TPCP – 152

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She bent her head.

Elisha trembled and lowered her eyelashes. Her voice was hoarse from all the moaning and yelling. She said in a hot, husky, and breathy voice,

“I don’t know.”

“… … .”

“Teach me how to do it. How to… … . hmm… … . how can I please… … . Do you like moving… … .”

Elisha wanted to please him. She wanted to give him something in return. The blue feathers. A ribbon tied to it. What he did to build up Elisha’s face today… … . to all of that.

She recalled unwantedly spying on her owner’s sexual intercourse during her previous lives. Often their counterparts entangled with them were extramarital. When a woman moved on top of a man’s body, he was very fond of it. She wanted to please and make Lucerne happy like that.

“Oh… … . Ah, Lucerne.”

But her action had unexpected results. Lucerne abruptly stopped.

‘Did I make a mistake?’

The moment he briefly came out of Elisha’s body, his penis, which was on the verge of climax, shrank a little. Taut and though it was already big enough. The moment he heard her words, Lucerne got erect again and took up Elisha’s entire lower body and put pressure on her.


Elisha stooped over in surprise. Just by sitting there, she could feel his immense size compressing her belly with every breath she took, her whole body fluttering at the slightest provocation.

His hand grabbed Elisha’s waist and supported her body. It was a solid grip.

“Huu… … .”

“Haa… … .”

On the contrary, her insides held Lucerne’s tightly as if competing and squeezed. Elisha let out her hot breath.


At that moment, she looked into Lucerne’s eyes. They were flaring up with passion, obsession, and possessiveness. All amid a glow of almost gluttonous sexual appetite and the voracious desire to monopolize. These were feelings Elisha had never seen before. So startled and frightened, Elisha let out a shaky gasp.

“Shh, good girl.”

Lucerne noticed her feelings and soothed her by patting her butt.

“Move slowly.”

Elisha and Lucerne clasped hands. Elisha awkwardly moved her pelvis up and down her.

“It’s deep, hmm… … .”

It felt like it was coming in deeper than usual. Elisha trembled at the feeling of being caressed in her insides. It felt like a boiling pillar was coming in and out of her belly.

Slap, slop. Squeak, squish.

Every time Lucerne’s stuff went in between Elisha’s vulva, her wet opening swallowed him. Every time it went out, the inner wall of her vagina swelled up like a flower petal gripping it if it would follow it, wrapping it around him and pulling it tight.

Lucerne couldn’t take his eyes off their connecting parts as if he was starving and in front of food.

“I see you devouring my cock well now. How pretty.”

Elisha’s shoulders were strained, and the upper arms of her arms naturally converged toward her torso. So her breasts were pushed together as they jiggled, pleasing Lucerne’s eyes. He was getting the greatest pleasure in her life from this clumsy waist. Really, he didn’t know why either.

“I can see you swallowing me.”

Lucerne whispered.

“Your mouth is open and drooling. The mound of your pale pussy wraps around me. You’re so pretty.”

“… … .”

“Elisha. Elisha… … .”

Lucerne put a hand on her cheek and sat up. He pulled her body towards himself, still inside her, and in an instant, their postures were quickly reversed. Now Elisha was lying on the bed with her legs apart, holding his hand.


Her pussy sucking him all the way seemed to cry out for more every time he plunged in deeper. Lucerne’s pubic hair was soaked in her leaking love juice.

“You want to please me. How did you come up with that idea? Making me feel touched.”

He grabbed both of Elisha’s legs, went out in a big wave-like movement, and pounded her instantly, with enough force to push her body away. She groaned and curled her toes.

Even the base of his penis was already stained with a tide of sticky sweet sap and semen that gushed out of her body. Every time he pushed up, the sound of sweaty clubs and testicles and pubic and perineum clashing echoed with hot lewdness.

“Aha, heh, now… … .Oh—-ahhh— Do it, Lucerne. Please… … .”

Elisha cried and begged. Lucerne grabbed her ankle and bit it. His eyes persistently scanned her as her struggling body glistened with sweat.

Puck, puck, puck, puck. Slam. Slosh.

Then he hammered into her. As Elisha twitched, she unconsciously tightened her navel and moved her waist to match.

“Ha ha ha. Lucerne… … . ugh… … .”

Lucerne printed and dug in deep for the last time. He put his forehead against her forehead. His angry genitals penetrated Elisha’s depths roughly.

“No-no, more. Oh, you can’t go in anymore, Lucerne… … .”

At that moment, there was an eruption. Elisha shuddered at the semen exploding out and pouring into her womb.

“Huh, huh… … . Ahhhhhhh… … .”

As if to calm her trembling body, he poured kisses on Elisha’s forehead while still connected. Transparent tears welled up in her eyes and flowed down. Her body went limp. She closed her eyes and breathed slowly. Her nipples and bust, still pointed, rose and fell slowly.

“Ugh… … .”

Lucerne watched her sweetly but couldn’t resist biting and kissing her lips. She couldn’t even breathe properly and received his kiss. Soon, Elisha, who had lost all strength in her body, slowly closed her eyes—half fainting.

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