TPCP – 174

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He came close. Without realizing it, Elisha leaned over. Her lips trembled briefly before she made up her mind. She whispered as if confiding her troubles she had been wrestling with just before.

“Should we?”


“… … do what you like.”

Elisha knew no other way to make him feel better. Indeed, she really was a woman without tenderness or sweetness, she thought.

Lucerne gazed into her eyes. And no more words were needed.

Chu. Kiss. Warm lips touched. Strangely, her toes tickled, so Elisha curled her feet inside her shoe.

“It’s so strange,”

Lucerne whispered.

“When I hear you say this, it makes me feel better. What are you to me?”

His utterances made her heart ache. So Elisha just closed her eyes. Lucerne picked her up.


Lucerne handled her like a light doll.

“Lucerne, the maids… … .”

“You’re the mistress, you’re the one they need to care for and consider.”

He lifted Elisha easily and put her on his shoulder. She protested by pushing Lucerne on the shoulder, but even that didn’t last long.

Bam—puff— In an instant, the door swung open, and Elisha was laid on the bed.

“Lu-Lucerne… … .”

He was now very adept at undressing her. Then, with just a few gestures, Elisha’s feet were stripped bare.

“If you want to comfort me, you can take off your clothes.”

“… … .”

“When I see your body… … .”

His words trailed off, and Lucerne bit his lower lip. He put his hand on Elisha’s cheek and looked into her eyes.

“I want to devour everything in sight and suck on every patch of skin to leave a traces that you are mine. That’s all I can think about.”

“… … .”

“You make me male. To the very bottom.”

Elisha’s fingertips tingled with numbness. When his hand was about to fall, she covered his large hand with her small one.

“Do whatever you want,”

she said softly.

“No, I’ll do what you want. You didn’t teach me last time. How to make you feel better… … .”

Elisha grew red to the tips of her ears.

“You suck and lick for me every day. So—I mean… … . Today I will.”

Lucerne’s reason was cut off. He spread her legs apart. Erect from earlier, he took it out without taking off his pants.

“Huh… … . Ugh!”

Elisha was startled by him suddenly plunging into her.


However, her vulva and bush that had been soaking wet from a while ago, easily accepted him as he penetrated her entrance.

“Ah, Lucerne… … . So sudden… … .”

However, the situation in her lower mouth was different. Elisha’s vaginal walls made room inside, embracing him as if welcoming him despite his sudden intrusion.

And even after his insertion, his cock rubbed like a fire in her wet insides as his erection swelled up against her.

She let out a gasp.

“It’s tight— too. Ah… … .”

His pillar, which burst in like fire, began to move inside Elisha.

Squelch, slook. Clap.

Her vulva, which was still less watery, clamped down and stuck against his rod with a tight feeling every time he moved. Then, he pulled out slightly, rubbing and sucking in her inner walls. He was only half in. Elisha’s cheeks turned red and flushed from that rough wild pleasure.

She thought her body was shameful to want this. He acted like an intruder. However, the vulva that quickly devoured him was sending piercing pleasure under her belly.

“Ughh, ohhh… … . hngh… … .”

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