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She replied calmly,

“How can the two be compared?”

He nodded his head happily.


“… … .”

“Would you kiss me if I hit the bullseye one more time?”

“No. You always hit it.”

“I don’t have to put my tongue in.”

“… … Then I’ll think about it.”

Lucerne smiled, and the next arrow hit the same spot. Then he grabbed Elisha by the chin and kissed her in one swift movement. But, of course, he stuck his tongue in. Elisha felt cheated.

She heard a sound coming from her side, and his lips dropped hers. Elisha covered her mouth.

The butler coughed and pretended to be watching a bird flying in the sky.

Since Lucerne seemed in good spirits, she decided to bring up a sensitive subject.

“Lucerne, it’s spring now. There are many nobles who give and receive gifts starting from the Spring Spirit Day, so I want to send gifts to distinguished guests.”

“Do as you please. I’ll see the list later.”

“There is the fortune teller Muto on the list.”

Lucerne’s eyebrows twitched. Elisha squeezed his hand before he could say anything.

“No matter who he may be, the Head trusts him. So there’s nothing wrong with making our side.”

“He is a crook.”

“Lucerne, I’m just fulfilling my role and it’s my job to help you.”

Muto was a fortune teller and priest of the demon god, one of the extinct ancient gods. The demon god was an ancient subordinate god who was subordinate to the main god. One of them was the shadow monster, the guardian deity dwelling in Lucerne’s body.

Muto’s official job was to notify the family when a demon god descended from the divine realm and to hold a ceremony for the demon god. However, unlike Lucerne, there were more generations where the descendants of the Demon God were not born.

The demon god was also the god of astrology. So, Muto’s actual role was to give fortunes and act as a counselor for the family head.

Sometimes he gave out perfectly accurate prophecies. However, most of his divination was unfounded.

“I heard that the fortune teller Muto predicted and reported things that angered Gaju in his youth. The duke beat him and kicked him out, but as time passed, his clairvoyance came to fruition. From then on, the Lord especially trusted him,”

Elisha said quietly.

“Do you know what the prediction was?”

“It is a famous story. Even collateral like me, who used to do laundry, knows the story well.”

The seer’s Muto’s prophecy that enraged the Head: That two of Gaju’s sons will die.

So it came to pass that the eldest and youngest son of the duke really did die. The eldest son was Jacob’s father, and the youngest son was Lucerne’s father.

Thus, the Head appointed Muto. Gaju was such a person. His suspicion was incessant, but he later praised Muto for not withdrawing his prophecy even under torture.

“Lucerne, did you know? When Muto was little, he predicted your birth. He foresaw that your guardian deity, the Shadow Demon, descended to earth. At that time, the patriarch found out that you were born while your father and mother were on the run.”

“… … Yet?”

“If he had hadn’t, you might have perished without him even knowing at the hands of your uncles.”

Lucerne was silent. During the escape, his father, Michelan, died first, and when he was later discovered his mother was raising him. If the head of household did not know of his existence… no, indeed. Lucerne, at that time, was a vulnerable small child where with or without a guardian spirit, it would have been easy to murder him in secret without even the smallest mice knowing.

“Regardless, Muto saved you. Even if it’s a coincidence, such a relationship has meaning. The rules of the world aren’t always right. Repaying Muto will not be a losing business.”

Muto was not an upstanding man with a noble character. He knew he was Lucerne’s benefactor, but Muto was vindictive when he did not repay him. On the other hand, Lucerne was a man of reason and never believed in divination. He even despised Muto as a sleazy fortune teller who loved money.

On the other hand, Carola and Arien always bribed Muto with large sums.

So, Muto spoke badly of Lucerne to the Head. But, he didn’t bother reporting good fortune for Lucerne. Muto also contributed to the growing estrangement between Gaju and his grandson in her previous life.

‘It will be different this time.’

Now Lucerne had a wife who would assist him.

‘Sending a gift to a fortune teller is my contribution. What a strange family.’

However, Elisha knew what kind of wealth Muto appreciated. And it wasn’t difficult for her to send a gift.

‘If Lucerne becomes the duke, he’ll throw Muto away regardless, so what’s the matter if he gives him a little gift now?’

Lucerne had more than enough money. He could not survive in this family if he insisted on being virtuous alone.

“You can do it, Lucerne.”

Elisha held his chin softly and kissed him gently. Because he seemed to want a kiss now. Lucerne instead replied with an expressionless face:

“How much do you need?”

“A couple of gold bars.”

“… … for Muto?”


Feeling it too arduous to persuade him with words, Elisha kissed him one more time. It was very rare for her to kiss first. Lucerne’s body stiffened, and a few moments later, he answered,

“Will that be enough? Send more if needed.”

Lucerne said coldly. She thought that he was very difficult; sometimes, emotions seemed more important than analytical persuading. How wild it was to see her kisses have an effect.

“I think that should be enough. I’ll take care of the rest.”

He wrapped his arms around Elisha’s waist. She lightly nodded.

“I’m glad you understand. Lucerne.”

“Then you should do it again if you’re glad.”

“I don’t want to.”

“Just once.”

Elisha reluctantly kissed Lucerne. He raised the corner of his mouth in a smirk. This time, her cheeks turned red. She quietly averted her eyes and feigned ignorance of what she just did.


So, Elisha packed a big gift and sent it to Muto.

“Ahem, the general’s new wife knows manners.”

Muto was overjoyed and ran to Gaju, delivering plenty of favorable prophecies he had recently predicted about Lucerne.


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