TPCP – 162

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There were common names and unusual names, names that were popular amongst the youth and others that were archaic; some were even women’s names and men’s names.

However, there were no last names. Additionally, Elisha didn’t recognize any of them. That was even more peculiar.

It was because Elisha never forgot the names of people she had heard once. When she met a person once, she made sure to memorize their face and name. She acquired and honed this skill after learning special memorization techniques as an adult. It was a requirement if she was going to work and survive under Jacob.

‘Pian… … this name. Umm, I can’t place it but, I think I’ve heard it somewhere before.’

Elisha held the name tag and scrutinized it for a while.

‘I must have met someone with this name before. Where have I met you…? … .’

It was definitely the name of someone she had met when she was very young.

It was when she was lost in thought. Just … … . just about… to remember it— It was at the tip of her memory.

Elisha unconsciously fiddled with her locket hanging around her neck. The heavy locket, which contained the ancient gold coin, did not rattle because it had a flaw on the inside.

‘Why did I touch this?’

When Elisha caught herself doing this, she was perplexed. But it seemed her subconscious was telling her there was a connection between these two completely different things. It certainly felt like a clue.

Then—Slam. There was the sound of a door opening. Elisha’s eyes widened. She never really thought Lucerne would come.

And instantly, the stupidest thoughts of her entire life occupied her head: She recalled and was conscious of her appearance.

When she came to the Red Club, she wore a black hat. The mesh veil on the hat covered half of Elisha’s face. She then painted her lips red and wore a black dress that showed off the curves of her body. She had to dress like this so she could enter the club.

Occasionally, drunkards mistook her for a courtesan who worked there and aggressively pursued her.

‘I’m glad I’m covering up my burn scars today.’

Elisha wondered if she would appear at least a little bit of a woman to him or at least appear less ugly in front of him than before.

Those idiotic thoughts were intrusive, and she was unable to suppress them. So what if she didn’t look as ugly? How could she forget her place and want to look pretty to Lucerne?

Lucerne entered the room, and she said nothing.

“I was wondering what kind of trap I would encounter today.”

“… … .”

“It was a cuter trap than I thought,”

Lucerne laughed. Elisha realized that he was drunk. He was staggering, although he looked languid and effortless as usual. Elisha took a step back.

“Are you alright?”

She didn’t know how to talk to the man. She hesitated and asked quietly.

“I just returned from the battlefield. So I took a painkiller.”

That day, if Elisha had been a little more rational, she would have realized it was a hallucinogen.

“What is the deal you want to do with me?”

Elisha couldn’t understand what he meant. Lucerne took another step closer.

“Did you call me because you were lonely?”

She knew that he would tease her like a gangster.

“I heard you were sick. Are you unable to speak properly?”

Lucerne whispered. Her heart was beating so loud now that she felt as if she would faint if she uttered the slightest word.

How exceedingly laughable that her heart was pounding like this even though she knew it was a light flirtation. Maybe something was damaged inside, Elisha thought.

“I thought I told you to stay out of my sight.”

“… … .”

“It’s not kind of you to call me this way.”

Lucerne smiled. She raised her head and met his eyes.

What could she say?

What could he be thinking?

This man made her head blank just by making eye contact with her. She bit her lip.

“Did your master order you to call me?”

“… … Yes.”

That was the answer Elisha finally came up with.


Only then did Elisha remember. It was an old memory. It suddenly came to mind when she met Lucerne.

She should have kept her mouth shut, then.

She should have known that he was slowly reading the name tags with languid eyes in front of each chair at the table.

She should have recognized Lucerne’s change of air. Instead, her acute survival instinct, which had shrewdly preserved her life so far, failed before him.

“I’ve met a man named Pian.”


“Yes. A long time ago… … . I think it was when I was young.”

Lucerne did not answer. He walked slowly around the table. Elisha was taken aback by his bloodthirsty air.

“What did you say?”

Lucerne uttered with the utmost affection.

“They say hell resents me?”

“… … Yes?”

“You are the same.”

Lucerne muttered. She raised her head at his words, which she did not understand. Her body continued to tremble from his threatening aura.

“You are the same,”

Lucerne muttered again. He was suddenly furious. In his eyes flared a passion like a cold flame and fierce hatred.

“Who ordered you—Jacob? Or, Carola? You want to mock me again for that?”


He approached. Elisha reflexively took a step back. Suddenly, the wall hit her back. Her eyes trembled.

“I don’t know anything,”

Elisha barely managed to state calmly. Instead, he put his hand on the sword at his waist.

And then it happened.

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  3. Oh man, whatever happened here really traumatized her if current Elisha fainted after anticipating Lucerne’s fury from the memory. I think any normal person would be terrified in this situation though.
    I really am not sure if these are names or code words. If Elisha remembers meeting someone named Pian, are these people who died at the temple? I’m not sure if Lucerne is going to injure her or himself at this point. I’m seriously wondering now if both of them have both their arms at the end of the first timeline.

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