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The reception hall was right next to the chapel. The venue for the reception was even more astonishing. What caught Elisha’s eye, in particular, were the items adorning one table. 

‘This is……’ 

Elisha looked through them. 

‘A piece of a saint’s body, a dragon’s neck, the costly paintings of a famous artist.’ 

They were significant objects. The fact that they’re separated……. 

“What are you looking at?”

Someone approached Elisha. Elisha turned her eyes away. It was Marco’s wife, Arien. She was very thin and elegant. 

“It’s a gift from the grandchildren to celebrate Gaju’s birthday not too long ago. Is it interesting?” 

“………I thought it was great. It’s full of rare things. Especially the hard to obtain bone fragments of the saint and prophet Ristral.” 

The saint’s corpse was one of the most expensive items at the temple. Sculptures of a saint brought God’s protection, so every time one died, the temple held a raucous auction. Elisha thought it was dreadful.

“Ho-ho, that’s my husband’s gift. You have a more discerning eye than I assumed.” 

Arien’s expression seemed to ask where she would have seen such a precious object. Elisha knew Arien. 

During her previous life, when Jacob and Marco were fighting in the War of Succession, Marco kidnapped Elisha since she was known as his aide and detained her for several days to threaten Jacob.  

Marco beat Elisha and handled her harshly, and Arien had her starve and helped Marco by tormenting her with verbal insults every day. She was a cruel person to Elisha. 

Elisha looked around the room. There was no one in her previous life who did not abuse and torture Elisha. 

Except for Lucerne, it was a feast full of enemies. 

But in the middle of the room, there was a luxurious setting, and she was wearing a sparkling gown. 

‘What is this?’

There was a smirk. The Head beckoned Elisha. Lucerne was talking with Gaju about something.

“Come here.” 

Elisha approached Gaju curtsied, bowing her knees. He slowly moved his wrinkled face to look at Elisha. 

“Indeed, I don’t understand Lucerne’s whims. But since you’ve won against his obstinacy not to marry, you’ve already made a contribution to the house.” 

Jealousy spread over the faces of Carola and Arien. Gaju referred to the couple as one in mind and body. If the wife won favor, her husband’s chances of succeeding the Cartier dukedom increased. 

‘How amusing, thinking of your wife as a watch piece that can be replaced at any time.’ 

Internally, Elisha smirked at them. Lucerne caressed Elisha’s back. 

“She’s a pretty intriguing woman. She’s interesting.” 

Gaju looked as if he could not discern Lucerne’s intentions.


The banquet went as predictably as ever. There was the courtship of the candidates trying to win the Head’s favor while Lucerne alone stood aloof. And, of course, the wives who tried to assist their husbands. 

‘Why do you keep staring at me?’ 

Elisha was concerned that Carola kept looking at her without blinking throughout the banquet. Elisha frowned inwardly.

It was then. 

Carola suddenly acted strangely.


Carola covered her mouth and suddenly began to tear up. And everyone froze and started to whisper as if they were anticipating an amusing performance.

‘What are you doing, Carola?’ 

Jacob quickly approached and asked anxiously, 

“What’s wrong, Carola?” 

“Really, Carola is so happy……you know. Husband and I, we ‘cared for’ Elisha so far. Elisha, who’s been protected from our ‘below,’ met such a great groom. It’s so touching……. So, without realizing it, tears…….” 


The Head’s brow frowned. However, Gaju did not respond to Carola’s foolishness because he knew she was actually smart. Somehow he began to observe Elisha and Carola. 

“Thank you for congratulating me.”

Elisha answered with a calm and detached voice. 

“It’s the people of this mansion who have provided me with a safe place so far. Thanks to this grace, I even got married. My husband paid my ransom, and everything went well, so let’s have only good feelings in the future.” 

Gaju’s eyes became strange. He imagined a fool, someone who was doing their laundry since she was a child, but unexpectedly, Elisha’s words were witty.

Gaju knew Carola’s words were far-fetched. An ordinary person would get angry when the people who captured her abused her and had her do tasks like laundry said something like this. 

But at the same time, Elisha calmly passed over, stressing that “there is no more debt between us.” It was to acknowledge, liquidate and end her past as a laundry maid. 

Furthermore, by saying, ‘I’ve been safe,’ she implied that she was a bride, not inferior to her sisters-in-law. 


Carola’s lips quivered. 

“Is there a problem?” 

Elisha asked softly. 

“…Carola wishes Elisha would be a beloved bride. Sincerely.” 

Elisha realized that Lucerne was watching her as if amused. Before she knew it, everyone’s eyes were on her. 


Carola slowly opened her mouth, enjoying his gaze. Especially since she didn’t usually get much attention from Lucerne. 

“What, the High General?” 

“So, Carola wonders if Elisha is mistaken about why Lucerne is marrying Elisha…….”

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