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“I wish you good luck.”

“What kind of gamble is this?”


She knew that Lucerne’s stubbornness could not be overcome. So she reluctantly kissed the hydrangea. As he placed the flower in his bosom, the ladies blushed and glanced at Lucerne.

However, another problem arose in the next stage. It was because the noble ladies took out scarves from the baskets and began to hang them on the knights.

‘What are they doing now?’

Elisha had never attended a hunt either in her previous life or in her current life. Jacob, whose bow skills were mediocre, did not enjoy hunting.

“Oh my. I guess you didn’t prepare a scarf. This is a very crucial tradition for blessing the knights. You forgot something so important. The Black Lions are out of luck today!”

A woman spoke out with a sneer. Elisha realized that she was one of Carola’s few close lady friends.

‘Was it Countess Aaron?’

People’s eyes focused on Elisha for a moment.

“Elisha, didn’t you bring anything?”

Illione whispered.

“… … I did not know. Did I have to prepare scarves?”

“Oh, no. You didn’t know the mandate to give scarves to the Knights. I should have told you in advance,”

Ilione quickly whispered, conscious of people’s gazes. However, in those short words, Elisha felt overwhelmed. Very apologetic, Ilione was concerned about the embarrassment she would feel.

Giving scarves to the warriors was considered such a given, so no one had advised Elisha. She had no chaperones to instruct her, and such a slip-up advertised the fact.

Since they had no hostess from the point of view of the knights, they had never received one before and could not ask for it first. Lucerne wasn’t the type to care or pay attention to such a seemingly meaningless detail. He would have only been made aware of such a tradition for the first time today.

‘I never thought I’d make a mistake in such a stupid place.’

It was an absurd first failure. So far, she thought, she had been doing well as Lucerne’s wife. However, such a trivial mistake made her low origin and level of education evident.

Full of dread, Elisha was afraid that he would see her as inadequate and be dissatisfied.

“Luce… … .”

“What does that mean?”

Lucerne asked Illione expressionlessly. He was pointing at a lady’s scarf.

“It means to hunt well and come back safe.”

Lucerne nodded his head. He looked at Elisha with a softer gaze.

“Then we can just do well and come back without it, right?”

“… … Elisha. How about tying a ribbon to Lucerne? Because you do that to a lover. As a proof and token.”

Illione recommended. Elisha had put her hair up and adorned it with a long ribbon. She untied her ribbon and tied it around Lucerne’s wrist.

“I’m sorry, Lucerne,”

Elisha whispered very softly.

Lucerne did not answer. He erased his smile and looked over his  knights.

“Everyone, understand the situation.”


“Please save your mistress’ energy. Shouldn’t we do well?”

The knights did not answer, but their eyes were determined. It was more important to them to keep Elisha from being humiliated than to get a scarf.

If their Order did not perform well, she would be blamed because she did not give out scarves for good luck. So they had to win.

‘And win overwhelmingly,’

Nora thought. Looking at their eyes, everyone seemed to be thinking the same thing.

“I will do my best.”

“What’s the point of speaking well? Let’s show it with action—let’s go.”

“… … .”

“Let’s win!”


The knights answered simultaneously. They walked into the woods.

“Why do you look like that?”

Lucerne asked quietly. Now, only he remained, looking down at Elisha.

“Do you think I would have allowed you to hang a scarf on another man?”

“… … Lucerne.”

Elisha straightened her expression. It was foolish of her to be swayed by something like this, but inside, she was kicking herself. Then, realizing she wasn’t managing her expression, she resumed her usual blank countenance and didn’t show her feelings on the outside.

“I will be back,”

Lucerne said. She nodded; her head felt a little heavier than usual.

“Wait a minute.”

“… … .”

“I’ll make you proud.”

Lucerne smiled with his eyes piercing through her stare.

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