TPCP – 133

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The sound of flesh colliding against flesh echoed sharply. Suddenly, Elisha’s body was draped in loose, torn pajamas. Then, he rolled up the hem of her skirt, touching the bone of her hip.

‘Oh, no. How many times are we going to do it… … .’

Elisha regretted what she had said several times. She could have been a little more skillful at hiding her true feelings. Sharing the same bed meant that she sometimes donned a defenseless appearance.

She forgot the mentality of members of the Cartier family who went into a fit when asked to let go of what was in their hands. Lucerne’s eyes didn’t even change. Repeatedly he coveted her body, and because he had held back for several days, he blasted his exceptionally thick semen into her inner walls.

This was already the third time.

Elisha was lying on her stomach with her ass held high. She showed her back to Lucerne. Every time he stabbed her, Elisha’s head curled back up as if a spear had pierced her, and a shrieking moan exploded out of her.


The third round was exceptionally persistent and rough.

“Heh, ah. Ah, I can’t anymore. No… … .”

However, the only resistance Elisha could manage was her weak pleading. Finally, Lucerne held both of her arms and pulled her up while behind her.

When she tried to get away even a little bit, Lucerne squeezed her body tighter with his legs and pulled her by the hand to pull her arm and body back.

“Ouch, it hurts, Lucerne… … . gently… … . my arm hurts… … .”

When Elisha cried out, Lucerne finally let go of her hand and went back forward with her face in the bed. He left handprints all over her pale skin.

She would have to take care not to expose her wrists when she went out tomorrow. His handprints on her wrists looked like handcuffs.

“Huh… … . ah.”

Her hands were free, but their lower bodies crashed so violently that sparks flew and did not slow down.

Puck, slap. Slam, clap.

The loud banging between his scrotum and Elisha’s buttcheeks rang.

The flesh of her round, well-shaped buttocks swayed and shook like a wave. Taking in the erotic scene with ravenous eyes, Lucerne licked his lips with each jiggle.

At the same time, wetness slapped loudly, and Elisha’s immaculate buttocks turned peach-red, with her skin swelling up tightly.

“No more, Lucerne. Let me rest… … .”

“Not yet.”

Elisha’s body, unable to hold on any longer, almost collapsed. Lucerne pressed down on her spine right above her waist.

Her ass lifted high like a cat as her breasts pressed down against the bed. Lucerne slowed down for a moment, then started thrusting forward again. Elisha released a hot gasp, grabbed the sheet, and constricted around his thick penis, mercilessly running through her body.

“Huh, ha, ah… … . Hehe… … . Thought you said you’d do it again tomorrow… … . What if you spend all your energy like this today?”

Elisha gasped and placed her hand on Lucerne’s arm. Those words made him laugh and spurred him. It also made him think she was very lovable and endearing. She was a very strange woman.

“I have a long way to go to relieve my anger,”

Lucerne said, suppressing that feeling. The thick, swollen penis that was about to explode only slowed down a little, but when he spoke, he thrusted faster and faster into Elisha.

“What did I do wrong…? … . The contract… … . Incorrect words… … . It’s not.”

“It was wrong.”

Lucerne bit her ear.

“Huu… … .”

“Living as my wife is the content of the contract. You have to think about that first. It’s useless to think about running away.”

Lucerne’s words sounded more frightening than they actually were, as they intertwined with his guttural groans and were heavy with terrible lust. Elisha gasped and closed her eyes.

“Do it, Lucerne.”

Elisha trembled and said.

“Inside me… … . do it.”

Lucerne muttered something. He corrected her posture a little by putting his hand under her stomach, lifting her torso slightly, and putting her in a half-sitting position.

Elisha propped herself up on the bed with her arms. She was on her knees, but her heels did not touch the back of her thighs; she was only halfway down, sitting with her buttocks slightly lifted. Elisha’s toes twitched.

“Ahh.. … .”

Lucerne was holding onto her shoulders. In this also immobilized position, under the pressure of his grasp, Elisha had no choice but to receive his cock helplessly.

Clap, slap, wack, puck, puck—

Being on her knees made her feel like she was really being punished. But along with her shame, a strange deep pleasure enveloped her body. Elisha felt ashamed of herself.

Squelch. Squelch—

It was hot. Her head was empty, and it seemed like deep lust had pooled in the void instead.

She was being baptized by the shoveling of his club-like penis, her abdomen was too scalding. Everything else meant nothing except for that sensation. She felt like a mindless animal that existed just for sex. More than anything, Elisha feared that alluring sensation.

Splat. Splosh. Slosh. Sputter. Splash. Slop—

The sound of soaking pubic hair and flesh slapping. The sound of his cock hardening and expanding, running through her body and pulling her thick wetness out of Elisha’s vagina… … . Her mind trembled like a flicker.

“Lucerne, hnughh—Lucerne… … .”

“Do you want it to end?”

“Huh, uhhh, uh,… … . It’s so… … . It’s so hot and I think I’m going to get weird.”

“Then touch yourself.”

He guided Elisha’s hand to her cunt.

“Put your hand in your cunt and come here. Touch it. If you keep doing this, I won’t do it anymore today.”

Elisha felt her hand tremble slightly. She was on her bed.

She put her hands down her stomach, holding only her butt high in her bowed position. Then she started rubbing her clitoris, which stood up pointedly, through her lightly covering brush.

“Huh, uh … … .”

He moved his hips in sync with Elisha’s whining fingers. It was the first time she had ever touched her clitoris.

When her hand was rubbed against the small but firm ball, Elisha’s waist began to move naturally.

‘Ah, that’s strange.’

A tingling sensation hit the lower half of her body. She couldn’t stop her fingers.

“Don’t just rub like that. Hold it between your two fingers like tongs… And squeeze it… … . I used to do that often, don’t you remember? You liked it so much your thighs were shaking,”

Lucerne spoke very kindly.

“Lucerne… … . Words like that… … .”

Then, as Lucerne moved his waist in a small circle, Elisha gasped with a moan. As if hypnotized, she flexed and straightened her fingers as he directed. As she gently caressed and squeezed herself.

“Ugh, ha, ah… … . Lucerne… … . ah … Oh… .”

She wiggled and shook her ass, masturbating with her clitoris, turning it round and round.

Slurp, slip. Slosh. Puck.

Seeing her immaculate buttocks swaying, Lucerne’s eyes deepened.

“You look so sexy even when you’re curled up. How can I not go mad with heat with you?”

“Huh, huh… … . Ah!”

“I want to lock you up. To keep you away from people’s prying eyes.”

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  1. “That’s what people call captivity.”
    He was telling a really scary joke.

    😬Little did she know…

    “I want to lock you up. To keep you away from people’s prying eyes.”

    There you go 😁

  2. I feel bad for any virgins that read these Korean smut novels bc their expectations of what men are capable of will be wildly distorted. Same with yaoi. Yaoi leads you to belive sticking a cock in your ass is much easier then it actually is (plus they also have semes with inhuman stamina).

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