TPCP – 149

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So when Lucerne returned to the room, Elisha was busy sewing.

“What are you doing?”

“Ah, the hunt will continue tomorrow so I need to prepare the scarves now.”

“… … .”

Lucerne saw the handkerchiefs Elisha had made. The initials of the Black Lion Knighthood were engraved on the various silks. Elisha was working at breakneck speed.

“How many are you making?”

“Because I have to hand it to all the knights,”

Elisha noted calmly.

“How many have you made so far?”

“Now four.”

He tried to tell Elisha that he was not going hunting tomorrow, but Lucerne thought it would be nice to have a scarf made by her.

‘Five scarves are enough.’

He wanted to keep a few and use one or two. So he would wait until Elisha made all five and take them away.

Instead, he watched her. She was embroidering on a chair in front of a small table by the bed. Her lowered eyelids were lined with dense eyelashes, and when she was concentrating, her brows flinched slightly. Upon closer inspection… … She looked rather sensual too.

“Lucerne. You can’t look at me like that.”

She let out a small sigh and lifted her head.

“Why can’t I?”

he asked. It was his habit to speak affectionately unprovoked.

“… … It just makes me feel weird.”

Lucerne realized that she had completed the fifth scarf.

“Then stop now.”


“It’s not your job to make these things.”

Elisha avoided his gaze to hide her embarrassment.

“… … but it is my job. You covered for me today but all the other noble ladies have prepared scarves.”

Lucerne stared at her with sticky eyes. And he thought:

‘I hope this woman makes at least one mistake every day.’

He had an insatiable possessive desire for Elisha that could not be explained logically. Moreover, Elisha’s shy and varied appearance today further stimulated his desire for exclusivity.

Her vulnerable and shy face was very cute. He felt like he had gained a part of her that he didn’t have before.

‘What do I really want from her?’

Lucerne had often pondered that these days.

“Your eyes will hurt. I only need five. Enough now, stop making them.”

“It’s not all yours. You only have one… … .”

“There’s a hunting festival next year too.”

Lucerne tried to snatch the scarf away from her, but Elisha avoided his hand.

“Next year, you can make them.”

She’s unrelenting, Lucerne clicked his tongue.

“I won’t be participating in the competition tomorrow.”

“… … Why are you telling me that now? When did you decide?”

Instead of saying ‘just now’ and upsetting Elisha, he chose a convenient excuse.

“The Black Lions caught too much prey today, we will be a nuisance if we continue to play well tomorrow.”

“Do you ever say such common sense things?”

Elisha was genuinely surprised. Lucerne, far from being upset when she spoke of him this way, thought she was adorably charming. 

Unexpectedly, these symptoms were getting worse day by day.

“Princess Ilione will go hunting tomorrow, so we don’t have to do it like today. She wants to win.”

“Ah, is it because of the princess?”

“Why because of the princess? It’s because of you. You don’t have to cheer yourself up tomorrow.”

“… … .”

She flinched. Although she looked like her calm, usual self, there was a different air. Lucerne didn’t understand what this kerchief issue was about. She seemed to think the world would fall apart if she made a mistake. She was too much of a perfectionist.

“Are you feeling bad?”

“… … Yes.”

“Don’t waste your emotions, just say thank you.”

“Thanks to you and the Knights, I forgot all the mistakes I made today by the end of the banquet… … . Thank you. Lucerne.”

Lucerne looked at her and pulled her wrist.

“Why are you so demure again? You have a knack for arousing.”

“… … What do you mean? Ah—”

She took all his attention. She had been acting like an arrogant she-cat, and now she was suddenly docile and gentle like a puppy. But as always, the moment he approached, she took a step back.

His mouth was dry, and he was anxious. His thirst suddenly soared.

“Thank you so much.”

“Yeah, then give me the kiss we couldn’t finish earlier,”

Lucerne said. Come to think of it, she smelled good. As soon as she returned, it seemed that she washed first.

“How about this?”

Elisha hesitated. When she thought about something, she took off her robe. She was wearing a thin nightgown under it. The nightgown for her newlyweds had slender shoulder straps and was laced around her chest. Beneath it was a delicate, sheer fabric that flowed gently.

And Elisha… … . She wasn’t wearing anything under it. She could see everything from the soft shape of her breasts to the shade of her pubic area. Besides, that wasn’t the end. Elisha moved her ankle to show him.

Lucerne forgot what to say.

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