TPCP – 169

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Elisha was living a luxurious life that was incomparable to her past. However, sometimes money alone was not enough to win people over.

“It’s strange when you think about it. I heard that the duke’s butler, Gail, is a prudent person. He can’t bring me a present without you knowing. He must have first obtained permission from the emperor and then permission from you.”

When Elisha received the gift from Gaju, all of the noble ladies were envious. Similarly, she recalled the respect displayed towards her at that evening’s gathering. With Ilione at the center, all the noblewomen spared no effort to impress Elisha, her friend.

“When you arrived at the party with Ilione, what did the people there do?”

“All of them got up from their seats and greeted us.”

Lucerne smiled.

“Then what if one of them didn’t get up?”

“… … .”

“Or if everyone didn’t care to greet you as you entered? If no one talked to you? What if they didn’t even know who you are?”

Elisha felt her heart break. She stared at Lucerne quietly.

“You’d feel bad, right?”

“… … .”

“That’s the way it is, Elisha. There is no one who can not be appeased.”

She wanted to frown because his words were so right.

Elisha had always been insignificant, so she was inevitably vulnerable to the kindness and acceptance of others. Wherever she went, she was not accustomed to the daily routine of being treated with dignity or dearly. It was such a sweet trap.

“I guess I’m convenient for you if you put so much effort that you use the word appeasement.”


Lucerne said quietly.

“There is no man who will bring his prey and game for a woman who is simply convenient.”

“… … .”

Elisha shut her mouth. Her mistakes, his reassurance that his performance and his Seeds work at the hunt to avoid being humiliated by her….. She didn’t want her to think it was all a premeditated job to tame her. Until it occurred to her. And it was like poison.

Emotions are pollution. Poison. He now demanded more than loyalty from Elisha.

It always has been. If someone from the Cartier family tried to plunder something, their opponent trying to guard it would go through hell. Elisha had a foreboding that defending herself would become more grueling.

“I told you.”

“… … .”

“Soon you will choose your course.”

“I don’t know if I have the right to decide,”

She retorted coldly but Lucerne wasn’t angry.

“Come on, Elisha.”

Her hand twitched.

“All I want is simple. Trust me a little more.”

“… … .”

“Then I will give it all to you.”

A sweetness spread throughout her body. Elisha didn’t know where or how far to believe his words. No matter how many times she was trampled on by the Cartier family, should she trust him once again?

It was an unequal relationship. Could trust arise from a one-sided owner-and-indebted-servant relationship?

Then what would her end? Elisha averted her eyes. Now, the time to explore each other with thorns is over. All she had left was time to show loyalty as promised. But, unfortunately, his generosity was not eternal.

“… … let’s talk about work.”

“Try it.”

“The reason I talked to Mimosa today is because she was the one who threw the fake love letter at me. She had also faked the male voice, but I heard it clearly. I have good ears. That’s why I just looked and spotted Mimosa.”

“She did it? Then she’ll have to pay the price. Shall I clean it up first?”

He said in a tone like dealing with one ant.

“Shall we start with the maid?”

“I’ll let you kill Carola soon, too. But it will take some time. Wait.”

Elisha shook her head.

She wasn’t talking nonsense, she intented to clean up Carola someday, but Elisha wanted to bring that time forward.

In fact, she also knew. That Lucerne was generous to her. So Elisha changed her tone. It was a slightly softer manner.

“Lucerne. I am very angry about this. I was afraid that you would misunderstand me… … .”

“… … .”

“I can’t wait to get rid of Carola.”

“Are you planning something fruitful?”

He seemed on the verge of laughing. But he didn’t seem offended when she suddenly became amicable with him again.

“I will placate Mimosa. So, her death is postponed until later. Mimosa has been taking care of Carola for a long time. She uses Mimosa to enact her malicious plans.”

Lucerne succeeded in recalling who Mimosa was.

“I heard Carola is close to her ladies-in-waiting and they have been loyal to her for a long time.”

“You know them?”

She thought it strange that Lucerne remembered such insignificant beings like Carola’s servants.

“These women’s bad manners are infamous within the ducal family.”

She nodded. She knew about the rumors.

“Can you do it?”

“What cannot be done? Didn’t you just say it yourself? ‘There is no one in the world who cannot be appeased’?”

“… … .”

“All you have to do is find what that person desperately wants. A dog that changes owners bites the previous owner more brutally than anyone else,”

Elisha stated evenly.

“You make me want to interpret it in a very ambivalent way.”

Lucerne grinned.

“You told me to get your permission in detail if I wanted to do something. So I’m getting it now, what do you think?”

“Sure, try your hand. What do you need?”

Elisha put her hand to her mouth.

“I will watch the progress.”

“For now… … . I think I need a good-looking knight.”

“… … .”

Lucerne nodded, although he looked puzzled.

“It should be easier to find than a beautiful knight.”


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