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“No, adultery……. It’s too easy to make up.”


Elisha’s way of speaking didn’t change. However, his eyes were vigilant.

“If you make up my adultery and I get divorced, then I’m the only one who’s breaking the contract. You can kick me out without money or ceremony.”

It was the stunt that caused Elisha’s biological mother much suffering. Her father hired a knight to slander and falsified a scandal with her mother.

After kicking her out like a beggar, her father never looked for Elisha and her mother again.

Just before she died, Elisha’s mother wept sadly as she related the story to her. Her mother was also a contractual wife to her father, who became the Lord and Head to his family.

\’She was different. She’s an Imperial nobleman.… She’ll take him for the rest of his life…….’

Elisha didn’t want to be like her biological mother.

“How does one make up adultery?”

Lucerne asked without a hitch.

“Buying the right man to seduce me. A simpler way would be to push him in a room with me and force him to do his job. It’s also a technique in practice.”

Even if she wasn’t Elisha, plenty were often miserable with the words of a contract wife. A noble without money was easy prey, after all. A bride with better conditions could be replaced at any time.


Lucerne laughed.

“Are you even imagining a situation where I would buy a man, have him rape you, and then kick you out, penniless?”

Elisha shut her mouth. She seemed to have upset Lucerne.

“Why don’t you imagine this?”


“If I want that, I don’t kick you out. I could erase about 3 million gold coins of debt and then get divorced.”


“And after remarrying another woman who’s going to be your successor, I won’t release you. You’re locked up like that, and then you become my concubine. Is that a good scenario? Why do you imagine the worst? If I had the drive to make up adultery, I wouldn’t get that much out of it.”

Elisha’s hands trembled. She lowered her gaze to avoid his eyes.

“……I apologize if I offended you.”

“I’m not sure. If you’re weak or I’m weak.”


“Or did you secretly commit a crime? Do you doubt others because you were stabbed?”

Elisha flinched.

Why is this man so quick-witted? Elisha spoke intently without being obvious.

“There is no one in the world who is not a sinner. And whoever commits to not hurting anyone their life will sin as long as they are bound by such hellish of a family.”

There was a pang of strange guilt in Elisha’s eyes. Elisha recalled her past life. Lucerne pressed his eyes.

“Okay, fine. I’ll get rid of the adultery clause. But I’m not saying adultery can be committed.”

‘I don’t think so. I’m not in the position of being your real wife. I know you’re getting married for my name.’

She didn’t bother to say it because it was a given that Elisha didn’t deserve to stop Lucerne’s adultery. Elisha was the lowest of contractual wives.

“Let’s do this,”

Lucerne whispered.

“I’ll erase your punishment for adultery. Instead, put this on the contract.”

Lucerne held out the pen to Elisha. Elisha blinked, not comprehending.

“Write it down with your own hands.”

Elisha’s eyes narrowed with suspicion.

“What is this about?”

“The bride takes care of all the groom’s sexual desires, alone. No replacements.”


“Likewise, only the husband can enter Elisha de Lor’s holes. Your husband.”

Lucerne whispered in Elisha’s ear.

“Only through Elisha de Lor’s holes can he release his libido.”

Elisha’s hand shuddered. Before Lucerne changed his mind, Elisha wrote letters with quivering hands.

“If his wife commits adultery, it will be considered that the husband has failed to release her sexual desire.”


“You deserve to ask for financial compensation. Besides, every time I commit adultery, I will erase 10,000 gold coins from your debt.”

Elisha’s hand shook. She looked at him with astonishment.

“Are you serious?”

Lucerne was looking at Elisha with a fine face.

“Would you like to agree?”


How could she refuse? Lucerne laughed as if he was having fun.

“What are the exceptions to the clause? Can I wash it with my mouth, bite it, stick it in, and then mix it with my tongue… you’ll get sick of it even if I have to use your thigh like last time. Don’t you think so? Do you want to write that part down, too?”


Suddenly, Elisha’s fingertips were burning. Elisha did not know whether Lucerne was teasing or trying to stifle her.

‘………I shouldn’t irritate this man uselessly.’

However, this condition was absolutely advantageous to Elisha. Even if Lucerne committed adultery, Elisha could not protest, but he would admit his fault if she cheated on him.

‘Is it because he could ignore the contents of the contract whenever he wanted?’

Elisha bit her lips. Why? In front of Lucerne, she felt a little nervous and inhaled a taste of something in her mouth. Her body was shaky, and her stomach felt nauseous with strange excitement and fear.

“So, are you satisfied with the new items?”


“I’ll have to crackdown. So our little ghost doesn’t fly away.”

Lucerne spoke indifferently. His hand stroked Elisha’s lips and fell away.

“Remember, Elisha. If you really cheat, there is no more courtesy between us from that moment. The elimination of the clause doesn’t mean that your legs are free. Understand?”


His warning was scary, but Elisha just nodded because she didn’t have the desire to cheat.

“Don’t bite.”

Elisha felt like she was under his control. She nodded and obediently moved her pen.

A few obscene sentences and a line of neat signatures, later…

That alone made Elisha the wife of Lucerne.

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