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“Are you all right, ma’am?” 

“Yes, I’m fine.” 

Elisha closed her eyes. It was surprising. A young man was dressing up Elisha. He introduced himself as Ian. 

Elisha didn’t know much about him, except that he was a close aide to Lucerne, a famous knight of the Black Lion Knights, and that he was popular with the ladies for his ruggedly handsome appearance. 

“I’ve worked as a spy before, so I’m good at disguises. Because there’s no maid, so I’ll help you with your makeup today. Please understand.” 

For Elisha, it didn’t matter who put on her makeup. Soon Ian began to apply makeup on her with a variety of brushes. 

“Well, and…I need to help you get dressed.….” 

Elisha looked at the gown that lay on the table provided by Lucerne. 

“Nora, can you help me get dressed?” 

“Yes, I’ll do it.” 

Nora, who was standing in the shadows, nodded. 

Then she heard the door open.


“What are you doing here, Ian?” 

“High General.” 

The knights, Nora and Ian, rose from their seats and bowed their heads with greetings. Only Elisha was in front of the mirror beyond a divider. Lucerne stood in the doorway wearing a long coat. Just his appearance spread a chill over the room. 

“Because there was no one to help with the makeup.” 

Lucerne’s eyes alighted as if he just remembered makeup existed in the world. 

“Now, all she has to do is put on her clothes.” 

“I’ll do it, so get out.” 

Ian and Nora glanced at each other and left the room. Elisha was in front of the mirror, beyond a partition. The partition covered everything under her neck, so only her face could be seen. 

“Why are you pretending to be naive?” 

“I never did that.” 

Elisha replied, lowering her eyes. 

“Just fasten the back, please. The dress is on the table.” 

“I told them to give you a new outfit. Did they do that?” 

“……Yes, they did.”

Elisha nodded softly. 

“Then show me. Before I put forward the topic of checking.” 

Then Elisha turned her head, looking at Lucerne. Her cheeks turned red.

Elisha finally appeared out from behind the partition. Elisha’s body in new underwear was revealed in the bright light. 

‘Did he want to see me walking around in front of him in my underwear?’ 

Elisha didn’t know whether to be ashamed or relieved that she wasn’t wearing shabby underwear this time. Still, it was strange that she did not hate Lucerne. 

Lucerne took in Elisha’s appearance. A new bustier decorated with silver and a short, adhesive girdle with a garter belt and stockings. 

“Did my knights see you in this?” 

“Of course not. I can put on underwear by myself.” 

“I was wondering if you’re the type to walk around in your underwear.” 

Lucerne said indifferently. Elisha had nothing to say. She had come into Lucerne’s room in underwear through a secret passage last night. 

“It was an accident.” 

“Okay, then. Next time, don’t be in the same room with anyone else other than me in your underwear.” 

Elisha looked into Lucerne’s eyes as if she were trying to read his intention. 

“I’ll wear a robe even when I’m with the maids.” 

“Okay, that’s nice.”

Lucerne spoke like a child. 

“……Please button it.” 

Elisha turned her back first. She lifted up in her dress. There was a string on the back to tighten the gown. It was easy to put on because there were no sleeves.

Lucerne grabbed Elisha by the waist and drew her near. The dress between the two was so fragile. 

“You’re too skinny. you need to gain some weight.” 

“……I don’t care. Even if I gain or lose weight, I’ll still be your wife,” Elisha murmured quietly. 

“You’ve got a variety of thorns.” 

Lucerne didn’t even flinch. His breath tickled the back of her neck, making it increasingly difficult for Elisha to think rationally. 

“I have something to say. About the marriage contract…….” 

“Didn’t you sign the papers?”

“……I was thinking of bringing up my requirements that I want to be reflected in the contract.” 

Lucerne’s hands tightened. Elisha gasped. Lucerne tied up the cord. She felt like she was suffocating. Her waist was ridiculously tight; it looked almost like a child’s waist. 

“Too tight… Please unbind the string…” 

Lucerne’s hand caressed the cord. It was a gentle touch. Elisha continued with a short breath,

“No, not before the first night.” 

Elisha was going to match Lucerne in a war of nerves and acted like he wanted her body. 

“I didn’t think of doing so, but it’s a shame.” 

Lucerne said softly. 

The hand that touched her lower abdomen was strengthened. At the same time, the waist strap loosened. Elisha looked up and breathed a sigh of relief.

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