TPCP – 131

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“That’s what people call captivity.”

Elisha curtly remarked with a blank expression.

“Consider it protection. And thanks to me, didn’t your operation go smoothly?”

“You reassessed my proposition until the very end.”

“I was afraid you would be in danger.”

At Lucerne’s words, Elisha traced the beginning of the incident.

‘I think I should read some old books. I think I saw a related book in the monastery’s secret library.’

A shabby paper box that is said to be a relic of an evil god.

The secret was hidden inside that paper box. Elisha knew it from her past life experience.

‘Because… … . Because in her previous lifetime, “The Devil’s Smile” was the very same toxin that poisoned Lucerne. Consuming the pill resulted in him being blind in one eye.

Shortly after the incident, Elisha happened to be at the Duke’s castle. Gaju often called on her to work.

‘They say Lucerne was poisoned and went blind in one eye.’

At that time, Gaju and Lucerne truly harbored a love-hate relationship. Nevertheless, the Head of the household could not let go of his best grandson. The Head was furious when a report came to him that Lucerne had a flaw.

‘The Devil’s Smile, a relic of an ancient evil god, is a magical poison that drives the intoxicant insane. However, Lucerne has a special constitution where magic tools, divine powers nor mana works well on him. So the poison didn’t take Lucerne’s life, it only blinded him.’

At least, according to the priest’s words, his eyesight would be restored after a few years. Since then, Lucerne had become colder and more cryptic. Gaju investigated the incident and found out that the fallen evil god’s deadly poison had harmed Lucerne.

The poison was stolen by Merha a long time ago. The culprit was Marco, who his father had ordered.

No one was surprised. It was not gasp-worthy because everyone was always ready to inflict fatal wounds.

‘A hidden poison in a paper box. It is said that the poison was kept in the sacred relics vault of the temple.’

Later, the Lord was furious when he discovered Merha and his son were the culprits. Additionally, the head of the family had plenty of things to get angry about, so he wasn’t entirely sane either. It was such a hectic and turbulent time.

So, it was only natural that Elisha immediately realized it was that poison after hearing that a missing demonic relic was simply listed as a ‘paper box.’

Composed, Elisha calmly headed to Rosaria’s secret library. Inside were forbidden books covering the treasures of cruel and evil gods. The only problem was that it was written in an ancient language.

Fortunately, Lapis and Lazuli came in handy.

‘I heard that you two are fluent in ancient languages. Can you spot any of these evil god’s items?’

There were not many people who knew the ancient language well throughout the entire empire.

‘Please, an ominous foreboding is worrying me… … . Can you study the evil god’s treasures?’

‘I’ll do anything if it’s your request!’

Lapis and Lazuli stayed up for two nights reading the related books and uncovered the box’s secret.

“No matter how you think about it, it’s strange. How did you find out the secret of that paper box? Who thinks that poison is hidden in such a thing?”

“I hope you can consider it as a valuable contribution that I was lucky enough to stumble upon and produced. Thanks to you, it worked out well. The words ‘treasure of evil gods’ made me recall Rosaria-nim’s secret library, and it was to Lapis and Lazuli’s credit for quickly finding that information,”

Elisha replied softly. That was perfectly true, so Lucerne nodded.

“If you say it’s because you’re excellent, then I guess it explains everything.”

But Lucerne was no fool. Even at this moment, she knew very well he still had many doubts about her. She could only lower her gaze in response. Elisha reassured herself that even Lucerne would not torture someone who made such a valuable merit.

Besides, he was the one that intercepted the message from Merha to Marco. Written on it were the words: ‘Seize Lucerne’s weakness.’

Lucerne was also keeping an eye on Marco. He knew they were already plotting something, so it wasn’t an illogical conclusion.

As soon as he found out about the “Devil’s Smile” poison, he said:

‘They’re targeting you, Elisha. They are probably planning on poisoning and imprisoning you, and then want to threaten me with the antidote.’

‘It is a terrible conspiracy. But with the reverse we can use this to attack.’

And Elisha proposed a trap made up of elaborate lies.

‘Since, the surveillance inside the general’s residence is formidable, wouldn’t they aim for the one place I go out to, the cafe?’

As expected, Arien tried to bribe one of the cafe workers. Lucerne skillfully set the trap. In reverse, they bribed one of Arien’s acquaintances.

The acquaintance of Arien was the wife of a newly wealthy businessman. And she was one of his most effective agents. Even the entrepreneur himself was a person working under Lucerne.

And there was no way for Arien to escape once she was caught in the trap so masterfully. It was so clear.

‘Considering the twist, Lucerne is a more fearsome person than I thought.’

It was the only place she was allowed to roam freely. It was also surprising that the cafe was in the hands of Lucerne in the first place. However, Marco’s complete and utter destruction was enough for her to feel pity.

‘To think he even reported Marco anonymously at the end.’

After he left Marco in the cabin, he even had his subordinates kindly report him to the authorities. The report, disguised as from a hotel employee, said that it appeared that a man staying at a cabin had murdered his wife.

From what she heard, the security forces didn’t recognize Marco, treated him harshly, like a murderer, and brutally interrogated him all night.

It was only in the morning that Marco referred to the Duke, and the Head desperately silenced those involved and took over Marco’s custody.

‘Since he went through all that in a state of shock, that weak-willed man must have gone crazy.’

When Lucerne decided to break people’s hearts, he didn’t give a damn. Elisha prayed that his cruelty would not be directed against her.

“What are you thinking?”

Lucerne, noticing her anxiety, asked. Elisha quickly hid her feelings.

“Are you still mad?”

“No, I’m fine.”

Then, again, Lucerne inquired with affection:

“Everything went according to plan, what’s bothering you?”

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