TPCP – 175

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Lucerne put his forehead on hers and then took it off.

“If you want to console me.”

“Huh, ah… … . Oh… … . yes… … .”

“From now on, answer everything I say, and don’t avert your eyes,”

he said, looking intensely into her eyes as if he were going to devour her. He began driving her body in earnest. Spreading her legs to the limit, he pummelled into her; she kept moving forward.

“Ha oh ah!”

When Elisha’s bottom got wet and started making splashing noises, she lifted her thighs. Her legs stretched out to their limit, her hips painfully open, revealing the hollow in Elisha’s inner thigh.

Even in the middle of the heated frenzy, Elisha kept saying, “oh yes, yes.” 

She saw his tall, thick pole hammering between her bush and into her entrance. Each time, her drenched, light pubes swayed and dripped liquid. Lucerne’s thrusts came at a steady beat and then started to slow.

Pound. Pound.

Elisha groaned at the deliberately slower movement of his waist. The tips of her toes curled.

With one hand still supporting Elisha’s thigh, he made sure she couldn’t close her legs, and he groaned in his throat like a satisfied beast.

“Now your legs easily spread wide open without me even having to try. You’re beautiful.”

The tips of Elisha’s ears turned red. Now she didn’t know what was more shameful. Even though he didn’t ask her to do it, she deliberately exposed everything to his gaze with her legs spread as far as they could go.

“Huh… … .”

“Don’t close up as soon as you receive a compliment.”

Lucerne adjusted the angle of her thighs. Then he pitched Elisha’s nipples and pulled sharply. His testicles were tightly immersed against her bush, ramming into her like a punishment.


Elisha let out a stifled gasp.

“It’s mine anyway. Does it make a difference if you’re shy? How many times have I sprayed inside of you?”

“Lucerne… … .”

Elisha whispered as if pleading. Lucerne lowered his hand that had been pulling on her breasts.

“Tell me,”

he whispered.

“Don’t you think your breasts and nipples got bigger because I massage them often?”

“That… … .”

She didn’t expect this question. Elisha’s whole body turned red as if she were about to explode. She wanted to glare at him but couldn’t even do that. Because Lucerne’s waist started to twist and pivot as he thrusted into her.

“… … It’s natural— touch it and it gets bigger. You’re… … . in your hands… … . react.”

A growl mixed with pleasure vibrated from his mouth.

“Which erect bump gives more pleasure?”

Lucerne did his back a little quicker. But it was a very slow move.

Puck. Puck. Clap, Clap.

At the same time, he fondled and cupped Elisha’s tender breasts and then clasped her nipples and stretched them out while asking,

“Above the stomach. Or below?”

“Huh… … . ah… … .”

“If above, does the right side feel better? Or the left?”

he inquired, pinching her right nipple. Elisha tightened her vagina and sobbed at the indescribable strange feeling.

“Aren’t you going to answer me?”

Lucerne stopped beating his waist. Elisha felt the boiling lower part of her body, as if it had been burned by a gentle flame.

“I don’t know. It’s all… … . I think it’s all good,”

she confessed in a tiny ant-like voice,


Lucerne growled and urged.

“Huh, ah… … . ah… … . harder.”

“Answer me if you want it,”

Lucerne mischievously moved his hips even more slowly. His twitching and pushing penis didn’t jostle her as much as she wanted.


Elisha said softly.

“Down. Please touch me.”

“… … .”

“Huh— hurry.”

“I like it when you beg.”

Lucerne whispered.

“I’ll touch you as much as you like and how ever you want.”

Saying that, Lucerne began to shake his abdomen. And at the same time, he started to fiddle with her clitoris. Lucerne’s cock was fully drilled into her depths, and transparent water leaked from her well-sealed hole.

“Ha, uh, ah, oh… … .”

Puck! Puck! The sound of flesh slapping echoed, and something silvery fell from Elisha’s eyes. Tears streamed down from shame and pleasure.

But his ravaging did not end there. Just before Elisha was about to climax, he stopped moving. His genitals stood tall, showing off the majesty of bloodlines as if climaxing wouldn’t be allowed yet. She squealed under him, feeling his genitals deeply embedded within her.

Elisha moaned and sighed helplessly. She desperately wanted to get fucked. She wanted to continue. The steam from her boiling blood seemed to reach the top of her head. Her base desires paralyzed all rational thoughts and made her a mass of carnal appetites.

“Tell me you like it, Elisha.”

“… … .”

Elisha couldn’t bear to admit it out loud.


Lucerne whispered, urging.

“Console me,”

he cunningly pleaded. He was whispering soothingly. At those words, the precarious latch that blocked Elisha’s heart burst. Her emotions gushed out, flowed, and cascaded like a waterfall.

“It’s good… … .”

It’s good. With you… … . it’s great. Elisha said frantically. To some extent, she was sincere. It was the only certainty that came to her as she lost her mind.

“Keep going.”

“Huh… … . I like it*… … .” 

[*t1v: the Korean phase is identical to “I like you” but ~context~]

When she said that, Lucerne’s erection was on the verge of exploding. He started fucking Elisha like she wanted.

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