TPCP – 151

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“Well done. How do you like it here?”

Lucerne lowered his hand and placed his palm on Elisha’s crotch.

“Yeah, you’re erect here. Can you see it? Shall we take a closer look?”

Lucerne’s hand hurt the pale citrus and opened her thick pubic mound.

The bright red vaginal entrance was greedily swallowing and inhaling Lucerne’s cock. Even the lips of the opening were soaked and rose plumply as if showing off the wet flesh under the bright light.

“When you get excited, this place gets swollen and sharp. I’m the only one who knows that. No one else will know,”

Lucerne whispered in a terribly hot voice. The place where Lucerne opened and was softly grazing around it as if showing it off was Elisha’s clitoris. It was clearly exposed and swelled up pointedly, creating a lewd mood. Elisha couldn’t see it.

“Can you not see it well? Want to go closer— no. Shall I show it to you with a hand mirror?”

“Stop… … . Lucerne,”

Elisha cried and begged.

“Just… … . Just keep hugging me—no. I’m so embarrassed. Ahh, unhh… … .”

He started to lift his back again. Her swollen pussy swallowed Lucerne’s erection and began to pulsate. Whenever the hot pillar rubbed against Elisha’s vaginal wall, her inner walls squirmed and pulled him in tightly as if inhaling.

“Inside you, it’s really hot,”

Lucerne whispered. His eyes were shining. He was disheveled with excitement, and his whole body was wet with sweat.

“It makes me want to die in here.”

“Lucerne… … . Hmm… … .”

Elisha’s body trembled. His movements were inexhaustible and mischievously spiteful. Finally, when she was about to climax, he stopped moving. Then he came in again violently.

“Do you want to stop watching?”

“I’m ashamed.”

She begged in a voice mixed with longing.

“Please… … .”

She hated her when she couldn’t hide herself from Lucerne. The visual stimulation stimulated her lower body with intense pain and added immense pleasure. Her stomach felt like it was blazing. Rather than dislike, an emotion closer to fear swallowed Elisha again.

“What do you hate seeing?”

“… … My appearance. I do not like it… … .”

she cried. Lucerne sighed. He kissed her on the cheek, rubbing her with his hands quickly. Elisha’s waist shivered at the frictional heat of his hot fingers rubbing, and her head bent back.

“Huh, huh… … !”

The back of Elisha’s head pushed against his shoulder, and her sweaty, golden hair cascaded over his tight chest muscles.

“Look carefully. How pretty you are when you orgasm.”

“Ah, it’s okay. No.”

Lucerne jerked his core and quickly brushed her clitoris. Elisha gasped at the stimulation of her insides and outsides of her vagina being attacked simultaneously. A lascivious moan broke out of her without restraint.

“Ah, unn ohh… … . Ahhhh… !!… .”

Elisha was shocked as she quickly reached her climax. The gush of water was so embarrassing that she grabbed Lucerne’s arm and pushed him.

Lucerne was breathing hotly as she constricted and climaxed on his swollen penis. He barely tolerated the urge to ejaculate. Not yet.

“Let go, let go… … . Huu Lucerne… … .”

Lucerne, exercising restraint, did not let her go but instead behaved more mischievously. He pulled Elisha out as she wished, and she swallowed a gasp. His erect veiny penis, bouncing in the air as if about to explode, was glistening with Elisha’s sexual juice.

‘How can he put up with this?’

Elisha couldn’t believe his patience when she saw his ferocious pillar swaying with the head wet as if it was about to erupt with semen at any moment. The columns of veins, soaked in Elisha’s love juice, were shining brightly.

“I’m at my limit, come quickly,”

Lucerne whispered. He sat down on the bed and grabbed Elisha’s round ass and pulled her. And he sat her on top of himself.


Elisha’s vulva, which had been swollen, accepted Lucerne’s erection again without even having time to close. At the sensation of vivid penetration, Eshe tightened her anus, and her body trembled.

“Move. It will be over soon.”

“Ah… … .”

Elisha, who was still shy, couldn’t get used to this position at all.

“Why, do you not want to see me?”

Lucerne asked very affectionately. He just lay down on the bed. Elisha even felt guilty that she had taken over such a beautiful man.

She placed her palms on his abs. His firm stomach muscles twitched under her soft palms. Elisha felt her entire body sensitive enough to make her shoulders tremble at the strong touch. It was as if even the tips of her palms touching his muscles had become an erogenous zone.


Lucerne urged her by lifting his back.


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