TPCP – 145

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The hunting festival proceeded in order. All the knights withdrew into their tent for a while to prepare.

Since Elisha was left behind at the banquet before the hunt, everyone so she became bored.

“Lady Elisha! It’s a pleasure to meet you. You are as beautiful as your reputation.”

“Please join us at our tea time next time.”

“Where did you get this dress from?”

Numerous noble ladies gathered around her. She spoke minimally and exchanged words softly.

‘As expected, society is tiring.’

Carola enjoyed these occasions and could not stand when she was not the center of attention. If another woman drew attention, she had to steal the attention of men by trampling on the protagonist if necessary.

Now that she thought about it, Carola was no ordinary person. Elisha was exhausted just from talking to people.

Woo woo woo woo. [horn sfx]

Then she heard a loud horn resounding in the air. It was time for the knights to emerge.

“Imperial Guards, enters!”

“Western Lords Allied Forces, enters!”

“Temple Knights, enters!”

The messenger called out the name of the Knighthood and the Order’s affiliation one by one. It was common for hunting to keep score as a group event in which knighthoods competed against each other. The slender hounds raised by the Orders walked proudly.

It was spectacular to see dozens of hounds walking and warriors dressed in various colors of cloaks and armor walking in line with each other.

“Imperial Black Lion Knights enters!”

Finally, Black Lions, the main stars of the hunt, joined. There were also more general soldiers that Elisha didn’t usually talk to. However, the Seeds who stood proudly in front of the audience were people she knew well.

Then emerged an awe-inspiring, majestic figure, walking steadily, wearing a black cloak with silver embroidery. The knights who stood at the rear had about ten black hounds. The hounds, whose names she did not know, were slimmer than the others, had longer necks, and sharp eyes.

‘Compared to others, they look the most impressive,’

Elisha noted.

She stood in the front row as Ian and Nora joined the Knights.

‘Were Lapis and Lazri this big?’

They looked alike, but they were two different people. Elisha only saw them as children. They were still growing.

However, looking closely, both of them were pretty handsome, Lazli was already close to 180 cm, and Lapis seemed to be in the mid-170 cm.

‘They look different from when I first saw them.’

Beside them, Elisha’s quiet gaze touched the secretly sweet knight, Corinne, who outwardly looked unusually rough. Corinne was tall enough to approach Lucerne’s height, but unlike Lucerne, who was lean and muscular, he was bulky and brawny.

His face was also fierce and manly, which suited his body type, and several noble ladies blushed at the sight of him.

In unison, the Black Lions stopped in front of Elisha. And at the same time, they prostrated and saluted her.

“Glory to Lady Elisha. We pray for your fortune.”

People looked at Elisha with admiration in front of the famous Black Lions. The Black Lions were almost mythical to the general public, but they were even greater beings to her.


Ilione whispered. She was carrying a basket full of flowers.

She passed her basket to Elisha. She looked around and saw that everyone was handing flowers to the knights, wishing them luck. However, it was not given to everyone, and one representative knight came forward to receive it.

Everyone wanted to receive flowers from Elisha, so at that moment, an urgent fight broke out between the Black Lions.

“Then I’ll… … .”

The moment Ian was about to step out without hesitation, Nora took a step forward. ‘No, I’ll take the flowers.’ But Nora flinched at Corinne’s bitter glare.

“Get out there.”

In the end, Lazri pushed Lapis’s back. So Lapis came forward, startled. The other knights looked resentful.

“Oh, what… … Oh.”

Lapis looked down and blushed.

“Come here, Lapis,”

Elisha encouraged kindly.

He strode forward and bent his knee to her. Elisha handed over the pink hydrangea that Ilione had given her.

“Good luck, Lapis.”

“Yes! I’ll bring you a nice catch. The best one.”

Lapis, who had been shy, turned bright when his lady spoke warmly to him. When he responded hesitantly, all the ladies around him smiled. It was because the boy knight’s chivalrous appearance was endearing enough to swoon.

“How cute! How nice it would be to have such a handsome knight adore you.”

Several noble ladies who had been wanting to talk to Elisha from earlier spoke their mind with smiles.

“What about me?”

Then someone hugged Elisha from behind.

“Oh my goodness.”

The noblewomen were taken aback and let out a startled sound. Then they blushed and glanced at the person holding Elisha.

It was Lucerne. She looked around. It was a time when the knights were a little cluttered as they were preparing to appear in court.

Elisha tried to push him away. But he didn’t even budge.

“You are not a member of the Knighthood. It seems to only be given to knights.”

“I have a knighthood too.”

“You are more of a master than a knight.”

“Where is there a person who is not a servant of the Empire?”

“There are days when you become humble to receive a flower.”

“If it’s a flower someone gives me, of course that’s how it should be.”

It was a whispered conversation. Only Ilione, who was right beside her, could overhear the conversation, and her eyes widened. In the end, Elisha gave Lucerne a flower as well.

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