TPCP – 17.1

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Trigger warning: mentions of abuse, kidnapping

“Groom and bride, step before the sacred altar,” said the priest officiating the wedding. He was a priest who lived in the Cartier family residence and prayed for the family. 

The bride and groom simultaneously entered. Elisha walked in with a bouquet of Lily of the valley while holding Lucerne’s hand. 

‘It’s dazzling.’ 

It was her first thought when she entered the temple. 

The wedding venue was very fancy. A chandelier decorated with gold was hanging from the ceiling, and the venue was decorated with seasonal flowers. 

The carpet on the floor was red. It was a carpet with complicated patterns embroidered with silver thread and sprinkled with diamond powder. 

‘This is a “simple” wedding.’ 

The altar,  the place for officiating, was adorned with precious sacred objects. 

‘That’s an extraordinary fortune.’

This room alone could easily be comparable to the treasury of a small kingdom. 

On the other hand, Elisha’s outfit was very simple and elegant; a white, ankle-length silk dress with a lace hairband on her hair. 

Upon entering the wedding hall, she saw the Cartier family seating. There were the Head and Jacob and the Head’s second grandson, Marco. The officiating priest was wiping the sweat off his forehead as if he were nervous to perform in front of the Cartier family. 

‘I know you all, but…’

Previously, she crawled in front of them as a servant that was more humble than anyone else. 

That she would be among them as a wife of one of the wives of their own flesh and blood……. Elisha could never have imagined it. 

‘Jacob, Carola.’ 

In particular, when she saw Carola and Jacob sitting side by side, who had cut and destroyed Elisha’s past life, her hands trembled. 

‘Mad bitch, you need to be beaten to wake up, right?’

‘Carola is sad. We take good care of you, and you always look at us with irreverent eyes. Don’t you know your manners?’

She recalled how those demons hurt her, and their words flooded her mind. Suddenly, her hands and feet got cold. Elisha almost stumbled over her weak legs.

Lucerne’s hand holding Elisha’s hand grew stronger. At least, she was not standing alone in front of them. 

“Relax, walk,” 

Lucerne whispered. 

“This is my inscription.” 

Lucerne whispered in Elisha’s ear. His long fingers caressed the teeth marks he made on the pattern behind Elisha’s neck. 

“Because you are not his, get up. You are mine.” 

Strangely, Elisha felt her mind clear. It looked like Lucerne was whispering to himself.

The Head peered heavily at Elisha. When she spotted his glare, it made her flinch. His presence alone made people get chills and goosebumps. He was an old man who was both dangerous and frightening. 

‘Still… he’s got a strong aura about him.’ 

He had a large body that made one forget he was a sick old man. His chin was proud and his mouth stubborn. Looking at it now, Lucerne seemed to resemble the Gaju (Head) the most among his grandchildren.

(PR: here “mouth stubborn” means his words were always precise, never bent down for the sake of others especially his family, in short he is a blunt person who is very stubborn) 

Gaju was looking at Elisha with these eyes that said,

‘What the hell is this thing Lucerne bought at an absurd price of 30,000 gold coins.’ 

The look made Elisha’s head cool again. 

‘I have to be impressive.’ 

If she wallowed in her trauma and made a mistake today, Lucerne would become a fool who spent 30,000 gold coins for a stupid woman. By the Cartier family standards, a felony.


Finally, Elisha arrived in front of the priest.

“I will pray before the Lord.” 

It was a solemn wedding without congratulations or congratulatory songs from family and friends—of course. When the priest held their two hands and prayed for about 10 minutes, the wedding would be over. In the Empire, only priests were entitled to approve marriages. 

It was not long before a ring was on Elisha’s finger.

She had never seen such a huge black diamond ring before. It was hefty enough to make her hand heavier. Elisha looked at the ring and hid her hand. It was decided on by Lucerne.


The event immediately led to the reception. Elisha changed her dress during a short break. 

This time, it was a scarlet dress with a mermaid-like line that revealed her body’s curves. Wearing a gorgeous and glamorous dress, Elisha’s appearance looked more brilliant and more striking than before. The family glanced at Elisha. 

‘She’s a beauty. Lucerne likes that kind of girl,’ 

Their eyes seem to say.


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