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As Lucerne said, Jacob’s people soon arrived. Elisha was worried that Jacob would personally come, but fortunately, his secretary, accountant, and wizard came instead. 

“I’ll be receiving the check.” 

A check worth 30,000 gold coins was handed over. He then signed the debt settlement papers. Now Lucerne incurred the debt. 

“What about the tracking magic?” 

the wizard asked. 

Lucerne bounced his hand, and his shadow demon appeared. The wizard stared at the demon with eyes full of wonder. 

“Feed it to my shadow.” 

The wizard nodded. As he reached out his hand, Elisha felt the seal vibrating. 

‘The pattern on the back of my neck throbs with the pattern on the wizard’s robe. It’s a pair.’

Patterns and seals that are identical find each other, making great tracking devices because they find each other.

The seal from the wizard floated into the air.


The shadow ate the seal as if it were eating a snack. Elisha rubbed her neck. 

‘It stings.’ 

A feeling of being altered came over her. Elisha wanted to check the mirror. 

‘Now, if I run away, Lucerne can catch no matter where I run away to in the world.’ 

A sudden sigh flowed out. Elisha thought Lucerne looked quite pleased. Jacob’s people glanced at Elisha until they left. Their eyes were filled with curiosity. 

“If you want to walk out on your two legs, lower your gaze,” 

Lucerne said calmly. They scrambled out. Elisha glanced at him and went straight to the mirror to check the nape of her neck. 

The color of the pattern had turned black. It was so small you had to look at it closely. 

“They must be very curious. What kind of woman are you that I paid 30,000 gold coins to make you my bride.” 


“They must have been talking about you all night in the mansion.” 

Lucerne remarked indifferently. 

Elisha thought they might have been disappointed. She was just an ordinary fallen aristocrat. 

“Don’t forget your promise. You’ll also release me from this seal when I’m free.” 


Lucerne agreed. The shadow played in the air with the seal that matched with the symbol on Elisha’s neck. 

“What should we do now?” 

“First things first, I’ve got some problems to tackle.” 


“The Head is suspicious of our marriage—wondering if this is the real marriage. I’m not going to be fickle.” 


Elisha recalled the fact that the Head had long urged Lucerne to marry. 

“So what should we do?” 

“We have to hold a wedding ceremony.” 

“A wedding ceremony… …when?” 

“Three days later, here.” 

Elisha’s eyes were becoming dizzy. 

“So, in the Cartier family’s mansion?” 

“Yes, and only those present are the Duke’s immediate family.” 

A wedding which had only enemies as guests. After all, being Lucerne’s wife was not a normal thing from the beginning. At that moment, even Elisha couldn’t resist frowning from concern.


Three days later, Elisha was sitting in front of a mirror again. 

She was getting her makeup done with her eyes closed. Lucerne was waiting for Elisha’s, smoking by the window. 

“Touch moderately and finish up, don’t get too close.”

“No— how can I put on makeup without getting close? Please take a look, General…” 

Ian snorted at the injustice. At the same time, Ian quickly moved his hand. Bright pearl dust mixed with pink sprinkled around Elisha’s eyes. 

‘This must be a very expensive cosmetic.’ 

Elisha thought unconsciously. Then the gravity of the situation began to dawn on her: 

‘Now I can never run away.’ 

Today was her wedding day.


It was a wedding prepared in a hurry. The Duke prepared the arrangements. Elisha and Lucerne only had to dress up and attend the wedding. 

Of course, there was no wedding dress prepared. Lucerne instructed the butler to bring several silk dresses from the Duke’s treasure trove. 

The dresses brought from the Duke’s vault, where all the wealth of the world was said to be hidden, were incredibly colorful and beautiful. 

Elisha chose a plain white dress with no decorations. 


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