TPCP – 139

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Now Marco had wholly lost the Head’s favor. Overjoyed, Carola took Jacob’s hand.

“You know, Jacob. I think Marco will never be able to make a comeback. But I’d love to add one more shock to hammer in one more nail into the coffin… … .”

Carola coyly beamed.

“Wouldn’t Merha be curious about Marco’s safety?”

“Ah, yes. Of course. After all, Carola, you are a genius.”

Jacob understood her words and grinned.

“Isn’t Mimosa very talented in copying other people’s handwriting?”


That’s how Marco came to be hated by Gaju. Additionally, Merha had also earned the disdain of the Head. Under his orders, Marco was sent to a distant province. There was only one reason why Gaju saved Marco.

It was because he didn’t want to make Jacob the obvious successor right now. Because he was afraid of the Lord, Jacob couldn’t get rid of Marco either.

‘Arien, I’m sorry. I’m so terribly sorry. Forgive me for being unsightly… … .’

Marco received a note from Merha just before leaving.

[Marco, come see me. Your father worries about you. I was told of Arien’s death. My poor son… … .

I’ve taken measures, so if you bribe the jailer, you’ll be able to come in.]

Marco felt like he was going to cry.

‘Yes, I had a father. Fathers will naturally guide … … . Ah, you must be saddened by Arien’s death. I’m sorry. Arien… … .’

Marco mustered up the courage to go see Merha. After he forked over a large sum of money, the guards of the Heretic Inquisition Department somehow let Marco in.

However, the atmosphere inside the prison was peculiar.

“You… … . what’s going on?”

“Ah, there has just been an incident.”

“… … What?”

The story was simple. It is said that a fight broke out between Gunner and Merha, who were neighbors. Gunner had been briefly released, about to be transferred to another prison. At that time, Merha attacked him, hit his head, and tried to kill him.

People went inside the prison to rescue the collapsed man. At that time, Gunner and Merha shook off people’s hands and before they could be stopped, a brawl broke out between them. Gunner was pushed by Merha and ended up in critical condition.


Marco found him, and he looked at Marco with bloodshot eyes.

“Marco, you’re finally here. You idiot!! Loser! You didn’t take advantage of the evil god’s poison when I even gave you the hint.”

“… … .”

“But at least one thing went well. Arien’s family is useless. You get a new woman with a family that will help you and start over. It’s a pity that Arien died. Doesn’t the head of the household think badly of  divorce?”

“… … father.”

Marco, who was deeply remorseful due to Arien’s death, was greatly shocked by his words.

Shocked, Marco staggered with one hand covering his face and was startled. Gunner’s blood was still on the bars.

‘Didn’t my father always do this? Beating the priests under his command, beating me… … .’

Marco hesitated and backed away, faltering.

“Father, don’t you care about Arien’s death?”

“The jailer told me off that you killed Arien. You did well, Marco.”

Merha couldn’t afford to notice Marco’s feelings. Last night, the Head sent people to receive Gunner. The reason why Gunner was moved to another prison.

Although Gunner is a collateral, he was a direct Cartier. Gaju had no intention of saving him, and Merha’s forbearance exploded when he saw Gunner, previously in the prison cell next to him, pass him by. Besides, Lucerne’s treatment of Merha was terrible.

“… … Father always—! You treated me as a tool. Poor Arien. Ah– I’m sorry… … . Arien… … .”

“Marco! Marco!”

Marco, stumbling, turned and ran out of the dungeon. He departed for the provincial estate rather crippled.

No one bothered worrying or asking about his whereabouts. Except for Merha, who was imprisoned in the dungeon. However, since no one listened to Merha and he had no power, it was as if no one was there.


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  1. I think this is really a chance for Marco to start anew and live a different life. This if Jacob will let him do so..

    Thank you ❄💗

    1. He really wasn’t cut out for this life. He obviously wasn’t a good person, but he is obviously a follower. And for what is worth, he obviously genuinely cared for Ariien. The guilt over her death will haunt him the rest of his life. Him being banished is probably just as well as he was never the type to become the new head of the family.

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