TPCP – 143

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In the end, even after dinner, the couple’s mood was gloomy. For Jacob, Lucerne was a kind of seizure trigger.

Since he was an opponent Jacob could never win against, he became irate when someone mentioned Lucerne, and he openly became sullen on days when Gaju praised him.

“Jacob, you are the best for Carola. Don’t be so disappointed. After all, he’s an illegitimate child. Because the Head is very attached to his bloodline, there are times when he is fond of other grandsons besides Jacob.”

“You’re right, Carola. But since Lucerne met that woman, Elisha, things have been changing for the better for him. Even with the temple businesses, they’re handling more skillfully and profitably than Uncle Merha. All while reducing business deals with the Cartier family but they have kept all the important enterprises. Look, Carola. If the Lord compares Lucerne and I, he will never set me up as a firm successor. Even now, he regrets that Lucerne is not in the running.”

Carola let out a sigh.

“But there’s no way to make Lucerne violent again. What if you make a mistake or cause a commotion at a big event? … .”

At those words, Jacob’s expression was pensive. Carola often used this method. She was encouraging Jacob to grow her ominous schemes by planting a seed. The decisions were never something she did herself.

In part to avoid responsibility and in part to remain a cute woman to her husband.

“Hmm, yes. Lucerne has one weakness.”

“Oh, that one? Wouldn’t it be a waste to use that ‘card’ now?”

Carola’s eyes searched the floor and asked softly.

“If I were to play that ‘card,’ Lucerne at the very least would hit his wife in the palace… … . Or I hope something like that.”

“Would Lucerne strike his wife?”

“Yes… … . If you are going to use their ‘names’.”

Carola grinned.

“We must provoke Lucerne properly.”

Jacob tilted his head.

“Carola, where are you going?”

“… … .”

“We must prepare to depart for the imperial palace. Come to think of it, we were also invited to the Imperial Palace Hunting Festival, right?”

Jacob belatedly understood her words. He sneered cruelly.

“Right, we can’t just make Lucerne look good.”


“Do you attend the hunting festival every year?”

Elisha was holding Lucerne’s new jacket prepared for this hunting festival. The butler standing behind him helped him get dressed.


“It must be your first time attending a hunting festival, Madam. The hunting festival is held in the hunting grounds attached to the imperial palace. All the top bureaucrats attend.”

“I see,”

Elisha acknowledged. She examined Lucerne’s new jacket.

“I told them to match the suit with the colors of the Knighthood and go black. I think the navy blue jacket I matched last time would be good as well.”

However, she thought that Lucerne was perfect now. He was originally a tall, beautiful man. His muscles were dynamic and toned, and the sight was ecstatic when a new black jacket embroidered with silver embroidery draped over his narrow, muscular torso.

“How do you like your new jacket? I choose it to my liking.”

“… … You chose it?”


Elisha nodded. The butler who waited on Lucerne added softly,

“I heard from the Madam’s lady-in-waiting, that if you wear the new clothes, she will match the general’s clothes as well. Even the colors and designs are similar.”

Lucerne stopped and looked at Elisha who was avoiding his gaze, embarrassed.

“Come to think of it, there are more clothes in the closet that I haven’t seen before.”

“… … Since you often wear military uniforms, I’ll stop if you think it’s an indulgence to dress excessively.”

“It’s not a bad idea. Do as you please.”

The butler looked up and coughed.

“My lady, why don’t you talk about the memorial?”

“Ah… … .”

The butler was sincerely moved by Elisha recently. She did not ask anyone, but she knew the role of a general’s wife.

“A memorial?”

“I was going to speak after discussing it with the butler more. There is a clearing in the back garden. A memorial was erected there, and the people under your command… … . I want to comfort the fallen knights and soldiers. Those who want to commemorate the soldiers can come and offer flowers anytime.”

“Madam is really considerate. I had also come from the battlefield, so I admire the Madam from the bottom of my heart.”

The butler continued,

“This is the first thing she suggested when you said she could spend your money freely.”

Lucerne said nothing. He looked at Elisha quietly. Instead, her eyes seemed to be searching the floor.

“Butler, leave us.”


The butler quietly left. Lucerne stared at Elisha and pulled her to him. She was suddenly embraced in his broad arms. Elisha only blinked as her heart pounded relentlessly.

“Why is that, really?”

Lucerne had been acting strange lately. Even when it wasn’t time for them to go to bed, he suddenly hugged her or couldn’t take her hands off of her.

“Do you like your clothes?”

Lucerne stared at her, then replied, ‘Yes.’ Elisha felt her chest tickle for no rational reason.

“I like everything.”

Elisha realized that she didn’t have to ask his permission about her memorial.


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