TPCP – 150

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Elisha’s ankles glistened with her diamond anklets. Her white ankles were thin and elegant. As the anklets dangled, they looked subtly sexy.

An anklet he had bought her at the jewelry store not too long ago. She hadn’t put it on, though. So tonight was the first time he’d seen it on her.

When the anklets fluttered with a glimmer, everything flew out of Lucerne’s head.

He drew in Elisha.

“Now I have to thank you,”

Lucerne whispered deeply. Startled, she quivered; he stared at her with deep, dark eyes.

“Ah, uh… … . I don’t like to be indebted.”

His lips touched hers. Elisha kissed him for a long time, feeling his tongue and hot saliva intertwined with hers, then she finally opened her mouth to mutter.

Lucerne snorted.

“Why are you proud of yourself after making me spin?”

“… … .”

“So if it makes you feel comfortable, yes. All right.”

Lucerne continued in a voice heavy with affection.

“I’ll be fooled. Again.”

Hush, Elisha swallowed hot moans.


As a result, Elisha realized that she would have to find another way to thank Lucerne next time.

It was because he was more persistent than usual tonight and didn’t let her go.

“Haugh, uh, uh… … .”

Elisha stumbled over her thoughts. At first, she was laid on the bed, and everything except her anklets was taken off. Then he hurriedly embraced her at once. Then, he embraced her from behind.

And on the third round, he led Elisha to her mirror, saying he wanted to see her anklets flicker.

‘This… … . what… … .’

Elisha was perfectly nude and couldn’t bear to open her eyes. Now her body was naked, wide open, and all over her body, from the inside of her thighs to her collarbone, was red and blue.

He spread her legs apart so she couldn’t close them at all. It was because when she tried to close her thighs, Lucerne squeezed his big hands onto her thighs, leaving handprints as he pulled them to the side.

The problem was that their appearance was reflected in a full-length mirror in front of the bed. Lucerne sat on the edge of the bed, inserting his cock into Elisha’s body, watching her as she slowly raised her back.

His tightly bulging, club-like penis squeezed into Elisha’s entrance, showing off its swollen appearance.

Slap. Slap. Puck. Puck. Puck.

Every time he moved his waist slowly, her pubic hair, which already had semen and love juice, shook and splashed with water.

Lucerne’s face was on Elisha’s shoulder. As he bit and sucked on Elisha’s ear lobe, a shiver ran from her back. Her body trembled all over.

“Since when have you been wearing it? Those anklets?”

“Hum…from … . This morning… ….”

“You did well by not telling me.”


Clap! As if Lucerne complimented her, he vigorously thrusted into her and bounced her ass. Her immaculate breasts, which had begun to turn pink in the air, swayed. And the pink nipples at the apex also stood pointedly and twitched.

Lucerne grabbed her trembling upper body with his arms and held her tightly on his erection. Then, with one hand, he squeezed her firm breasts.

Puck, puck. Squelch, spueak.

As Lucerne lifted his waist up, Elisha’s thighs overlapped with Lucerne’s thighs and trembled. And her calves trembled helplessly. Their sweat-soaked flesh stuck to each other.

“If I had known, I would have been so excited that I would not have caught any prey. The tip of my arrow would have trembled because of you.”

“Uhhh, ahh… … . why … … . excited… … .”

“Arrows look like mine.”

Elisha felt her mind go hazy. She felt like prey.

“So you’ll only be satisfied shooting me with your arrows.”

Lucerne raised the corner of his mouth.

“Ah –ah!”

He mischievously moved his waist and opened Elisha’s mound with both hands.

“Look carefully, Elisha. Open your eyes and look in the mirror.”

Her eyes were dyed crimson. Elisha reluctantly looked at herself in front of him. She closed her eyes again, seeing her whole body starkly wide open.


Lucerne squeezed her breast hard. Then he gently squeezed and pinched her nipple between his fingers.

“I won’t stop until you look.”

“… … pervert.”

Elisha looked in front of her at the wet sound. Her lips exhaled hot pants, and the tip of her nose was burning red. Her eyes looked loose and disorganized.

And there were his two red eyes staring at her through the mirror. When Elisha met those eyes, she felt her entire body lose strength.

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