TPCP – 148

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“This is a bird named Flying Jewel. The general is really great. He must have caught it as a present for his wife,”

Ilione declared in a loud voice as if everyone could hear.

“As you know, this monster is very difficult to catch. It is a demon bird that is sensitive and hides when it hears the sound of an arrow, and emits poison at close range to harm people. In addition, it is a very rare species, so it is said that it is traded at a very high price.”

The emperor nodded. As Lucerne beckoned, Ian came over and plucked a few feathers from the bird. Then people applauded. For the blue bird’s feathers glistened in the sunlight like jewels.

Lucerne untied the ribbon Elisha had wrapped around his hand. Then he wrapped it around the feathers and returned it.

“Do you like it?”

“… … Yes, it’s very pretty.”

“Then give me a kiss.”

“… … Lucerne.”

Elisha squeezed his arm. People were staring at them. That was so embarrassing

“Okay, then I have to return the kiss.”

He kissed the end of the ribbon that tied the feathers and held it out to Elisha. Her face turned red. Small screams erupted here and there. There were shouts of longing and admiration mixed with envy.

It was the first time she felt this way; her mind was dizzy and embarrassed. She wanted to flee… … . And at the same time, she also wished this moment would last forever. It was a bizarre sensation.

Elisha couldn’t take her eyes off the feathers and squeezed them in her hand.

“Elisha, you have to say something. The general caught it for you,”

Ilione said quickly. Elisha took his hand.

“… … I’m happy.”

As Lucerne looked at Elisha, she whispered very quietly.

“I’ll make you happy again next time, so don’t make that face.”


Did she look like she was about to cry? She put on her mask again.

“You’re too pretty when you’re defenseless, so don’t do that in front of people. Just do it as usual.”

“… … .”

The nape of Elisha’s neck flushed. Trying to ignore everything, she lowered her eyes. For some reason, her heartbeat hadn’t stopped pounding since a while ago… … . That was a bad sign. No, actually. It was hard to judge what was good and what was bad at this moment.

“How lucky she was to get such a man as her husband.”

“I know, right. Wow, he’s really great. But aren’t they a pretty good pair?”

The noble ladies opened their fans and whispered. Many noble ladies adored the very handsome and wealthy Lucerne.

Elisha felt strange. It was the first time she became the object of someone’s envy. It was also the day she made a mistake, and everyone supported her, and it was also the first time she had received everyone’s attention. It was an odd, unfamiliar day.

“Did you say Black Lions would be out of luck today?”

As Elisha moved to the banquet hall, she heard Lapis talking crookedly to Countess Aaron.

“Luck is only necessary for the incompetent. We have never needed such a fluke.”

Countess Aaron turned white and, covering her face with her fan, hurriedly disappeared. She was fed up seeing the prey the Black Lions had caught. Elisha was about to say something to Lapis but ended up not saying anything in the end because she felt so overwhelmed.


The banquet after the hunt continued late into the night.


“… … a little bit.”

When her expression grew languid, Lucerne took her out of the banquet hall.

“I’ll just say farewell to the emperor.”

Lucerne took Elisha to her room first. In the imperial palace, the size of the room visitors stayed in indicated their power.

When Elisha saw the spaciousness and luxury of Lucerne’s room in the imperial palace, she realized his identity.

“Don’t go anywhere. I’ll be back soon.”


Elisha nodded. Lucerne was like the main guest of the banquet, so he had to go back to the banquet hall to pray his respects before settling in the room with her.

“My lady, Princess Ilione’s ladies-in-waiting have visited.”

“Really? That’s great, thank god they’ve so speedily prepared it for me.”

Sophie came out of the small powder room connected to the main room, holding the cloth in her arms. They were scarves prepared by Ilione in a hurry.

‘I was really embarrassed today.’

Fortunately, there was a chance to make up for it. There was also a hunting festival tomorrow, and embroidering was one of Elisha’s specialties. So she intended to stay up all night to embroider and make silk scarves.

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