TPCP – 132

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Elisha grimaced and sealed her lips. Arien’s death was somewhat exhilarating, but… … . It somehow made her feel ambivalent.

“Arien is dead.”

It was Lucerne’s subordinate who had switched their glasses, but Elisha also agreed to it.

“You didn’t kill her. Besides, it was me who concocted the scheme to imprison Marco and make him consume the antidote himself.”

“… … .”

“I heard you gave Arien three chances. You asked if she would change her mind and not regret it. Elisha, think carefully.”

“… … .”

“If, like you, Arien had any worries, apprehension or feelings of guilt, wouldn’t she had noticed something peculiar in the hints and advices you gave?”

“That… … .”

That was right. Instead, Elisha was at a loss for how to reply.

“But Arien didn’t. Because she was too thrilled with the fantasy that you would be poisoned. She was swept up with excitement at the thought of harming you. We only wielded their shallow scheme to hurt themselves. That’s what it means to be a part of the Cartier family.”

Lucerne whispered to her sweetly. He was still a demon, but he was her demon and on the same side as her. So Elisha even felt his words were pleasing.

“I can’t be nice yet,”

Lucerne remarked as if he was her elder.

“Don’t worry, now you still retain your innocence you had from when you first met me. All you have lost is your social virginity.”

“… … Lucerne.”

By bothering with such reassurance, Elisha felt he strangely cared about her.

“If someone dies in the future, you won’t be the perpetrator. Your hands will be clean.”

“I hope so until the moment I leave this house.”

Lucerne’s eyebrows twitched. Elisha realized that she had made a mistake in her words. She felt the cold shudder of goosebumps.

“Lucerne… … .”


Lucerne whispered.

“It’s alright to hope so, right?”

“… … Yes.”

An uncomfortable silence passed. Soon, Lucerne opened his mouth,

“Was that all that was troubling you?”

“I was just admiring you in numerous ways. You broke Marco’s heart so thoroughly,”

Elisha conveyed as she hid her emotions. ‘I have to change the subject,’ an alarm blared in her mind.

“I don’t want to turn you into an enemy.”

“I agree. We are too compatible to be enemies.”

Lucerne nodded kindly.

“So, if you’re going to turn against me, give me a warning in advance.”

“Why? Have you already decided how to punish me?”

“Of course, I have already decided.”

Lucerne licked his lips. She was speechless. He was telling a really scary joke. Perhaps because of the earlier silence, she became nervous at his answer.

“And my mood will determine how gently I will handle it. So tell me in advance. That way, you can get a reduced sentence.”

Elisha swallowed.

“It’s a pity that I don’t plan to do such a thing.”

“What a shame.”

Lucerne pulled her towards him.

“I like that now that I can suck, lick, and bite anywhere on your soft and tender body without feeling guilty.”

Elisha’s cheeks turned slightly red.

“Then… … . Do we still need to talk?” [t1v: ‘talking’ is also a Korean euphemism to ‘talk between bodies’] 

Lucerne’s voice became deeper and lower. His thick, hot palms were already clutching her asscheeks before she registered it. Elisha realized that his anger had not been resolved.

“You’re thinking of running away.”


Suddenly, her nightgown rose up to her bosom.

“It can’t be. We’ve been taking a break for the past few days because of the situation with Marco. I guess my wife was idle enough to think about moving on.”

“What do you mean… … .”

‘So just try and think of running away,’ Lucerne added quietly. Elisha’s body stiffened.

“Don’t worry. I’ll keep you busy again,”

Lucerne whispered.

“Starting from tonight and every day.”

I’m in trouble, Elisha felt baffled. But before she knew it, she felt a tingling from the inside of her thighs to the tips of her toes. Someone was gently stirring her insides with a curved finger. Her belly quivered.

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