TPCP – 138

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“Did Arien kill herself or did you kill her? And was it your idea or Arien’s idea of trying to rebel against me? Marco, answer me right now.”

Marco desperately shook his head at that moment. He was under attack from both Jacob and Lucerne.

If it was suicide, then it meant his and Arien’s will was the same. However, if Arien’s will differed from his own… … . Arien’s suicide would be unexplained.

Then, hearing the commotion, Jacob and Carola came in. At that time, the patriarch drew a sword and pointed it at him. Marco was crawling on the floor and begging.

“Please save me, my Lord. I’m really… … . I am innocent… … .”

“Lord! What is this! Even if Marco killed Arien, there must be a reason. Calm down! Look at Carola and bear it!”

“That’s right, my Lord. Marco is a weakling by nature, so he will have a hard time admitting that he killed his wife.”

Jacob and Carola knew Gaju. If Marco killed his wife, he would banish and never see Marco again. Since Arien was not family by blood, he would be spared the death penalty. However, the family head was a person who valued his family to some extent.

Above all, he would think that a man who couldn’t manage his own family couldn’t be the head of the house of Cartier. So Carola and Jacob, knowing that, decided to make Marco a wife murderer, even though they knew something was suspicious and there was a corner of doubt.

“Speak with your mouth. Marco. Was it your intention to conciliate with Lucerne, or was it Arien’s will? What was it?”

Carola raised her voice quickly.

“Was it that you didn’t give the antidote to your wife on purpose? It must be because of Marco-nim’s will.”

“… … .”

“Did you kill your wife because she didn’t listen? There are too many rumors going around. Carola is scared… … . Maybe it’s because Arien tried to persuade Lucerne on her own… … ?”

said Carola as she sniffed and feigned a whimper. Now Marco was in a quandary. There was only one path left for him.

“My lord… … . Trying to collude with Lucerne was Arien’s arbitrary action.”

In the end, Marco felt his heart break and forced himself to answer. Even when he was at the point where he gave up his life and became a half-dead man, he didn’t want to die.

“Not giving the antidote… … . Arien is… … . therefore. She tried to threaten me with her life. Conspiracy with Lucerne… … . She said if I didn’t listen to her, she would die… … . She poisoned herself. So I did not give the antidote. It wasn’t my idea to rebel against the Lord… … . I couldn’t help it, I couldn’t help it… … .”

Marco blamed himself for her death, but he had no choice but to blame everything on Arien. And that was the worst defeat.


“… … .”

“You killed your wife with your own hands. Disgusting bastard,”

Gaju cursed with a cold face.

Changgang— The sword fell to the floor. Marco was relieved for a moment. But then, his cheek was blown away.

“You idiot! But since you honestly admitted your guilt, I will spare your life,”

Gaju shouted and kicked the fallen Marco.

The Lord had his suspicions about Marco. Moreover, even if he was cleared of the charges of conspiring with Lucerne, he remained guilty of murdering Arien. That’s how Marco’s last shield disappeared.

“In any case, from Gunner to Merha. Things related to the temple were left up to you and nothing went well. Marco, don’t even think of approaching the temple. And even if Merha gets out of prison, he will not be able to access the power of the temple again. For the time being, I will leave the temple work to Lucerne.”

“Ah, even my father… … . Lord… … .”

Carola and Jacob quickly exchanged glances, unable to contain their overwhelming glee. There was no greater ruin than losing the Head’s protection.

“… … .”

“I don’t even want to see you. Leave the castle.”

“… … .”

“Therefore… … . yes. Among the estates the family owns, you can go to the Behil estate and work. Come back after reflecting on yourself there and recovering your spirit.”

“Did you say…..Behil?”

The Behil Territory was literally an estate attached to the end of the empire. It was an abandoned manor with no specialties and no special features. Sending him there was tantamount to exile.

Gaju was sensitive to the recent rumors and declining reputation. Because the humiliation related to the temple had become too big. The dishonor culminated in rumors that Marco had murdered his wife with poison from the temple’s ancient evil god.

“… … I’ll have to sort it, including Gunner, all out first. After cleaning the temple once, I’ll leave it to Lucerne and not touch it for a while,”

Gaju muttered. Oddly enough, his offspring have let him down recently—the only grandchild who didn’t ascend as an enemy. Lucerne was the only exception. Only Lucerne was behaving in his eyes.

‘Has Lucerne changed? He’s not the kind of person who would come to me and honestly confess something like this.’

Gaju paused.

‘Is it Elisha’s influence?’

The gaze of the Head changed. He was already deep in thought.

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  1. I know Arien and Marco was horrible person but they are still considered mild compared to Carola and Jacob…

    I really can’t wait for the downfall of these two

    1. Sim, principalmente a Carola. Ela fez muito mau, não só para Eliseu mas para muitas outras pessoas também.

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