TPCP – 164

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Elisha’s life was like that. Once she got her hands on even the smallest thing, she would then have to pay the price in two or three times more pain. The end of the indecent emotion was miserable.

From then on, even when Lucerne encountered her, he did not acknowledge or pretend to know her and, at most, only threw her eyes of contempt and disgust. She sometimes felt like he was holding back something.

She was too stupid; she made such a foolish mistake… … . It was an irreversible mistake.

‘Like an idiot.’

Elisha looked at her hands, covered in dirt.

She wept one night while burying the locket with the ancient gold coin in the dirt. And her emotions likewise became a corpse. Now even her heart was ripped to shreds, and nothing was left.

She lived a life where it was natural to be abused. Since the day she was taken captive by Jacob, her life has been a route to agony and hell. However, her heart could not be broken by the countless pains.

Therefore it was so unfair that Lucerne could crush and break it so easily.

Just like a child breaking a sandcastle for no reason. Her heart was so easily scattered like sand.

‘But even if it hadn’t ended like that, what would have been different? That man and I wouldn’t have been even a one night stand. That’s it.’

Elisha thought if she could have him for just one night in this world, she would be content with just that. She desperately longed for even just one memory… … . But that would never happen.

She was very ugly and unsightly. Unless he crashed to the bottom of hell.

So unless he came down to where Elisha was… … . Nothing would happen.

So Elisha gave her emotions a funeral and mourned. But the passion that burned in her heart did not disappear.

So again, the flame hurt her.

Same thing this time. No high or low being in this world, even a little worm. No one cared about her pain or was interested in her suffering. So Elisha was alone again.

It was around then that she decided to die after thinking about it for a long time.


“There’s no problem. There’s signs of fatigue, and I think she looks a little startled.”

Lucerne nodded. Elisha was lying on the bed as he inquired more closely of her doctor about her condition. It was only after threatening him to stand by all night and be ready for any emergency did he allow him to return.

He looked down at Elisha. Pale-faced, she was in an uneasy sleep. Lucerne suddenly felt a tug at the nape of his neck.

‘What the hell is it?’

Elisha and Lucerne were similar. Both were suspicious and didn’t trust each other. But at the same time, they knew each other well.

‘Did you think I would vent my anger out on you?’

If Elisha had received an actual love letter, he would have found the sender somehow, chased them to hell, and punished them. But what Elisha received was worse than love letters.

‘She knows their names… ….’

Chris, Elot and Pian. Lecove… … .

14 names. Names not mentioned by anyone in front of Lucerne. After all, few people even remembered them anymore.

‘How the hell do you know that?’

It didn’t make sense that she knew that far.

‘It’s way past the stage of pretending to be deceived by that ridiculous little ghost story.’

Strangely, however, Lucerne was not angry. Instead, looking at her pale face, he felt hot, happy, and empty simultaneously.

‘How many times has it been already?’

Lucerne was already suspicious of Elisha on several counts. Nevertheless, he was watching her with one hint that she was neither Jacob’s pawn nor a traitor.

Suddenly, the Lord’s warning came to his mind. He said it would be the end if he kept something that made his heart shake.

‘Throw away your heart, Lucerne.’

And his mentor a long time ago. The advice of one of the 14 people he hated to the point of trembling came to mind.

‘Maybe it’s really better to just forcefully deal with you.’

Aside from Elisha being suspicious, she agitated him. That wasn’t a good sign. He said words as if teasing Elisha: She is his weakness. Professing he can’t live without her.

It was half-sincere and half-warning. But nevertheless, those observations were gradually becoming impossible for even himself to overlook.

‘I can’t repeat the same mistake again.’

The risk of being obsessed with Elisha and continuing to be affectionate. And would she really only aid him? Wouldn’t it hurt?

All of his various calculations, in all respects, concluded the same thing–

He had no reason to give Elisha freedom. He just needed to possess and own Elisha. Don’t let her run away or escape. It was safest to keep her and hide her away like that.

Right then—

“Um… … .”

She let out a small moan. Lucerne leaned over her.


Lucerne called her quietly. However, she began to tremble when she heard his soft voice. He wondered what she was dreaming of. It seemed as if she was having a terrible nightmare.


Elisha murmured.

“I’m sorry, Lucerne. Sir. I’m so sorry.”

Elisha seemed to be cut off. Lucerne was shocked, as if he had been struck in the back of the head.

She had a habit of apologizing to someone in her deepest sleep amid her drool.

He had never mentioned the fact to Elisha before. For once the wary woman became aware of her habit of talking in her sleep; she would not be able to rest well at night.

He vaguely assumed that the habit had come from being abused by Jacob. But he realized at this moment.

The object of her apologies, which she had talked about in her sleep all this time, was Lucerne.

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