of time and money if you host a lot of small parties.”

“But the general might be disappointed.”

“That person is not free enough to be forlorn over something like this.”

She told Lucerne that she would prepare the kingfisher feathers and use them as gifts for the attending ladies. When he heard her proposal, he replied calmly, “Yes.”

When Sophie left, Elisha pulled out a little pouch from her bosom. She pulled the string on the opening and opened the satchel.

Inside were the few kingfisher feathers tied together with a silk ribbon. It was the ribbon that she gave Lucerne which then he kissed and returned to her with the prized feathers at the last hunting festival.

When Elisha saw it, she couldn’t stop her heart from pounding. Helplessly, sensations coursed through her, and she squeezed it in her hand. Various emotions were felt. It was as if she had become a fool and felt like someone was tickling her heart.

‘Even if I turn back time, it seems my weaknesses can’t be helped.’

Elisha’s weakness in her previous life was Lucerne himself. A lingering attachment to him, to be precise. A shameless mind that couldn’t help oneself despite trying to remind oneself of their poor standing and lack of position and rights. It was a disgusting obsession and fixation that could not even be disguised as love. Unfortunately, this same defect was digging into Elisha’s heart like a mole and trying to take root in her current life as well.

‘Although I looked down on the people of the Cartier family who make the same boring mistakes over and over again. I might very well be the same.’

Otherwise, there was no rationale for why she carried this silk pouch like some cherished treasure in her bosom.

Elisha stroked the satchel and eventually pushed it back into its hiding place.

‘It’s just for good luck. That’s all.’

Elisha lied to herself for the first time after turning back time. She ignored and pretended not to be aware of the flush and sudden rise of her body temperature. Instead, she simply did what she had to do.


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