TPCP – 176

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“Huh, ah— Ah!”

Elisha’s toes curled, her belly plump below her navel bent and twitched, and this time her pelvis started to flinch and swirl.

“Huh, ah. Lucerne… … . Oh… … .”

“Answer me, Elisha. Who do you belong to?”

Lucerne crossed Elisha’s wrists and bound them. He groaned, pressing them over her head.

“Ah… … . please… … .”


“I belong to you. Lucerne— you… … .”

because you tied me up. because you have me. Because you made me weak both lifetimes.

“I’m yours.”

A tear fell from her eye. Then, looking at her quivering eyelids, Lucerne could not stand it and kissed Elisha’s lips.

“Yours… … .”

The two tongues couldn’t find anything to say to each other. Couldn’t find the words to admit. Couldn’t find a way to have each other. So, like that, they pushed each other away and pushing against each other, hotly embracing each other and moving with passion.

“Ohhnn… … . ha… … .”

When Elisha nearly fainted from lack of oxygen, Lucerne let her go.

But even then, she never pushed him away. That amazing obedience made Lucerne’s head spin, and something in him electrified.

“You asked what I would do if you were ugly.”

“Huh… … .”

“Rather. You.”

“Hghn— ah! Oh… … .”

“I really wish you were ugly. So no one would steal glances at you.”

“… … .”

“If you were all mine, I would cherish it and treat you very preciously, of course.”

Lucerne fervently whispered. Sweat he shed dripped down on Elisha’s forehead.

“Hunn—oh… … .”

Feeling a near-fainting climax, her head rose. The great pleasure numbed and paralyzed her senses, and she only nodded her head, not understanding his words.

“Lucerne… … . hgnnh, ah… …!”

She needed to respond to his words. But she could only call his name reflexively.

But she didn’t know what to say after that.

Something was blocking her mind like a dam. It was an unknown feeling that she did not know what it would become if it continued to accumulate like this. The same was true of Lucerne.

He moved wildly without mercy. Elisha didn’t even think to correct her wide-spread legs and fluttered under him. Her back twitched whenever he roughly pushed her up, and her legs resting on his thighs trembled helplessly.

“Ah—Uh! Ugh! Lucerne… …!”

Lucerne finally hugged Elisha. As he drew her upper body and embraced her, she clung to him with the last of her remaining strength.

The upper bodies of the two pressed against each other. Finally, as he reached his climax, with a shrill moan, Elisha buried her face in his neck. Lucerne pounded his genitals in the last couple of times.

“Huh, inside… … . Lucerne… … .”

He was still spraying semen dripped from his exploding erection.

“Well done.”

Suggestively wiping Elisha’s crotch a couple of times with his large palm. She felt mortified and tried to avoid him.

“Don’t run away.”

Lucerne pressed both of her hands to the bed. And he whispered as she bit her lip.

“Body or mind.”

“… … .”

“Don’t run away,”

Lucerne whispered. Elisha wanted to cry. He was a skilled hunter and knight. He casually drove her to himself with ease. If he became a little more cruel, it would take no effort to capture her.

If that’s how I lose everything and fall into his hands.

If you happen to know the whole truth.

Will you still want me then? 

Anxiety pierced Elisha’s heart.


That was last night.

The next day Elisha lay her pale hands on her table and her eyes down. Her appearance seemed either drowsy or ruminative. After that, Lucerne let her go only after he had quenched his lust three times. She had a dizzying morning.

When she had barely gathered her thoughts–

“Madam, is something bothering you?”

Sophie, who was bringing tea, asked. Elisha shook her head.

“I just have a lot of thoughts to sort out.”

“Because you looked so deep in thought, I thought you were day-dreaming about the general.”

Elisha raised the corner of her mouth briefly.

“Lucerne? I was thinking of the exact opposite. I was thinking of someone I really hated.”


“The first granddaughter-in-law of the Cartier family.”

“… … Ah, her?”

Perhaps thanks to Carola’s infamy, Sophie’s expression looked like she chewed something gross. Elisha knew what rumors she had heard.

‘As expected, Carola needs to be dealt with now.’

In the future, Carola would do a lot of pretty annoying things. Moreover, Jacob’s nature, like a moth to fire, had a propensity toward destruction.

His biological father, Stevan, was said to be a handsome, cunning, and cruel devil-like man. It is an aptitude that can only lead life to ruin. None of Stevan’s charm was passed down to Jacob, and all that remained was his fiery temper and inferiority complex. And there was nothing but cruelty.

Carol wasn’t brilliant either. But she was a genius at conspiracy, flattery, and viciousness. Also, she did an excellent job of pleasing Gaju.

In the future, she would act as a buffer between the Head and Jacob even if he went against the Lord’s wishes.

‘Carola, witnessed me being the center of attention in the palace. She will draw a weapon now because she can’t bear to see herself be sidelined because of her envious personality.’

The corners of Elisha’s mouth drew an arc.

‘There are many weapons for you to choose from. Which of them are you going to strike me with?’

Elisha rested her chin on her hand. Her face was nonchalant, but her eyes gleamed with interest.

By all means, she hoped that Carola would pick a sharp weapon. Only then would it be worthwhile to return the favor.

‘I want to take your breath away with this one,’

Elisha thought languidly. She carelessly stirred the inside of her teacup with a silver teaspoon.

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  1. She’s becoming a female Lucerne without noticing it 😆
    When she was asked “are you thinking of Lucerne?” And she said “no, the total opposite. Someone I hate so much”.. doesn’t that mean “she loves Lucerne so much”?? I see you, Elisha. I see you 😏

    Thank you 🌻💝

  2. “If by chance you know the whole truth.
    Will you still want me then?”

    Even if you told Lucerna that you did all this to kill him, or that you were a spy, your possessive side wouldn’t let you go.

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