TPCP – 134

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Lucerne supported her body with one hand and placed the other hand on her anus. His thick fingers began to rub up and down Elisha’s ass hole.

“No. I can’t, no… … .”

“You don’t like it? It’s leaking even more.”

Lucerne smiled. Elisha was so wet inside, and the semen he had previously coated on her was dripping down.

“How is it? It feels good to touch your back and front. Touch where we connect too. You’re sucking me in… … . we have to do it in front of a mirror sometime. So you can see how much you like it too.”

“Ah, ah. ah… … .”

It was like an alluring whisper from the devil. Elisha caressed their connection as if possessed. It was hot, and her pussy was wet as the entrance widened and contracted and sucked him in. And his veins were so hard that she could feel the texture and volume just by brushing against them.

“Ah! Ah!”

Lucerne’s waist moved more violently. The slow feeling of the anus and the hand touching the vulva itself. Her ass and his pelvis swaying in unison.

Nothing could stop them. Her mind turned white. It seemed that more than the acceptable amount of pleasure had been poured into her brain, turning it into a blank slate. Elisha reached her climax.

Waves of pleasure ran over her; the walls of her vagina wrapped around Lucerne like a strong tide and swallowed it tight. Still, she couldn’t stop her fingers. Tears fell from the corners of her eyes.

“Ahh… … .”

She didn’t even know how time had passed after that. It seemed to last forever like it would never end.

“Huh, ah. ah.”

Another climax was soon approaching. Elisha seemed unable to do anything besides gasping in joy from too much pleasure.

The moment she felt her limit, as if her ego shattered, Elisha went limp. She felt a sense of rupture.


Elisha’s body collapsed as she felt his semen overflowing inside her. Unable to come to her senses, her body collapsed on the bed as she panted and wheezed with heavy breaths.

Her pointy nipples and raised skin trembled at the mere brush of external stimuli. Lucerne tapped her on the butt.

“Well done. It should be at least this much.”

“… … .”

“You wouldn’t be able to think of running away because of your marital relationship.”

“Haaa ha… … .huu.”

Elisha wanted to shoot something. She even hated this man who would only be satisfied with swallowing her whole. But right now, she really didn’t have the energy even to say a word. More than anything, she was afraid of the repercussions of provoking him unnecessarily.

‘Is it fortunate that it ended like this?’

For some reason, Elisha felt somewhat wronged. But she struggled with why she thought so. She seemed to be the only one who felt strange about pleasure.


There was a conversation that could only be had after crying with pleasure and rubbing against the flesh to the point when the stomach was empty. Elisha was exhausted as she was held in his arms, and after a while, he spoke,

“Are you okay?”

“… … Yes.”

Lucerne had to even prepare her a hot soothing drink as she couldn’t calm down. Inside, Elisha cursed at him for giving her medicine, but she accepted the cocoa he gave her.

After she drank some warm cocoa and rested, her head began to function normally. He changed Elisha’s clothes and laid down next to her.

“Are you mad?”

Lucerne asked, but he seemed to be having fun. Elisha raised her head.

“… … What’s the point of being angry?”

“Hurry up and sleep,”

Lucerne coaxed very affectionately. Elisha buried her face in her pillow. Sometimes she couldn’t sleep at times like this.


As she lay down next to him, Elisha asked in a locked, hushed voice.

“… … When I saw Merha’s note, there was something about catching your weaknesses. But why did you think of me when you heard the word weakness?”

He had expected Merha and Marco to target Elisha. As far as she knew, Lucerne had no weaknesses in her previous life. So how could she be his weakness?

“The jeweler.”

“… … ah.”

Elisha recalled seeing Arien at the jewelry store. At that time, he bought her many gems. Those splendid, colorful jewels were neatly stored in the new display window of Elisha’s dressing room.

“By their standards, spending money is affection, and it is a measure of interest.”

It was an extremely Cartier-like statement and a reasonable explanation.

‘That’s right.’

Elisha was a little embarrassed. She had no intention of asking him. She buried her face deeper into her pillow to hide her expression.

“… … I see. So I can’t really be your weakness.”

“What answer do you want?”

She couldn’t see his expression behind her. Elisha thought he must be laughing at her and making fun of her.

“What should I say?”

“That’s enough.”

Elisha closed her eyes.

“How can I live when the only woman who volunteered to accept my pervertedness is gone?”

“… … .”

“Then do you understand?”


Lucerne grabbed her chin because she was avoiding him and met her eyes. He said it playfully, but at some point, his eyes darkened.

“You’re even thinking of running away somewhere.”

Lucerne whispered.

“I guess my wife doesn’t know yet.”

“What… … .”

“I can’t live without you.”

“… … .”

“So don’t think nonsense.”

But Elisha’s heart fluttered.

“If you try to escape, you will be caught sooner or later. That’s not good for each other. Understand?”

As expected, he was an insurmountable wall.

“I have no intention of running away. I keep my word.”

As if he wasn’t really angry in the first place, Lucerne nodded his head calmly.

Weakened, Elisha was relieved. Since their bodies were intertwined and lying next to each other, she had no choice but to look at him.

It was a situation that mirrored their relationship. Based on a contract, the relationship between wife and husband could never become equal.

Lucerne covered her with a blanket. Only then did Elisha feel a little relaxed and lay in bed.

“Sometimes you….”

Lucerne murmured.

“…I feel like you will slip through my hands.”

Elisha felt that, for some reason, she understood his insecurities. She had felt similar anxieties a long time ago. But she pretended that she didn’t hear him. It was better not to taste uncontrollable emotions even on the tip of her tongue.

She knows it’s a feeling that won’t be sweet anyway. An unfair obsession will somehow work against her.

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