TPCP – 136

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“Hum? Just tell Carola… … . There could be something Carola can help you with… … . If the head of household misunderstands, Carola could clear up the Lord’s misunderstanding… … . right?”

“Don’t waste your time.”


“I’m saying that there’s no use in suspecting us because of Arien’s death. That ancient poison was an item possessed by High Priest Merha. Ah yes, the Head is still investigating this, isn’t he?”

Elisha inquired softly. As the investigation continued, it would be revealed that there was an antidote for the devil’s poison. Unfortunately, it seemed that Gaju and his people hadn’t reached that far yet. Elisha decided to tell Carola about it first, giving her an excuse to attack Marco.

“You know what? Whatever happens to Marco has nothing to do with Lucerne.”

“… … .”

“He’s not an enemy of the Cartier family anyway.”

Elisha thought Carola would listen to her. If Marco, a current candidate for succession, fell, the Jacobs would benefit the most. This was because Jacob would be the most likely successor.

“I came across it by accident. The ancient poison that Arien ate had only three pills of an antidote. The relics of the evil gods are so fascinating, aren’t they? And did you know that Marco had the antidote?”

“He did?”

The smile had wholly disappeared from Carola’s face.

“It would be best if you found out for sure, don’t you think?”

Carola grinned when she heard that and hurriedly left the cafe with her ladies-in-waiting.

‘Now Carola will somehow make Marco the wife killer.’

Elisha decided to relax and wait, drinking her tea leisurely.


That night too, Elisha lay side by side with Lucerne.

She rested her chin on the back of her hand and watched him fall asleep first, a rarity. Then, she recalled his eyes, a clear, deep red beyond his eyelids, more jewel-like than gemstones.

‘They’re too pretty to get hurt.’

Regardless of Arien, Elisha thought she wanted to get rid of Marco, if possible. But for now, Lucerne would no longer be blind in one eye.

‘I have repaid part of the grace he bestowed on me in my previous life. The hand that saved me from the fountain that day… … . Taking my side in front of the family head.’

Some things hadn’t been repaid yet. However, Elisha’s mind felt a little bit more at ease. The poison that blinded Lucerne was gone, and Marco would be unable to recover, out of commission for a while.

Elisha watched him for a long time and then slowly lay down on the bed.

‘I don’t regret it.’

This time, it was done by Lucerne’s agents. However, Elisha knew she would have done it even if she had to poison Arien’s cup directly.

That was her path in this life. Otherwise, one day it would have been Elisha who would be poisoned. She stared at Lucerne’s sleeping face for a long time.

The night was thick and black.


In a matter of days, rumors spread throughout the capital: Marco had killed his wife by using an ancient poison, a magic tool.

The poison was so precious that it was impossible to obtain it unless it was Marco, son of the former high priest, Merha.


The Head had also not known why Arien had died. No matter how out of sight she was, Gaju had managed to favor Arien. The Duke continued to question Marco.

“Why on earth can you not say a word!”

But Marco was just talking nonsense.

“I know— It’s my fault. That… … it’s…. I am… … . I don’t know.”

“Why is this fellow so useless!”

In the end, Gaju got angry and asked to bring in Elisha. Arien reportedly went to Elisha’s regular cafe to meet her, and after a few days, she died of an ancient poison.

“Get Elisha right now. Lucerne won’t talk, so I’ll have to put pressure on that child first.”

“Well, my lord,”

said the butler with a troubled face.

“Already… … . The general has already arrived.”

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